How to Watch American Netflix with a VPN

How to Watch American Netflix with a VPN

If you’re a Netflix user and are getting tired of watching the same tv shows or movies, you may be interested to hear that you can unblock Netflix US or location-based versions. Netflix is great, but you might find that the series and movies in your home country are limited and that there is more content available for those based in America.

How Do I Get Access To Netflix US?

To get access to Netflix US, the first thing you need to do is find a VPN provider and have a Netflix subscription of course! A VPN or Virtual Private Network tunnels your internet traffic through an intermediary server located in a country that you choose. It can also hide your IP address and replaces it with one from the country you have chosen, making it look like your in that country. A VPN also encrypts all your traffic so that it is hidden, even from your internet service provider.

How does ExpressVPNs work

To unblock Netflix US, you can connect your VPN to a server of your choice, in America. When you log into your Netflix account, your location will appear like you are in the US, therefore you will have access to all the American Netflix shows, documentaries, and films.

Connecting your VPN to a server

Can I Watch Netflix Abroad?

Yes, by connecting to a VPN you can watch Netflix from anywhere. So, if you’re traveling abroad and in the middle of watching a series on Netflix, you can connect to the country that you want.

The same works for many other media players too. So if you are from the UK and don’t want to miss out on your favourite soaps, you can connect your VPN back to the UK to catch up on Eastenders or Corrie with your BBC or ITV iPlayer.

How to Watch US Netflix from UK

Best VPN for Unblocking Netflix

The VPN provider that I would personally recommend for watching and to unblock Netflix US, is ExpressVPN. They have over 1,500 servers in 94 different countries which can provide you with a wide range of Netflix library options. In terms of locations, it reliably unblocks Netflix US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, and Italy to name a few.

Use VPN to watch movies online

What Devices Can I Watch Netflix On?

With so many media devices available to watch Netflix on, different VPN providers will be able to support only some of these. However, I personally use ExpressVPN where you have the option to watch any Netflix shows using the following ways;

  • On your Laptop with the likes of a Mac, Windows or Linux operating system.
  • On your mobile device with apps for iOS or Android.
  • With streaming media consoles like Apple TV or a Fire TV Stick.
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Netflix VPN Ban

Netflix has recently tried to enforce a VPN ban and block attempts to bypass location-specific content by using VPNs. One of the reasons this has come about is from a nudge by copyright holders, who do not receive royalties for people watching films not licensed in their country.

Also, now that Netflix creates it’s own shows its become stricter around piracy issues. Netflix does plan to release global content, meaning that everyone will eventually get to see the same shows and films, but this is a lengthy process especially with copyright issues so I wouldn’t expect it any time soon.

Is it Legal?

Yes, please don’t worry, connecting to a VPN is not illegal. However, Netflix doesn’t like their users connecting in this way as it does breach their rules so they are constantly putting VPN blockers in place to stop you from connecting.

Is it legal to watch Netflix with a VPN

4.3. You may view the Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time. The number of devices on which you may simultaneously watch depends on your chosen subscription plan and is specified on the “Account” page.

Will my Netflix Streaming be Slow?

In general, VPNs can potentially slow down your internet connection. However you may find that your internet service provider throttles Netflix traffic, so by connecting to a VPN, you could find it improves the service you currently have.

With some VPNs you can also check the speed of the server you’ll be connecting to. For example, with ExpressVPN you can run a speed test across all servers and then select the server which has the best download speed available within the US. Anything with a speed of 5,000 kbps and more will give you HD quality streaming.

ExpressVPN server speed tests

Top 5 Best Free VPNs to Access Netflix

Top 5 Best Free VPNs for 2020

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What to watch on Netflix
Beginners Guide to VPN: What is a VPN & Why you need one

Beginners Guide to VPN: What is a VPN & Why you need one

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a privacy and security tool that creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. A VPN takes your internet connection and helps you stay anonymous whilst making your internet more secure and protecting your online traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship.

VPNs come in the form of downloadable software and is usually subscription-based pricing. In the past, I have personally used ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which are two of the biggest and well-trusted VPN suppliers. But what else can you do with a VPN and why should you use one?

