Idiots Guide to Tor Browser: How to Use Tor & Download

Idiots Guide to Tor Browser: How to Use Tor & Download

Tor Browser (short for “The Onion Router”) is free and open-source software that protects your data by wrapping it in multiple layers of encryption, like an onion. By encrypting your data, it protects your privacy and identity on the internet allowing you to browse the web anonymously.

The development of Tor Browser began in 2008, however, the project was initially created to help safeguard U.S. Intelligence online communication in the 1990s. But all of the people who have been involved in Tor are united by a common belief, internet users should have private access to an uncensored web. Tor Project history

The Tor Project is a non-profit and a labor of love produced by an international community of people, devoted to human rights. The Tor Project is deeply committed to transparency and the safety of its users.

What is Tor Browser?

The Tor browser is easy to use and is essentially a modified version of the Firefox web browser. The main difference between Tor Browser and your standard browser (like chrome) is that it connects you through the Tor Network. This means that you are directed through a network of servers so that your location and identity are protected.

What is Tor browser Project

How does Tor Browser Work?

The back end system is pretty technical, but I’ll try and break it down… Your personal data is bundled into layers of encrypted packets before it enters the Tor network. It is then routed through a series of volunteer-operated servers (called nodes or relays) to disguise where you are coming from before you reach your final destination. When you are finished with your session, the browser will instantly delete cookies, browsing history, and other data.

The Tor network is designed so that no server can know who you are or what you do.

How does tor browser work?

Why you Should Use Tor Browser?

A lot of people think that Tor Browser is just for those who are trying to access the “Dark Web” such as hackers, criminals and people that are essentially up to no good. This is because Tor is great for users who want to hide their activity online from websites, ISPs, and advertisers or for those who don’t want their browsing habits linked to them but it doesn’t mean it’s all bad. Users of Tor also include people who have censorship restrictions within their country, journalists or police officers hiding their IP addresses.

Why you should use tor browser

Is Tor Browser Secure?

In terms of tracking and hiding your location, it’s great! However, this does not automatically mean its secure as such. You are still vulnerable to the same attacks as you might get in any browser. If you’re using Tor, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’re 100% anonymous either. Intelligence services may see that you’re a Tor user which means you’re more likely to be a target too.

Download Brave Browser for Free

Tor With VPN

Now in relation to whether you should use a VPN or not causes a lot of controversies. Some state that using a VPN in addition to Tor will not make you more anonymous and could harm your anonymity. Some others claim that onion over Tor (ie connecting to a VPN first is fine).

Using Tor over VPN increases your online privacy and is recommend

However, if you check on the Tor Project they state that Generally speaking, we don’t recommend using a VPN with Tor unless you’re an advanced user who knows how to configure both in a way that doesn’t compromise your privacy.”

Online security with VPN

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a part of the World Wide Web that is hidden from view and cannot be indexed by search engines and only accessible with special browsers such as Tor. Due to the anonymity that Tor provides, the Deep Web has become quite popular for criminal activity including; drugs, weapons, and hitmen for hire! The Silk Road also became popular on the dark web, with people purchasing drugs with the use of Bitcoin.

Best Dark Websites

If you fancy checking out the dark web, but not too sure where to start. Check out my video Exploring The Dark Web and takes you through some handy dark websites to get you started.

Best Dark Web Websites You Should Know

How to Download Tor Browser – 32-bit & 64-bit

Downloading Tor Browser is very simple and is available for multiple operating systems and languages, including the likes of Windows 32-bit/64-bit, Mac, Linux, and Android. To get started;

Navigate to; https://www.torproject.org/ and click onto the “Download Tor Browser” option

Select the correct operating system that you are running and allow the file to download.

Follow the installation process and ensure that you verify your download to ensure that it is the original copy and has not been altered/hacked.

Tip: If you are unable to reach the Tor Project website, try using a VPN. It is also recommended that you use a VPN (that doesn’t store logs) with Tor

How To Check Your Tor Browser Connection

Once you have installed the browser, you can double-check your connection by navigating to; https://check.torproject.org/. You will also find that your IP address is different from your standard address.

checking your tor connection

Tor Browser Settings

Create a New Identity with Tor

Within Tor you can create a new identity that will provide you with a new IP address. This is useful if you want to prevent your subsequent browser activity from being linkable to what you were doing before. To create a new identity, click onto the onion icon in the top right-hand side of your Tor Browser and select “New Identity“.

how to create a new Identity with Tor Browser

Tor Security Settings

You can amend your security settings in your browser to disable certain features that can be used to attack your security and anonymity. To amend your current settings, click onto the shield icon next to your onion icon in the top right of your browser and choose “Advanced Security Settings

You can then amend to your chosen level of security.

