Trading 212 Review 2021 & Beginner’s Tutorial to Trading

Trading 212 Review 2021 & Beginner’s Tutorial to Trading

Tired of paying large commission fees when trading stocks? If you are, you should carry on reading this Trading 212 review.

Trading 212 is a trading platform built for the millennial investor, with an easy to use intuitive interface. It’s an ideal trading platform for the beginner just getting started. One of the major benefits of Trading 212 is its zero commission fees on stocks and ETFs. Plus, you can also start investing with as little as £1 with fractional shares. So you can now start investing in some of the biggest blue-chip companies such as Amazon, Tesla, and Google.

Trading 212 free £100 stock

Trading 212 Review

Trading 212 is a London-based brokerage platform that aims to make trading accessible to everyone. The company started trading as Trading 212 in 2006 originally from Bulgaria. Allowing users to be able to trade in a variety of assets including Forex and currencies, gold, commodities, crypto, and stocks across their platform services.

Trading 212 Review - How to trade stocks. forex & ETF with zero commission & fees

The company originally disrupted the stock brokerage industry by offering the first zero-commission stock trading service in the UK and Europe, unlocking and making the stock market accessible for millions of people. Similar to the likes of Robinhood, in the US.

There are 3 products offered by Trading 212 which are; Invest, CFD, and ISA. These services are available for beginners getting into trading for the first time, all the way through to advanced trades and leverage.

Trading 212 Invest

With Trading 212 Invest you can perform free investing in real stocks, and ETFs (Exchange traded funds) with zero commission and zero fees.

Invest in Stocks and ETFs Zero Commission

This service is definitely more aimed at beginners and they have a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of 1 GBP, 1 USD or 1 EUR. Plus, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. There are also no currency conversion or commission charges.

Trading 212 Invest is the platform I will be focusing on during this Trading 212 review.

Trading 212 CFD

With Trading 212 CFD (contract for difference) you can trade stocks, forex, indices and more. All at zero commission and tight spreads. Trading 212 CFD also includes the ability to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, EOS, Dash, Neo and more.

Trading Leverage Stocks & Indices

This product has a minimum deposit and withdrawal of 10 GBP, 10 USD or 10 EUR, with no deposit or withdrawal fees.

This is a more complex service with charges for currency conversion and for leaving an open position for the next day but there are no commission charges. There are also quite complicated margin requirements with varying percentages

They also do state on their website that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Trading 212 ISA

With Trading 212 ISA you can invest tax-free in zero commission stocks and shares ISA.

They have a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount of 1 GBP, 1 USD or 1 EUR. Plus, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Trading with stocks and shares ISA

Trading 212 Fees

Unlike traditional brokers Trading 212 is commission-free. There are no fees for deposits, withdrawals, or inactivity fees for the Trading 212 Invest, ISA, or CFD accounts.

Trading 212 Fees vs Hargreaves LansdownL vs Revolut

Is Trading 212 Free?

Trading 212 adopts a freemium model. Similar to games on mobile apps that are free to download but have in-app purchases. They do this in the hope that some customers will eventually pay for additional services that it develops further down the line. Another feature that they use to attract new users to sign up, is when you sign up using a referral link you’ll receive up to £100 of free stock.

Free stock when you sign-up to Trading 212

Fund and Data Protection

Is Trading 212 a Scam? Money Regulations

With so many scams about, how do you know this platform is safe? Well, Trading 212 is approved by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority of England and Wales) as well as being registered in Bulgaria and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission.

Clients’ funds are kept separate from company funds and protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) giving you the security of up to £85,000.

Is Trading 212 safe? How am I protected

Features & Benefits

Trading Cryptocurrencies with Trading 212

You are able to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Monero with Trading 212’s CFD. Although, if you are looking to invest in crypto for the long term I wouldn’t recommend buying or holding crypto on the likes of Trading 212 or Revolut.