Use a VPN to Browse Anonymously

You can use a VPN to browse anonymously, disguising your whereabouts by connecting to a server in countries all around the world so your IP address and locations are hidden. Your IP address shows a lot about your location and your identity, therefore hiding this information is imperative when taking control of your online experience and puts you back in control of revealing your identity when you want to.

Your Internet traffic is also encrypted within your VPN tunnel, therefore, no one can see it but you and the people you are sending your data to, not even your internet service provider. With VPNs, there is always an element of logging despite what they say, but some will log more than others.

For example, with express VPN they state that they don’t log your activity or connections or anything that could be used to identify you. However, they will log version of your apps, dates of connection, server location and total amount of data transferred per day. None of which enables ExpressVPN or anyone else to match an individual to specific network activity or behaviour.

ExpressVPN Logging

Use a VPN on a Public/Free WIFI Hotspot

You should also use a VPN when Connecting to an open/public WiFi hotspot which are areas where you get free WiFi. Data on public networks are not encrypted between your computer and the hotspot. So it’s open for anyone to access your private information such. Open or public WiFi can also be a worry when you’re on your phone or mobile device.

Most VPNs have apps that you can download onto your phone and you can usually run the software on several simultaneous connections or devices which you could even share with a family member or partner.

Please be aware though that you can still be tracked on a mobile phone by your tracking your location and by your mobile carrier. 

If you’re concerned about your anonymity it’s also worth purchasing your VPN subscription with the likes of Bitcoin, so that the VPN company does not hold any of your personal details, other than an email address.

Private Connection Free WIFI

Use a VPN with Location-Based Media

VPNs can also be used to unblock the likes of Netflix. This means that if you’re in the UK and fancy watching a show only available in the US you can do so by using a VPN server from the US or vice versa.

Watch US Netflix from UK

if you’re from the UK and you want to watch your favourite soaps whilst your travelling abroad or backpacking you can also access the likes of BBC iPlayer and ITV.

using a VPN with BBC iplayer
Watch Netflix from anywhere

Use a VPN to Unblock Websites

You can use VPNs to Unblock websites at work, school or to defeat censorships in countries like in China. Some governments monitor internet traffic to limit access to certain websites. However, a VPN acts like a website unblocker by routing your traffic through an encrypted tunnel so it’s can’t be inspected manipulated or censored. So if you’re in a part of the world where Facebook, Twitter or Skype are blocked you can easily unblock them with a VPN.

To access these sites, all you need to do is connect to your VPN, choose the country you need to be in to access the content you want to see.

How to Unblock Censored websites with VPN
Browser online securely with Express VPN

Use a VPN to Get Cheaper Deals

You may also find that when your shopping online you will get better prices from looking like your connected in another country. You may not be aware but some websites will charge more depending on your country, city, post or zip code or even if you’re using a Mac rather than a PC. By masking your true location you may find cheaper deals are available.

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Use a VPN with a Tor Browser

Using Tor over VPN increases your privacy. By connecting to a VPN and then connecting to Tor which is also known as “Tor or Onion over VPN” you get the privacy and protection of the Tor Network. At the same time, you are protected from any Tor node from seeing your IP address. By connecting in this way your Internet Service Provider will not be able to identify you as a Tor user, as all the network can see is encrypted traffic to your VPN server.

With Tor over VPN, you can also get access to the Tor network where it is blocked for example in work, school or in censored countries.

How to use Tor Browser over VPN
How to use Tor Web Browser

VPNs for Backpackers & Travellers

If you’re someone who travels a lot or is backpacking a VPN should really be part of your packing checklist. Backpackers are frequently connecting to public WIFI hotspots to find their next hostel or accommodation spot without knowing who is around them or who is accessing their data. Then, when they arrive at their destination, they may want to access media from their home country. They could also be travelling to censored countries such as China and no longer be able to access some of the sites that they need to contact family or friends back home.

VPNs are perfect for resolving these issues. You can connect and secure your connection with an encrypted tunnel in public places, unblock Netflix or the likes of BBC iPlayer or HBO and even unblock social media sites from government censored countries.