How to set Tor Security Settings

How to Update Tor Browser

It’s really important to keep your browser up to date. As you may otherwise be vulnerable to serious security flaws that may compromise your privacy. To check you are running the latest version click onto your onion icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

Select “Check for Tor Browser Update“.

Tor will then check for any available updates and update accordingly.

How to update your Tor Browser

Tor Browser for Android – Download .apk

Android users can use the Tor Browser with Orbot which is available from Google Play, F-Droid or Direct Download (.apk). Orbot creates a private mobile connection by using Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic. This is then hidden by bouncing through a series of computers around the world.

Android users can use the Tor Browser with Orbot which is available from Google Play, F-Droid or Direct Download (.apk).

Tor Browser Mac iOS

Although the Tor Browser supports many platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android, unfortunately, it does not support iOS. So, if you’re scrolling through your iPhone on the AppStore searching for a Tor Browser you will find a lot of options. Some of these Tor Browser apps also include the added extra of combining VPNs too. However, the Tor Project only recommends one browser for iOS which is the Onion Browser.

Tor Browser for Mac iOS TorProject ios recommendation

Onion Browser is a free and open-source Tor Powered web browser for iOS which helps you access the internet with more safety and privacy. It protects your privacy with website tracking, secures your traffic from insecure wireless networks and ISPs, supports https anywhere. Plus, it allows you to access .onion sites that are only available over Tor.

Some of the settings are a little limited and the browser itself is quite basic. However, you can make some customization in terms of content policies, security settings and look and feel, etc.

Onion Browser AppStore

Fake Tor Browsers

Its been reported cybercriminals have been distributing a compromised version of the official Tor Browser. Hackers have been targeting Russian speaking users in an attempt to spy on users and steal their bitcoins. Please be careful when downloading anything from the web.

How to Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

How to Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Creating a Bitcoin Paper wallet is considered one of the safest ways to store your Bitcoin. With a paper wallet, your funds are stored offline and therefore one step away from online threats such as hackers. By printing a paper wallet, it puts you in control of your funds and you can store them safely away to minimize exposure.

What is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet?

A paper wallet is exactly what it says on the tin. A cryptocurrency wallet that is printed and made of paper. Although, technically it can be made of other materials! The paper wallet will display your public Bitcoin address on the left-hand side with a QR code. This is for loading and verifying. On the right-hand side of the wallet is your private key for spending. You can also write down the amount of Bitcoin that you have on your wallet, to help you track the amount.

How to make a paper wallet for Bitcoin and altcoins

What is Bitcoin Cold Storage?

Cold storage is where your cryptocurrency’s private keys are stored offline, away from the internet. This comes in the forms of paper and hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano or Trezor, where your private keys are stored on your hardware device.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

How to Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Creating paper wallets is pretty simple to do. Although it does include some extra security steps to ensure the safety of your newly created wallet. To start creating your paper wallet you will need access to a printer.

How to Use the Bitcoin Wallet Generator

To begin, open a browser and navigate to; https://bitaddress.org/.

How to make a Bitcoin paper wallet with bitaddress.org

Before you start creating your paper wallet it is important that you take a security step!

When creating your Bitcoin Paper Wallet, you need to ensure that you are doing so OFFLINE. This is so that you’re creating this safely and securely. Just in case you have viruses or malware, which may compromise your wallet.

To create this offline, go to your browser menu bar and select File>Save Page As. Then save your web page to your required location.

Next, you can shut down your browser and disconnect from your WIFI or internet connection. Once you have removed your self from the internet you can open the newly created BitAddress.org webpage.

Generate a Bitcoin Paper Wallet with bitaddress.org

Start to generate your Bitcoin Paper wallet by moving your cursor around the screen until it reaches 100%.

If you want to create just a simple wallet you can click onto Print to create your wallet. Alternatively, if you would like a design you can click onto Paper Wallet to create single or multiple paper wallet addresses in a gold artwork design.

For extra security, you can also password protect your Bitcoin wallet by ticking the BIP38 Encrypt checkbox. You will then need to enter a Passphrase.

Secure a Bitcoin Paper wallet with a passphrase and BIP38 Encryption

You can then select Print. It may be worth printing multiple copies of the wallet, in case of damage. Also, make sure that you keep it somewhere really safe and away from harm or potential damage.

