Luno Review

Luno Review

According to CoinMarketCap, there are more than 200 cryptocurrency exchange platforms exist in 2020. Therefore, choosing an exchange to operate with crypto can be an uphill task. Today, I would like to analyse and conduct a review of Luno. This is a platform to buy bitcoin and Ethereum in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe.

What is Luno?

Luno is a bitcoin exchange platform with some other features inside. It has been operating since 2013. However, it was not until 2016 when it began to have a little more presence.

It is an exchange quarter with headquarters in London. Recently, the platform has been gradually expanding to provide its services to almost all of Europe and other countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa and Singapore. It also broadens its offer to offer Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Luno Buy, Store and learn about cryptocurrency

The interface is extremely simple. Although it does not offer additional elements that stand out, it fulfils its purpose. The mission is to offer a simple portal to buy and sell bitcoins safely. The company operates under the supervision of the FCA of the United Kingdom. Bitcoin purchases are made directly to the native purses that Luno offers.

They have their main offices in London, Cape Town, and Singapore. Also, the team behind Luno is public, and they offer a lot of information about the company, which gives their users greater confidence.

Regulation & Security

The platform follows the regulatory standards for digital currency exchange. However, it has not been granted a license as such. They participate in the “Sandbox” program of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. Thus, it offers its financial products under the supervision of the entity.

In terms of security, the platform ensures that each user’s personal data is encrypted and stored securely. Bitcoin wallet here uses a deep freeze mode. No one has access to more than one password, and this is also a point in favour. Similarly, encrypted backups of all portfolios on the platform are maintained.

That’s not all. I continue to see interesting security features here. For the withdrawal of funds, a storage wallet is used. However, one of the keys is controlled by Luno, and another has the BitGo custodian service.

Thus, Luno Bitcoin has one of the safest schemes regarding the security of your funds. For the rest, I see typical elements such as two-factor authentication and SSL certificates for a secure connection. The purses are encrypted using PGP technology.

Luno Bitcoin Trading Platform

Luno offers a typical trading platform for those who do not wish to use their direct service. Thus, you can open limited operations while analysing the bitcoin chart, the order book, and other items. If you do not want to use the trading platform, you can open market operations, which are nothing more than a direct purchase in the style of Coinbase.

Luno bitcoin trading

Cryptocurrencies in Luno

Luno is not a platform specialised in several cryptocurrencies. Instead, they focus on the purchase and sale of the two leading cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Luno Commission

Trading Rates

Luno offers free transactions for many of its operations. Although you will pay small fees for some actions such as deposits, the commissions seem quite sensible and competitive.

Rates for deposits and withdrawals.

For deposits and withdrawals, Luno offers quite favourable conditions.

  • They only apply a small commission for deposits in Nigerian nairas and South African rands. For the rest of the currencies, including the euro, no commission applies.
  • As for withdrawals, commissions are low. For example, you will hardly pay 0.3 euros to withdraw the funds to your bank account.
  • Cryptocurrency delivery applies the network fee (miners commission). To receive funds in BTC, there is a commission of 0.0002 BTC, which seems to be quite adjusted to the security features of this platform.

Deposit of funds

Payment methods accepted in Luno Bitcoin

Luno Bitcoin is a bit limited in terms of payment methods accepted. Depending on your location, you will have access to the following payment methods:

  • Debit or credit cards.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Some electronic media such as iDEAL, SOFORT, Paystack
  • Minimum / maximum deposit

Luno has the great advantage of offering fairly small deposits. You can make a deposit starting from just USD 1. The maximums will depend on the verification level of your account. The higher, the more these limits are extended.

The minimum amount of operations

The minimum amount of operations is 0.0005 BTC. It is quite a malleable figure because, as I write this guide, it is approximately equivalent to 3 USD.

Customer Support

The customer service is not offered directly. Although, we see the telephone lines for the countries where Luno has its main offices. Instead, you can go to the help centre for an answer or open a ticket for the technical staff to attend your request.

What unique elements does Luno offer?