Use VPN to watch movies online


ExpressVPN is the provider that I currently use as my VPN. It’s nice and simple to use and doesn’t keep logs that can be used to identify you. Plus you can pay using Bitcoin, keeping your details hidden and allowing you to be anonymous.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no fine print to catch you out. So you can use the service in full for 30 days (ideal if you’re going on holiday). Then if you’re not happy, or unlikely to use the service again, you can simply let ExpressVPN know and get your money back. I’d personally recommend getting the 12-month service, for the reduced monthly pricing and if you’re not happy within the 30 day period you can always get your money back anyway!

ExpressVPN Payment Plans, ExpressVPN offers 100% money back guarantee
Online security with VPN
How to earn Free BAT token with Brave Browser
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ShapeShift Review: Simple Cryptocurrency Exchange

ShapeShift Review: Simple Cryptocurrency Exchange

ShapeShift is a long-standing crypto platform. Enabling customers to buy, sell, trade, track, send, receive, and interact with their digital assets. Claiming to be one of the fastest ways to exchange crypto-assets, users can exchange in a matter of seconds.

What is Shapeshift?

Shapeshift is a Swiss cryptocurrency exchange platform available on both the web and on mobile devices. The platform was created way back in August 2014 by industry veteran Erik Voorhees. It was created for customers wanting an instant bitcoin to crypto swap. Since then the platform has grown a lot, now supporting over 50 different crypto assets.

Shapeshift support cryptos

In 2015, they launched Coincap (not to be confused with coin market cap) as the first real-time market data site for crypto. Then in 2017, they acquired Keep Key, allowing them to have their own hardware wallet offering.

A few software wallets such as Jaxx and Exodus now integrate and have the Shapeshift service built into their platforms.

Shapeshift Features

Shapeshift have released a beta version of their platform a non-custodial platform, where everything is all in one place without the need for 3rd party integrations.

Features of shapeshift

Trading – You can seamlessly buy, sell, or trade your crypto assets directly in the platform. Because trading is non-custodial, it makes it unique from other trading platforms as there is no need to trust a third party.

Hardware Security – With the hardware security, you can keep control of your private keys whilst using the web interface.

Real-Time Market Data – You can view real-time market prices and historical data using Coin Cap, without ever having to leave the interface.

Portfolio Performance – View your portfolio performance through graphs, charts and real-time value movement. Users can view their balances any time, anywhere.

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Shapeshift Announcements

Shapeshift have recently made a few announcements, in relation to hardware wallets and account verifications which may interest some potential crypto enthusiasts who were not so eager to use the platform before.

Twitter announcements

Supported Hardware Wallets

Shapeshift.com announced that their users will be able to control their assets directly by connecting to Trezor, KeepKey and also Ledger, which is coming soon.

shapeshift hardware devices

For a limited time, users can also purchase a KeyKeep for $10 with Membership. Making it by far the cheapest Hardware wallet around.

KeepKey for $10

Account Verification

Potential Shapeshift users may have been put off in the past due to verification processes. ‘Memberships’ were put in place in October 2018 after being known as the exchange without accounts. However, Shapeshift have now announced that they will no longer require users to create an account. This means that all verification steps will be removed, but only for some of their services.

You can now receive, send and hold cryptocurrency without an account. However, for trading and buying you’ll still need to sign up. Plus you’ll get 100 free fox tokens back on every trade. Fox tokens are loyalty tokens available for Shapeshift members.

With memberships, you also get access to thousands of trading pairs, improved rates and higher limits on select coins.

Account Verification
10 Best Bitcoin & Blockchain Documentaries in 2021

10 Best Bitcoin & Blockchain Documentaries in 2021

Getting started and learning about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can be a long and complex task. If you’re anything like me and find it easier to learn about a subject by watching YouTube videos or documentaries on the subject, then here is a list I’ve compiled of my top 10 crypto-related documentaries. Depending on your location my top 10 must-watch bitcoin and blockchain documentaries can be found on likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even free on YouTube and should help you learn about history and technology.

I’m sure there are plenty of Crypto and Bitcoin-related documentaries I have missed. So, if there are any you feel should be added to the list please let me know in the comments below!