Your Bitcoin paper wallet is now ready!

Tip: Before you print, make sure that your printer is not connected to the internet and that you connect directly to your printer.

Online security with VPN

How to Send Bitcoin to Your Paper Wallet

You should only send Bitcoin to your paper wallet once you have created and printed your paper wallet. It is important that you don’t save your funds on an exchange as you don’t have access to your private keys and therefore no control over your funds, also an exchange is far more likely to get hacked. So it is recommended that you send your funds to a wallet. So, in this example, I will be sending funds from Coinbase and onto my Bitcoin Paper wallet.

To start, log into Coinbase, select your Bitcoin Wallet and click onto Send

Sending bitcoin to a paper wallet

Enter your Bitcoin paper wallet public address into the BTC address field. Alternatively, if you are using a mobile device you can simply scan the QR code to save you some time.

You then need to enter the amount of Bitcoin that you would like to send across and click onto Continue.

Funds will now send across to your paper wallet and you can write down the amount on your paper wallet if you wish.

How to Check your Paper Wallet Balance

The method of checking your balance or withdrawing the Bitcoin from your paper wallet will depend on the software wallet you are using. In this example, I will show you how to check the balance of your paper wallet within Blockchain.com.

To begin, log into your Blockchain.com wallet and click onto Settings on the far right-hand corner.

Choose Wallets & Addresses and click onto Import Bitcoin Address.

Import existing bitcoin address

Select “Existing address generated outside this wallet“.

depositing from Bitcoin wallet to Blockchain.com

Enter your bitcoin address or private key into this section or use the QR code.

Your balance will then appear beside your imported address.

How to Check Your Paper Wallet Balance
Download Brave Browser for Free

How to Withdraw from a Paper Wallet

The method of checking your balance or withdrawing the Bitcoin from your paper wallet, will depend on where you wish to withdraw it to. In this example, I will show you how to withdraw your Bitcoin to a Blockchain.com wallet so that you could then (for example) sell to FIAT.

To begin, log into your Blockchain.com wallet and click onto Settings on the far right-hand corner.

Choose Wallets & Addresses and click onto Import Bitcoin Address.

Import existing bitcoin address

Select “Existing address generated outside this wallet“.

depositing from Bitcoin wallet to Blockchain.com

If you enter your public Bitcoin address, you will be prompted to input your private key later, when sending funds, etc. You can also enter a label to help describe your imported address i.e. Bitcoin Paper Wallet.

enter private key for paper wallet

Click Send and your imported Bitcoin paper wallet address will then show in the dropdown as well as any associated balance.

Send BTC from Paper Wallet

You can then send funds from your paper wallet over to an exchange like Blockchain Exchange and to withdraw to FIAT or to another recipient address.

Blockchain.com Exchange Review

Alt-Coin Paper Wallets

Creating an Alt-Coin Paper Wallet is performed in a very similar way to creating a Bitcoin Paper Wallet. However, you will need to find a relevant and trusted website for your alt-coin. In the below tutorial, I show you how to create these for Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash & Monero.

Paper Wallet Alternatives

There are many ways to store your cryptocurrencies. The safest way to do this is by Cold Storage, alternatives to a paper wallet will include hardware devices like the Trezor or Ledger Nano where your private keys are stored on the device. The other choices are software/online/mobile wallets. There is an array of choices depending on the tokens you are storing such as Blockchain.com, Exodus, MEW, etc. Please note that it is not recommended that you store your crypto on an exchange which is far more likely to get hacked and where you don’t have access to your private keys.

How to Protect your Phone from Being Hacked

How to Protect your Phone from Being Hacked

When even the world’s richest man can be ‘allegedly’ hacked, learning how to protect your smart phone from being hacked is essential to protecting your data.

It’s recently been rumored that the Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos has had his phone hacked after opening a WhatsApp video message from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The video reportedly let hackers steal racy messages and pictures from his mobile. Which were then ‘allegedly’ used in a blackmail attempt.

How to Protect Your Phone from Hacking

So, in a world where we are reliant on our phones to store a lot of our personal data, how can you protect your phone and avoid losing control of your phone? These are just a few ways on how to protect your phone.

Jeff Bezos Phone Hack

Don’t Open Videos From People You Don’t Know

It sounds like a simple one, but by opening a video, you could potentially give Hackers an easy way in and a way to gain control over your phone. One of the ways they do this is using a vulnerability called “buffer overflow”. Essentially, they flood your phone with too much data in a file, that then cracks open your device. The app is given too much information for it to handle. So, it basically gives up following logic and allows for malware to execute. At which point the hacker can then take the reins of your phone.