Luno Bitcoin is a fairly common platform, which offers typical services to exchange cryptocurrencies. In this case, the selection of digital currencies is quite limited: only Bitcoin and Etherem are offered through Luno.

What unique characteristics does it have? Without a doubt, the issue of security has been the most considered when building this platform. It offers elements that secure the funds in their wallets that are above the common standards in the crypto sphere.

How does Luno compare to other platforms like eToro?

Although Luno is a fairly complete and versatile service, it cannot be compared with other consolidated platforms such as eToro. This broker has millions of users around the world. Furthermore, it specialises in the investment of various financial instruments, which allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies – and other financial instruments – directly.

The verification of eToro is quite fast and is not mandatory to start operating. It also offers very versatile tools, such as copying from other operators and other social options. Indeed, Luno is not mainly created to be a trading platform but a bitcoin wallet and coin exchange.

Conclusion: Is Luno safe, or is it a scam?

Luno is one of the most serious and reliable platforms on the exchange list. In fact, it has been supervised by the FCA of the United Kingdom since 2016. Because this is one of the most serious authorities in the field of investments, it provides us with a little more confidence to operate with Luno.

It is a simple option for those who do not want to complicate their lives when it comes to obtaining cryptocurrencies easily and directly. Though it has a lot of room to grow, I consider it an interesting option with fairly competitive rates and a level of security above market standards.

Airbnb Coupon Code That Works in 2020

Airbnb Coupon Code That Works in 2020

Looking for an Airbnb coupon code that works in 2020? You have come to the right place! If you’re new to Airbnb or a returning guest, you can save up to $75 towards your Airbnb accommodation and experience. Whether you’re looking for an Airbnb in New York, Los Angeles or any of the other 191 countries they operate in, Airbnb will have something to match your budget.

Airbnb has been a game-changer for us personally. As Airbnb super hosts for over 4 years, the home-sharing platform has given us the flexibility to travel full time with our two small children. However, this post isn’t about becoming an Airbnb host, I will save that for another day. In this post, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to save money and get the most out of your Airbnb experience.

Stay in unique home with Airbnb in 191 counties

Airbnb Coupon Code 2020: How It Works?

If you’re new to Airbnb, Airbnb gives you $33 off a reservation of $75 or more. Plus you’ll get $12 towards an Airbnb experience of $48 or more. This is a great way to save some pennies on those hard-earned trips.

Claiming your free Airbnb credit is really simple. Just click the below link and when you sign-up, you will automatically be credited with $45. This $45 Airbnb credit can be used to stay anywhere in the world. As long as the reservation is for $75 or more.

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Already signed up to Airbnb?

That’s not a problem, as Airbnb doesn’t track the number of accounts you have. Therefore, all you need is another email address and you’re free to sign-up and create another account. This is a great travel tip to save $45 off your accommodation!

Airbnb coupon codes

Airbnb Travel Hack (Save $100 with Airbnb)

By using my Airbnb promo code I will receive a $30 Airbnb credit. If you’re already signed up for Airbnb, this could be a win-win. So, why not send your Airbnb referral code to a partner, friend or be sneaky and refer yourself and in this way you can both receive the benefits. This travel hack could save you and “your friend” (yourself) up to $100s.

Airbnb coupon code that works in 2020

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb offers guests unique accommodation across the world from Castles in Scotland to Yurts in Mongolia. Gone are the days of having to choose from staying in that impersonal hotel or bedbug-ridden hostel. At the touch of a button, Airbnb gives you the option to live like a local. Without the hassle of contracts and bills.

What Are Airbnb Fees?

Airbnb fees (for guests) are typically under 13% of the reservation cost. Although the fee does vary depending on a number of factors. The final fee that you actually pay is shown during check out before you book your stay.

Airbnb fees (for hosts) are charged 3% of the reservation cost but can be higher for Airbnb Plus Hosts.

