Binance Exchange Review & Tutorial 2021: Beginners Guide

If you're looking for an exchange to trade a variety of different cryptocurrencies Binance Exchange is one of the most popular platforms. Since early 2018, Binance is considered one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, in terms of trading volume....

UniSwap Review & Tutorial 2021: Swap, Stake & Earn Rewards

UniSwap is a Decentralised Exchange (or DEX) allowing users to trade any ERC20 Ethereum-based token directly through a web3 wallet such as the likes of Metamask or Coinbase Wallet. Without any deposits or withdrawals required, by using liquidity pools instead of order...

Nexo Review 2021: Borrow & Earn up to 12% Interest on your Crypto

Want to know how to earn up to 12% on your crypto assets, instead of just sitting idle in a wallet or exchange? Or would you prefer to borrow cash or stable coins, using your crypto as collateral? Well, Nexo.io could be a solution for you! Plus by holding their own...

Celsius Network Review & Tutorial 2021: Earn Interest up to 17%

In this Celsius Network review, I take a look at the peer-to-peer lending platform, where you can borrow and earn interest on your crypto assets up to 17.78%. We'll take a look around the Celsius App, the loan and borrowing rates, and their safety/security. Plus I...

BlockFi Review 2021: Earn Interest, Borrow & Trade

Fed up of earning negative interest from your bank? Why not leave the traditional financial system behind and start earning up to 8.6% on your crypto assets with BlockFi. Or simply borrow against your crypto with collateralised loans with rates as low at 4.5%. In this...

Binance Referral ID Code May 2021: How to Save 45% on Binance Trading Fees

Want to save on Binance trading fees when trading crypto? In this tutorial, I explain how to reduce Binance trading fees up to a massive 45%. Plus, if you're new I have a Binance Referral ID code for 2021 that 100% works to save an easy 20% today. When trading...

DeFi Saver Review & Tutorial: One-Stop DeFi Management Platform

DeFi Saver is an all in one, management app for decentralized finance.  Supporting multiple protocols including the likes of Maker, Compound, Aave, and Reflexer. With Defi Saver you can manage leverage, convert positions, and earn conveniently. In this DeFi Saver...

How to Connect Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask

MetaMask has always been the go-to wallet for accessing the Ethereum network. However, you can now connect MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain, for accessing decentralized apps and DeFi that support it. Users are getting increasingly frustrated with the sky-high...

Mirror Protocol Review & Tutorial: Earn Yield on Synthetic Stocks

The Mirror Protocol is a decentralized platform on the Terra blockchain, created by Terraform Labs. Mirror enables users to mint, trade, and stake synthetic real-world assets including selected equities, ETFs, commodities, and tokens tradable 24/7. In this Mirror...

How to Claim Ampleforth FORTH Airdrop

Ampleforth, the rebasing cryptocurrency protocol has now launched their new token FORTH. As part of this, they're dropping their newly released token to the community. If you’ve ever had a wallet that's “touched” AMPL, you could be one of the lucky 75,000 people set...






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