When investing in crypto you want to have the ability to gain access to your private keys. Without access to your private keys, you’re not in control and you are therefore relying on a 3rd party. Even the likes of popular cryptocurrency platform such as Coinbase isn’t recommend, as they too don’t provide users with a private key. If you would like to learn more, check out my cryptocurrency tutorial to learn more This is because you don’t have access

Trade Bitcoin with Coinbase Pro
Sign-up to coinbase and earn free crypto

Practise vs Real Money Trades

Trading 212 provides 2 different types of modes. In the Real Money mode, you are trading with money you have deposited from your account. And obviously there are risks involved with trading with real money.

Whereas, in the Practice Mode, you are trading with virtual money, simulating market trades without the risk of losing real money. This mode is ideal for both beginners and experienced individuals to practice new strategies and familiarise themselves with the features of the platform. If you lose all the money in Practice you can reset this from the “Settings” menu to any balance up to 50,000.

Everything else is the same.

To switch to Practice, simply click onto your email address in the top right hand corner of the screen and click onto “Switch to Practice”. All screens will appear like you are using ‘Real Money’ but you will be in demo mode.

To switch back Real Money, click onto ‘Real Money’ located under your email address.

trading for beginners

Trading 212 Fractional Shares

With fractional shares, you can invest with as little as £1 and own even the most expensive stocks. This could include the likes of Google, Tesla, Amazon and Apple. Fractional investing helps you to build a diversified portfolio even with a small amount of money.

To check the minimum trading amount for a company, search for the instrument/company and select it.

Then on the right hand side under “Properties” check out the “Min Traded Quantity”.

Fractional Shares for beginners Stocks Trading

How to Get A Trading 212 Free Stock May 2020

Trading 212 is currently running a promotion for new users. When signing with a Trading 212 referral link and depositing as little as 1 GBP, 1 USD or 1 EUR you can get a free share up to the value of 100 GBP. All you will need to do is open an Invest or ISA account and you will receive your allocated free share within 24 hours of making your deposit.

Although Trading 212 states you will receive a free share up to the value of £100, it’s highly unlikely you will receive a stock this high. You’re more likely to receive a share under £10, either National Grid or UnderArmor. I believe the reason is, they don’t want you to just sign-up and cash out your free stock. With the withdrawal limit at £10, you will be just under the threshold. Mind you, at the end of the day, its a free stock so you can’t really complain.

Trading 212 free £100 stock

Competitor Brokers

You won’t be short of options when it comes to trading platforms. Some of the most popular platforms are Hargreaves Lansdown (I personally use), AJ Bell & Barclays, etc. However, with a new generation of retail investors wanting something different Trading 212, Revolut and eToro are designed for the millennial investor in mind, with their clear, user-friendly platforms.

Trading 212 vs Hargreaves Lansdown

Compared to the likes of Hargreaves Lansdown, Trading 212 certainly comes out cheaper in terms of fees for trades. For example, with Hargreaves Lansdown, you incur admin fees and a charge of £11.95 per trade, which may not sound like a huge amount but if you are regularly trading these can certainly add up.

Trading 212 competitors

Trading 212 vs Freetrade

Both Trading 212 and Freetrade are great platforms for free trading and offer the opportunity to trade stocks without paying any fees. Although there are also more stocks and ETFs available on Trading 212 and more restrictions with Freetrade in terms of available markets, customer support and no card payments are allowed. The Trading 212 platform also has the added feature of the practice or demo mode.

rading 212 vs Hargreaves Langsdown broker Comparison Chart

Step By Step Tutorial – How to Use Trading 212

This step by step guide will help you get started with Trading 212. From depositing your funds and buying your shares. To selling and locking in your profits and withdrawing.

How to Deposit Funds

You can make payment via bank transfers, credit and debit card payments, Skrill, Google Pay, etc. There are no fees for depositing funds and credit/debit card payments should take roughly 10 minutes. Bank transfers may take up to 2 business days. You can also set up and schedule automatic recurring payments.