Don’t Assume You’re Secure, Just Because You’re Using an iPhone

You may not have heard of as many attacks on Apple computers and mobile devices. This is because there have been fewer, big hack attacks. But that doesn’t mean Apple is automatically more secure. Essentially it’s all down to numbers. Android has 3/4 of the global market, so obviously hackers will more likely go for that market. Don’t be disillusioned though, as Apple malware does exist so ensure you clean and protect your Apple Macs or iPhones, using the likes of CleanMyMac X.

Remove Malware from Mac Free

Don’t Always Trust Text Messages

You may receive a text from a contact that you know, however, tread with caution. It’s very easy for hackers to spoof (or mimic) the name of senders, of text messages. These messages might try to trick you into calling a telephone number (at a premium rate). Or it could contain a link for you to click onto. So, make sure you check the spelling and grammar of the texts you receive. Also double-check any links you’re sent, ensuring they match an official website or domain. 

Don’t Trust That The Person Calling You, Is Who They Say

iPhones are very clever nowadays and can even retrieve information from our emails to try to figure out who is calling you. This is a handy way that a malicious caller could fool us into believing that the number announced on screen is, in fact, our bank or internet service provider. All with the aim to collect your personal data, bank details, or to mislead you.

Avoid Scammer Calls

Make Sure Your Phone Is Up to Date

If you get a message from Android or Apple saying that your phone’s operating system needs an update, make sure you update the version your currently running. As the updates rolled out to users are usually as a result of vulnerability.

The same applies to updating your apps as these will contain security updates. Every app is a potential way for a cybercriminal to gain access to your phone. Especially if there is a hole they can sneak through.

Use a Secure Browser or Ad-blocker

A lot of malware is often installed through the likes of pop-ups. Installing ad-blockers or using a browser like Brave will stop ads and tracking by default, allowing you to take control of your online experience.

Earn Free BAT while browsing brave

Securing Your Mobile Device with a PIN

Adding a pin will secure your private messages and financial information. But make sure you don’t make it an obvious number. Hackers will go through a list of the most commonly used combinations or try to figure out dates that may be personal to you, such as a birthday.

Use a Password Manager

Always use strong passwords for your online accounts, using password combinations that are not connected to you personally. A password manager such as LastPass can not only help you to remember these passwords but will also generate you strong secure passwords to replace any existing weak ones you may have. 

How to use Lastpass, Password Manager

Is iCloud Storage Safe?

Although the likes of iCloud are great for those wanting to gain more storage on their devices. They, (like most other things online), can be hacked. So just make sure you aren’t storing all your personal information on the web. This could include passport details, social security information or cryptocurrency private keys or recovery phrases. Not everything belongs online.

Turn off WIFI

A hacker can create an attack where they set up WIFI hotspots that your phone automatically connects to. This is known as a man in the middle attack. In this instance, a hacker taps the connection between your phone and services it uses, secretly siphoning off data such as usernames and passwords you enter into apps and transmit to computer servers.

Additionally, when you are connecting to public WIFIs such as Internet cafes or airports, connect using a VPN such as the likes of ExpressVPN. This will secure and encrypt your internet traffic.

Browser online securely with Express VPN

Turn Off Bluetooth 

Just like with wifi, don’t keep Bluetooth turned on all the time. When it is on, make sure it requires a PIN to connect.

Don’t Store All your Cash in the Bank Account Associated with Apple Pay

If someone takes your phone, they will have access to your bank, although the amounts are limited you still wouldn’t want someone taking your hard-earned money! Also, people can use a hidden payment terminal and charge money from your phone as they pass you by in the same way that has occurred with contactless cards in the past.

How to protect your mobile and apple pay

How to Protect Your Phone from Virus

Phones are just as vulnerable as laptops or PCs and usually contain more personal information too.

There is a lot of anti-viruses’ available for Andriod and iPhone such as the likes of Norton Mobile Security.

Download Apps Only From Official App Stores

Any apps on the Google Play Store for Android or the AppStore for iPhones go through certain checks to ensure they’re safe, unlike unofficial apps which often contain something like malicious like malware.

How to safely download apps

…And do your own diligence

Check the logo the apps name and the developers as some bad apps will inevitably make it through as the checks mentioned aren’t always that rigorous. In 2019, 42 apps on the Google Play store contained malware and had been downloaded 8 million times!

Is Whatsapp Secure?