Airbnb Bali

Become an Airbnb Host

Want to become an Airbnb host? I get this option won’t be for everyone. However, being an Airbnb host can be a great way to earn some extra cash. Plus you can save up for that next trip, or pay off some debts. I personally have four properties I rent out, and Airbnb has given me and my family the flexibility to travel and the ability to manage my business on the road.

“We have personally been using Airbnb for over 4 years, as a host and a guest.”

Start Small…

You don’t need to be a property tycoon like Donald Trump to be an Airbnb host. Before we started investing in property, we lived in central London where the majority of our income went on rent and bills. Therefore to save a bit of money, we rented out our spare room, or when we went on holiday, or during local events (where we knew there would be high demand) we rented out our whole apartment. I can honestly say this reduced our property expenses in half.

Airbnb provides hosts with a free $12 credit when they complete their first reservation. To receive this offer, just click the below link and sign-up to become an Airbnb host.

Airbnb coupon code

5 Airbnb Tips to Getting the Best Deals

Below are some of the top Airbnb tips and tricks to getting the best deals and hopefully yourself some save money.

1. Book Longer Trips

With Airbnb, you can often get bigger discounts for longer stays. Guests who are flexible and can stay for a week, fortnight or even month can definitely get much better prices.

2. Ask Airbnb Hosts for a Discount

There’s absolutely no harm in enquiring and politely asking the host if you can get some form of discount, especially when it’s out of season. It may be that its a quiet time for them and if they accept they send you a special offer!

3. Find Out if There are Any Extra Fees

Most Airbnb hosts will add on end of stay cleaning fees which are clearly displayed when you’re shown your total price. But check if there are any additional fees outside of your total price. Some Airbnb’s will charge you for electricity at the end of your stay, especially in warmer countries where guests tend to keep the air conditioning on full blast 24/7.

4. Save Money When Travelling with Small Children

If you’re booking a stay with children, its worth noting that Airbnb class children, over 2 years as adults. This can quite often incur an extra charge. When searching for your accommodation, try entering your children as infants initially. Then, before making a reservation contact the host and ask if there are any additional fees for children. Obviously, if you have a child who is 15-16 years old this will not apply. But, if you have smaller children (3-4 years) its always worth asking the question to save yourself on some extra fees.

5. How to Contact Airbnb Hosts Direct

One of the best ways to get money off Airbnb is to try and contact hosts directly. Airbnb not only charges service fees to you as a guest but also charges the host a small fee. So by enquiring with the hosts direct, you could make huge savings. Mind you, hosts and guests can get penalised for this. So be careful with your wording on the Airbnb platform. Some guests are unsure how to contact the Airbnb host, as phone numbers are removed from their messaging service, but you can sometimes find out their company name and do a simple Google search. Or, for longer stays, I’d recommend booking 1 night via Airbnb and then speaking with the host outside of Airbnb about booking direct for the remainder of your stay.

Airbnb Isla Mujeres Mexico

5 Airbnb Fun Facts

Below are some fun facts for Airbnb enthusiasts!

1. Women over 60, are rated the best hosts on Airbnb.

2. The “Air”bnb name was created after Brian Chesky and his roommates rented an air mattress on the living room floor.

3. The most popular cities for Airbnb experiences are Tokyo, Paris, and New York City.

4. About 100,000+ guests arrivals on Airbnb happen in Earthouses.

5. The fastest-growing Airbnb hosts are seniors.

Airbnb Santa Catarina

5 Tools For Airbnb Hosts

I’ve put together a blog post to help hosts run a successful holiday home ‘Five Tools To Help Airbnb Hosts‘. So, if you’re new to Airbnb hosting or an old hand, I hope you will find some of these tools useful.

Tools to help Airbnb hosts

What tools do you use to run your Airbnb business? Let us know and put them in the comments.

Travala.com – Earn $50 free on your first reservation

Travala Review Leading Blockchain Hotel Booking Platform

Please Note: Airbnb coupon codes do change, so the value you receive may be different from the amounts in this blog. But don’t worry, even when Airbnb changes their promo offers, Airbnb coupon codes will automatically update, so no need to worry about broken links, etc.