To deposit funds into your account, from the web based platform click onto the “Deposit Funds” icon in the top left hand side of the screen.

Select your payment method by clicking onto the “Change” button from Credit/Debit Card, Google Pay, Skrill or Bank Transfer.

Move the slider to the amount that you would like to deposit, select if you would like your payment to the recurring, and confirm your deposit by selecting the checkbox. Click onto “Next“.

Enter your payment details.

Deposit funds & trade with trading 212

How to Buy Stock with Trading 212

If you find a stock that you would like to invest in, search for the instrument/stock using the magnifying glass and select your choice.

From the right-hand side of the screen, select “Buy” under stock info, then using the slider enter the amount you would like to purchase, or alternatively you can click onto. the icon to the right and type in the amount. This could be a whole share or a fractional share.

buy fractional shares stocks trading 212

You can then select from a Market, Limit, Stop and Stop Limit Order.

A Market order will execute immediately at the current price.

Click onto “Review Order” and choose “Send Buy Order“.

idiots guide to investing in stocks and shares

How to Sell on Trading 212

If you are ready to sell your stock on Trading 212 and lock in your profits or save any losses, simply hover over your chosen instrument.

Then select “Sell“.

You will then need to select the type of order you would like to place, from ‘Market’, ‘Limit’, ‘Stop’ or ‘Stop Limit Order’.

Enter the amount that you would like to sell or select it from the slider.

Select “Review Order” and when you are happy with the order you can “Send Sell Order“.

sell stock on trading 212

How to Withdraw Funds on Trading 212

If you want to withdraw from Trading 212 you can submit a withdrawal request either via the mobile app or the web-based platform. All withdrawals are free, although your bank may charge a fee. Your withdrawal will only be paid out using the same payment method you have originally used to fund your account. To withdraw;

Click onto your email address in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Select “Manage Funds” and then choose “Withdraw“.

All withdrawals are then executed within 2 business days.

How to withdraw from Trading 212

Trading 212 Order Types

Within most trading platforms, you find several different order types that you can select from. Although, the naming or terminology may differ slightly the meaning behind each is relatively the same.

Trading 212 Market Order

If you’re new to trading and want to buy or sell your shares easily and quickly you can place something called a market order which is the simplest order type.

With a market order, you are guaranteed that your order will fill, but it can’t guarantee the price at which you’ll get it. Which can come with an element of risk. 

A Market Buy Order will execute on the best available asking price.

Trading 212 Limit Order

If you want to buy or sell your shares at a certain price that you define and you aren’t in touch much of a rush, you can place something called a limit order,

With a limit order you can define the price that you’d like to pay for your stock/share and wait for the market to reach that price.

You are able to view the market price but we may want to pay less than that price or sell higher than that price. When trading you simply enter the maximum price you want to buy or sell at into the “Price” section.

Your order will then go into “Pending Orders”. And once the market has reached your price, your order will be filled and shown under your portfolio tab. 

Trading 212 Stop Order

If you want to help reduce your losses and sell your shares at the market price once the price hits a certain value (or a stop price). You can place something called a stop order.

With a stop order you can place an order without constantly checking the markets but only when the market price hits a certain value. 

When the stock hits your stop price, the Stop Order becomes a Market Order. And it executes at the best available price. Investors will often place stop orders to help reduce any potential losses, in case the stock moves drastically in the wrong direction.

In the example below, you can say if the price hits 236, you’d like to sell your share with a market order at the best available price.

Trading 212 Stop Limit Order

If you want to buy or sell your shares with precision defining a price you’d like to pay or sell at, but only when the market reaches a certain value (or a stop price), you can place something called a stop limit order.

A stop-limit order combines a stop and a limit order. Which you can place without constantly checking the markets but only when the market hits a certain value. 

When youre buying with a Stop Limit Order, you place the stop price above the current market price, and then your limit price above the stop price. This means that once it reaches the stop price, a limit order will execute. 

Trading 212 Close Account

To close your account with Trading 212, you need to make sure you do not have any open positions. Then you need to email Trading 212 your request to close your account to [email protected] which they will then complete.