Although WhatsApp declares that they provide end to end encryption and secure everything that you send, some features like Group Chats can potentially leak data. If you want a more secure messaging service try someone like Signal.

whatsapp hack

Think About Who You Are Giving Your Phone To 

Letting your kids play Angry Birds is fine, but keep an eagle eye as they could unknowingly download an unofficial app or click onto a link on a spoof website.

How to Protect Your Mobile Number from Hacking

Hackers have a smart way of socially engineering access to your phone through something called SIM swapping. This is where they smooth-talk their way past a call centre worker to reassign your SIM card to ‘their’ number.

From there they can reset your accounts without you knowing plus, access your data. It’s worth regularly checking with your phone operator that your phone number is still assigned to you.

Number hacking

Don’t Get Your Phone Screen Repaired At Unofficial Outlets

Although the lure of cheaper repair prices at market stalls or stores are appealing, repairing your devices at Apple stores and official shops run by mobile phone network providers, such as EE, O2 or Virgin Mobile, are always the safest.

Blockchain.com Exchange Review 2021: Beginners Guide

Blockchain.com Exchange Review 2021: Beginners Guide

Blockchain.com, best known for its popular cryptocurrency wallet with over 40 million wallets created to date. Has rebranded its cryptocurrency exchange platform from “The Pit” to “Blockchain Exchange“. The new Blockchain.com exchange provides a high-speed crypto exchange for retail traders with the ability to trade 34+ cryptocurrencies.

The exchange has been created for the novice investor in mind, with its clear user-friendly interface. With the Blockchain exchange, you can view markets, check the status of your orders, make deposits, withdraw funds, and trade crypto assets. Available in 200 countries within some locations, you can also buy crypto using FIAT, depending on your verification level.

Sign-up to Blockchain Exchange

What is the Blockchain Exchange?

Blockchain.com is a London-based crypto exchange that promises “a Wall Street or a Chicago-level matching engine”. Providing high-speed trading with under 50 microsecond execution time, compared to the 200-500 milliseconds from the industry leaders such as Binance and Coinbase.

Powered by the world’s most popular crypto wallet Blockchain.com, which claims to account for roughly 25% of daily activity on the bitcoin network. They hope to follow this success with there new Blockchain Exchange. Created by an experienced team lead by the former Managing Director at Ameritrade (the world’s largest online broker) Nicole Sherrod, they hope to attract institutional and retail investors alike.

“When Peter (Blockchain.com SEO) approached me with his vision for The PIT (now Blockchain Exchange), I realized this was an opportunity to make an even greater impact to millions of retail crypto traders,”

Nicole Sherrod
Crypto investor experience level

Blockchain Exchange Rebrand

Blockchain initially released its crypto exchange The Pit in 2019. However, after customer feedback and experience, they felt it was unclear that this was a Blockchain.com product. Therefore for clarity, felt it important to align their name more closely to their suite of products by rebranding to Blockchain.com Exchange.

They have stated that in an effort to ensure that their products are easy to understand and easy to use. You may notice changes to other features names over time, all with the aim to increase clarity and improve the user experience.

What Cryptocurrencies Do Blockchain Exchange Support?

Dependent on your location you can deposit with the likes of USD, EUR and most recently GBP via bank transfers. You can then buy and sell with the likes of BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT and XLM.

There are currently 34 trading pairs available with more coming soon.

New additions include the likes of ALGO and DGLD.

30+ Cryptocurrency pairs to trade on Blockchain.com Exchange

What is DGLD?

DGLD is a digital asset representing proof of ownership over physical gold stored in a Swiss vault, and tokenized with a side-chain built on the Bitcoin network. Each DGLD token is the digital equivalent of 1/10th of a troy ounce of gold, vaulted in Switzerland. 

These hybrid tokens offer a middle ground between bitcoin and physical gold. This could be of interest for those in The UK worried about the economic impacts of ongoing Brexit discussions. Or someone From a country or economic zones with an unstable local currency.

DGLD Digital Gold Token

How to create a Blockchain Exchange Account

To create a Blockchain Exchange account, you will need to enter your name, email address, date of birth and address. If you already have a Blockchain.com wallet you have the option to “Connect to Blockchain Wallet”. This will be your only opportunity to connect your wallet as it’s only possible during sign-up.

Connect Blockchain Exchange to Blockchain.com Wallet

If you are connecting to an existing Blockchain.com wallet, you will then be prompted to scan a QR code with your Blockchain app, or you can sign into Blockchain.com. This will enable you to easily transfer funds between the exchange and your wallet. In addition, if your blockchain wallet is already gold level verified you will benefit from gold level limits on the Blockchain Exchange.