1. Banking on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most disruptive invention since the Internet, and now an ideological battle is underway between fringe utopists and mainstream capitalism. The film shows the players who are defining how this technology will shape our lives.

Banking on Bitcoin documentary was released on Netflix in 2016 and provided many people with their first introduction into the world of cryptocurrency. It stars many of the Bitcoins early adoptors such as  Charlie Shrem, Erik Voorhees, and the Winklevoss twins. Director Christopher Cannucciari is currently working on another Bitcoin-related documentary, ‘The Search for Satoshi’.

Released: 2016

Director: Christopher Cannucciari

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

2. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Magic Money is a documentary film which explores the mysterious origins of Bitcoin. Staring Bitcoin celebrities Roger Ver and Tony Vays, it looks into the world’s first digital currency Bitcoin and how its role in society, and how this digital currency could reshape the future of our world. For the first time in history, money is no longer controlled by banks and governments, but by the people.

Released: 2017

Director: Tim Delmastro

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3. The Bitcoin Gospel

Is Bitcoin the blueprint for a bankless currency, or the biggest pyramid scheme ever? What if we could create money ourselves, without the need for banks? Money that can’t be forged, that will appreciate rather than depreciate, and that can be used worldwide without transaction costs. It exists, and some people consider it to be the digital version of precious Gold: Bitcoin.

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4. The Blockchain and Us

When the Wright brothers invented the airplane in 1903, it was hard to imagine there would be over 500,000 people traveling in the air at any point in time today. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin and the blockchain. For the first time in history, his invention made it possible to send money around the globe without banks, governments or any other intermediaries.

Released: 2017

Director: Manuel Stagars

5. Bitcoin End of Money as We Know It

For anyone who has not fully understood the controversial Bitcoin yet, this is a concise and informative crash course about Money and Crypto Currencies.

Released: 2015

Directors: Torsten Hoffmann (co-director), Michael Watchulonis (co-director)

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6. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

A computer programmer becomes fascinated with the digital currency Bitcoin, and through his involvement in the Bitcoin community, we learn about the impending global impact of this amazing new technology.

Released: 2014

Director: Nicholas Mross

Online security with VPN

7. Ulterior States [IamSatoshi Documentary]

Ulterior States, an IamSatoshi production, is an argumentative documentary project. The participatory development, production and post ‘guerilla-film-making-methods’, bounced between (non-academic) literature research, video interviews, and studio sessions. This investigative process allowed having real-life conversations with some thought leaders within the Bitcoin ecosystem. In an attempt to portray the community behind the message to adopt a network, being a one-man team allowed for easier access to the subjects. The enthusiasm and commitment that saturate through the lens in many parts of the film, expose how the adopters of Bitcoin want to explore, to probe and, to show the world, something important, otherwise overlooked.

Released: 2015

8. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Produced for SQ1.tv, this Bitcoin documentary looks at the history, the ideologies, and the conflict between the politics of the early-adopters and the VCs/entrepreneurs pushing to take Bitcoin mainstream. SQ1.tv interviewed many of the leaders in the Bitcoin movement including Gavin Andresen, the former lead developer; Jeremy Liew, a venture capitalist; Erik Voorhees, one of the notable libertarians in the movement; Fred Ehrsam, co-founder of Coinbase; Peter Vessenes, head of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Released: 2014

9. Deep Web

A feature documentary that explores the rise of a new Internet; decentralized, encrypted, dangerous and beyond the law; with particular focus on the FBI capture of the Tor hidden service Silk Road, and the judicial aftermath.

Released: 2015

10. Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

Struggling with the jargon-filled world of Bitcoin then Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble is for you. The film also examines other forms of money throughout history like Gold, Silver and the US dollar. And Bitcoin is just seen as the next obvious evolution of money.

Released: 2018

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I hope you find my top 10 Bitcoin documentaries list helpful! If you feel I have missed a must-watch documentary related to Bitcoin, Blockchain or Crypto, please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to the list.

Best Bitcoin Documentary
Top 10 Must Watch Bitcoin Documentaires