Once you’ve verified your email address and accessed you account you’ll need to secure it with 2FA. Consider unlocking to gold level for increased withdrawal levels and fund your account.

How to Setup 2 Factor Authentication

2-Step Verification (also known as two-factor authentication, or 2FA) acts as an extra layer of security for your account. It’s highly recommended that you use 2FA to help keep your crypto secure.  

When logging in you will need both the password for your account plus a one-time passcode (OTP) generated by the Google Authenticator app (and Yubikey is coming soon!)

To set it up, head over to Google Play or the App Store and download the free Google Authenticator app.

Head over to the Blockchain Exchange, and click onto your profile name. Click ‘Settings’ and ‘Security’.

Under the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ heading click the ‘Add Two-Factor Now’ button.

2FA Security Settings

You will be presented with QR code to scan with your Google Authenticator. So for those of you with an iPhone click onto the ‘+’ icon in the top right-hand corner of your Google Authenticator app. Scan and then confirm the code within the exchange.

The code on your Google Authenticator creates a 6 digit code every 30 seconds and will then be required at every login.

Online security with VPN

How to Deposit Funds into Blockchain Exchange

You can deposit funds with GBP, EUR, USD, crypto or straight from your connected Blockchain.com wallet. To deposit funds you will need to have 2-factor authentication enabled in the Blockchain Exchange.

Deposit funds

How to Deposit from your Blockchain Wallet

To deposit from your Blockchain wallet, select “Deposit“.

Then click “Deposit From Your Blockchain Wallet” and input your Blockchain Wallet ID and password. 

From within your Blockchain.com wallet, select Send besides the cryptocurrency, you would like to send.

depositing from blockchain

An address will appear in the Blockchain Wallet send form or from the ‘To’ drop-down you can select the Blockchain Exchange. Then just enter the amount you would like to deposit and click send.

How to Deposit from a Third Party Wallet

If you are depositing from a 3rd party wallet, choose “Deposit” and select the type of cryptocurrency you would like to deposit from the drop-down menu.

Copy the wallet address shown in the window.

Head over to your third party wallet and send the amount of funds you would like on your account to the address you have copied from the Blockchain Exchange.

How to Deposit FIAT

You can deposit the likes of Euros or USD, to deposit these funds. Select “Deposit” and choose Euro or USD.

You will then be prompted with bank details for the associated FIAT currency that you will need to send your funds to. Funds are generally available to trade in 1 business day. You also need to ensure that your recipient name matches the account holder name on your bank account for the transfer to be successful.

How to deposit funds

Blockchain Exchange Trading Fees

The fee structure is based on a maker/taker model. You’ll pay 0.24% in taker fees if you trade less than $100,000 per month and 0.14% in maker fees making it 0.01% lower than Coinbase Pro fees. It starts with an introductory tier that’s lower than most exchanges. The more you trade, the less you pay.

Market Orders – A market order is an order type that executes immediately at the current price. With a market order, you are considered a taker of the market as you are taking the market value.

Limit Orders – A limit order is an order where you define the price that you want to buy or sell at. There are then a set of time conditions that you can apply to your limit order.

How to Trade on Blockchain Exchange

To buy your crypto the first thing you need to do is select your trading pair. You can do this by clicking onto the ‘+’ icon at the top of the screen and selecting the required pair.

Then go to “Buy” on the right-hand side.

how to buy BTC on the Blockchain Exchange

Enter the “Amount” of your chosen cryptocurrency you would like to purchase. select the “order type” you would like to place from Market or Limit Orders.

If you select a Limit order you then enter the “Amount” you would like to buy at. You also have time in force conditions which allows you to specify how long an order will remain active before it is executed or expires.

If you have chosen a Market Order, your order will complete immediately. If you have chosen a Limit order, your order will appear in “Open Orders” whilst you wait for your order to complete.

With a limit order you have the ability to cancel your order before it completes, in case you have made an error or if the market moves too much.

How to Sell Your Crypto

To sell your crypto the first thing you need to do is select your trading pair. You can do this by clicking onto the ‘+’ icon at the top of the screen and selecting the required pair.

Then go to “Sell” on the right-hand side.

how to sell your crypto

Enter the “Amount” of your chosen cryptocurrency you would like to sell. Select the “order type” you would like to place from Market or Limit Orders.

If you select a Limit order you then enter the “Amount” you would like to sell at. You also have time in force conditions which allows you to specify how long an order will remain active before it is executed or expires.

If you have chosen a Market Order, your order will complete immediately. If you have chosen a Limit order, your order will appear in “Open Orders” whilst you wait for your order to complete.

With a limit order, you have the ability to cancel your order before it completes, in case you have made an error or if the market moves too much.

How to Withdraw Your Crypto From Blockchain

With the Blockchain Exchange, you can withdraw your assets directly to your Blockchain wallet, to a third party wallet or depending on your account verification level you can withdraw to your bank account.

Withdrawing Crypto Assets

To withdraw your crypto assets to your Blockchain or third party wallet. Click onto your balance in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click “Withdraw“.

withdrawing from Blockchain

Select the type of cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw.

From the destination address, select either “My Blockchain Wallet” (if connected) or “External Address“. If you are withdrawing to an external you will need to enter your public address.

Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw in your chosen cryptocurrency or in USD.

You will then be prompted to enter your 2-factor authentication code and you can click onto “Withdraw“.

Withdrawing FIAT

Withdrawals to SEPA (for Euros) are free, with a minimum withdrawal amount of 50 euros.

Wire transactions (for USD/GBP) are charged at $10 for domestic payments and $30 for foreign (which is deemed as accounts outside of the US/UK) with a minimum withdrawal amount of $5,000.

To withdraw to your bank account, you need to first make a small deposit so that they can link your bank account.

Alternative Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Coinbase Pro Exchange

Trade Bitcoin with Coinbase Pro

Binance Exchange

Binance for Beginners
How To Get A TOTUM Student Card (When Not A  Student)

How To Get A TOTUM Student Card (When Not A Student)

If you’re already a student or heading off to college or university in 2020, you will be looking for ways to save and make your pennies stretch a little further. As my nan would say; “a penny saved, is a penny earned” and getting a TOTUM student discount card is a fantastic way to start saving those pennies. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a TOTUM card by signing up to an online course I found on Groupon and have easily saved £100s over the last few years.

What is a TOTUM Student Discount Card? Formerly NUS Card

TOTUM, formerly known as an NUS (National Union of Students) Extra is the UK number 1 student discount card. TOTUM has some of the best UK student discounts available online and in-store. Saving on top brands such as; Amazon Prime, ASOS, Apple, Pizza Express, Boohoo and many more.

Not only does TOTUM offer over 200+ discounts in the UK, but you can also expect discounts in over 130+ countries with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). The TOTUM card comes with 1 year free ISIC. The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of certified student status. You can expect to receive discounts from the likes of STA Travel, Lonely Planet, Eurolines, etc.

How to get a TOTUM Card 2020

TOTUM PRO Student Card

TOTUM PRO is a card made for professional learners. Including fantastic discounts and offers from a huge range of high street and online brands. With prices starting from £14.99.

TOTUM Lite Student Card

TOTUM Lite is free and is available to verified students. It includes a curated list of top brand discounts and offers.

TOTUM Gourmet Society Add-on

With TOTUM’s Gourmet Society Add-on you will never have to pay full price again! Enjoy 2-for-1 or up to 50% off meals at around 7,000 top restaurants across the UK including big-name chains such as; Pizza Express, La Tasca, Bella Italia, Strada and Café Rouge.

Tip: Love MacDonalds? When buying a meal, show them your TOTUM card and you will receive a burger or MacFlurry for FREE!!

TOTUM Student Discounts

Just by signing up for a TOTUM card you’ll also get over 200+ UK student discounts. If you live in a city or near a local university, you may find a lot of local businesses will also offer student discounts. So always make sure you ask the question when paying!

Amazon Student Prime

Some of the best student discounts I have received with my TOTUM card was from Amazon Student Prime. When signing-up to Prime Student you will receive 6-months totally free.

Amazon Prime Student Cost

If I cancel Prime Student after 6 months, will I be charged?

The simple answer is no, you won’t be charged if you cancel your Amazon Prime Student membership. Just remember to cancel your Prime subscription before the free trial ends! If you fail to cancel, Amazon will automatically charge you the annual membership fee. However, the annual membership fee will be 50% off the regular price.

How to cancel Amazon Prime

ODEON Student Discount

ODEON cinemas are one of the biggest cinema chains in the UK, with 120 cinemas and 950 screens. When you show your student card you will receive an extra 25% off ODEON student ticket prices on Monday – Thursday. ODEON ticket prices may vary, so do make sure you check with your local ODEON.

Student Discounts with Apple

Another huge benefit of TOTUM is the massive potential savings on Apple products with their educational special discount. Save up to 5-10% on Macs, iPads and accessories, and up to 50% on Apple Care. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to find discounts on Apple software such as Final Cut Pro.

Student Discounts ASOS

TOTUM and ASOS have also partnered, giving you 10% off your shopping online. This includes over 850 brands Nike, Adidas and Lacoste – as well as their very own ranges of clothing, homeware and accessories. To get your ASOS student discount you need to use a unique code provided by TOTUM, either using their app or website.

Other TOTUM Student Discounts!

  • Beauty – Superdrug, Nicky Clarke, Look Fantastic, Sally’s Beauty
  • Eating Out – Pizza Express, ASK Italian, Zizzis, Frankie & Bennies, Giraffe
  • Entertainment – Alton Towers, Go Ape, The London Eye, Odeon, Virgin Experience Days
  • Fashion – Accessorize, Boohoo.com, Coast, New Look, Jack Wills, Karen Millen
  • Finance – FT, Economist
Save money with Totum student card
  • Health & Fitness – British Military Fitness, Durex, Garmin, Vision Express, The Gym
  • Music & Technology – Prime Student Membership, Apple, Co-op Mobile
  • Supermarkets – Co-Op, Bunches.co.uk
  • Travel – Railcards, BSM, Megabus.com, National Express, STA Travel
  • Uni Essentials – WHSmith, UniBulkBuy, Firebox, Johnsons Cleaners

TOTUM Card Student Hack

Just over three years ago, I managed to get an NUS student discount card (now called TOTUM) whilst not actually going to a college, or university. With this money-saving hack, I quickly learned how powerful the TOTUM student discount card was and how much money could be saved. I now receive student discounts at my local Gym, every time I go to the likes of TopShop, Nicky Clarke hair salon, Pizza Express, Apple, and even on my Amazon Prime membership (Free for 6-months).

How to get a TOTUM Card when not a student?

Okay, I hear you, you’re not a student and haven’t been for 10 plus years, your days of drinking Lambrini and eating a spicy pot noddle are long gone and not to be revisited. That’s completely fine, we now live in the internet age and you now no longer have to sit in that classroom to gain that education, or for the reason of this post to get your hands on that student discount card.

It’s 2020 or 2021 if you’re reading this is a year’s time and we now have online learning courses! And the best thing? Some of them are super cheap (especially via discount sites such as Groupon, Wowcher, and GoGroupie) so well worth the registration plus the cost of a year’s NUS student membership, to receive 10% off your next Boohoo order.

How to Sign Up for TOTUM Student Card

To sign up, head over to the TOTUM website where you’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a secure password. If you have a college or university email address, you can add it here, if not you can add your personal email.

TOTUM Card Sign Up

Create TOTUM Account Details

This part is pretty self explanatory, you’ll simply need to enter in your personal details including DOB, etc.

Save money with a student card

Where Do You Study?

This is the tricky part of the process… especially if you’re not “technically” at a College or University and are using an online course to get your card. However, having recently gone through this process if you enter “Barnfield South Academy” and click onto “Verify My Student Status” this should go through without having to verify any additional college or university identification.

UK Student Discounts when not a student

Choose Your TOTUM Card

This part is totally up to you if you go for TOTUM PRO, TOTUM or TOTUM LITE. Due to this process being a little temperamental, I would recommend paying for the 3-year plan. This will also work out to be the cheapest option over time.

Choose your TOTUM bundle

The likes of E Careers and New Skills Academy no longer have a partnership with TOTUM. So please check the TOTUM website to see if your course is supported before signing up to a courses!

TOTUM Terms & Conditions

  1. For full terms and conditions go here.
  2. The one-off fee of £12/£22/£32 entitles you to a TOTUM card, which is valid for 12/24/36 months from the date of purchase. Other offers may apply.
  3. The TOTUM card is available to students aged 16 or over, studying full or part-time in further or higher education. In order to be eligible for a TOTUM card, your course should require at least 10 hours of study weekly for a minimum of 12 weeks. Additionally, courses carried out by professional learners should be a recognised, accredited course. Certain exceptions apply.
  4. The TOTUM card allows you to benefit from discounts on certain products and services. The discounts available to you and the organisations providing such benefits are not fixed and may vary or be withdrawn at any time.
  5. The TOTUM card is not certified proof of age card.
  6. As your TOTUM card includes a free ISIC upgrade, it remains the property of OneVoice Digital Ltd, under the licence of the ISIC Association.

The full list and terms are available from the TOTUM NUS Extra websites