Any funds that are left in your account will be refunded to the same payment method that you used for your deposits.

The Trading 212 Mobile App

Trading 212 is available to access via their web platform. Plus, they also have a Trading 212 app, available on Google Play and the App Store. The mobile trading platform is really easy to use and has a nice look and feel. Although, one clear downside of the app is that it does not support 2 factor authentication, nor face/fingerprinting ID which would add an extra level of security.

Trading 212 UK #1 Trading & Investing Mobile App
How to Watch Onward on Disney+

How to Watch Onward on Disney+

Onward is the latest release from Disney’s Pixar and for those fortunate enough to be in the US it is now available to stream on DisneyPlus. However, if you’re from outside the US, this title may not be available in your region. So, if you’re from the likes of the UK and can’t wait to watch Pixar’s Onward, I’ll explain how you can get to watch Onward on Disney+ from anywhere.

When is Onward Coming to Disney+ UK?

If you’re one of the millions of DisneyPlus subscribers in the UK or parts of Europe, you may have noticed Pixar’s latest release Onward is currently missing from the list of available titles. Also, there is no official release date for Onward on Disney Plus either. 

However, DisneyPlus have been releasing some content in the US early due to the Coronavirus putting a stop to watching movies on the big screen. This includes Onwards which is now available for streaming.

Onward DisneyPlus Release Date

How to Watch Onward on Disney+ UK

If you can’t wait for Disney Plus to release Onward in your region, there is a DisneyPlus hack you can use to watch Pixar’s new release from anywhere!

To get access to the Disney Plus US library you will need a VPN, to make it appear like you are in the US. The VPN I personally use and recommend is ExpressVPN. Not only will you be able to unblock the library, but you’ll also be free from ISP throttling. This is where internet service providers will intentionally slow down your internet service when you’re doing things like streaming. Which you’ll be doing when watching DisneyPlus.

How to watch Movies with ExpressVPN

Firstly, make sure that you are logged out of your current DisneyPlus account (you may also need to delete your browsing history and cookies, although I personally didn’t need to).

Next, Connect your VPN client to a server in the US.

Unblock DisneyPlus US library

Once you VPN has connected, log back into DisneyPlus.

If you now search for the title “Onward” you’ll find the movie appearing in your search results, ready to watch!

watch Onward on disneyplus from anywhere

How to Watch US Disney+

How to unlock more movies & shows on DisneyPlus
How to watch British TV from overseas
How to Watch American Disney Plus

How to Watch American Disney Plus

Disney Plus was released in 2019 to rival other streaming services such as Netflix. Initially released in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. With more regions now being able to get access to Disney classics, Marvel and Star Wars movies. You may be interested to hear that not all libraries are the same and some have different content available in different regions. In this Disney+ hack, I will show you how to unlock more movies and tv shows, such as Pixar’s new 2020 release Onward.

What’s Disney Plus

Disney’s streaming service named “Disney+” is now rivalling Netflix, HBO Now and Apple’s new service Apple TV Plus. From November 12th 2019 it started streaming its films and exclusive original shows from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and its own studios, as well as a large library of classics.

Each Disney Plus account can stream up to 4 devices simultaneously and you can create 7 different profiles, meaning more personalisation for family members. You can even create your own account avatar of a Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars character from a wide range of avatars.

Disney Plus subscribers can download onto up to 10 devices. Plus, the amount of downloads is unlimited but will obviously depend on the storage available on your device.

Their original series also works slightly different from the likes of Netflix. As new episodes are released weekly, as opposed to the entire series launched at once.

Disney Plus offers a free 7 day trial

Disney Plus Price

Disney Plus provides lower pricing compared to its competitors and costs $6.99 in the US or £5.99 a month in the UK. Alternatively, users can pay yearly costs to receive a discount. This could be seen as big savings in terms of Netflix and especially compared to HBO Now subscriptions.

DisneyPlus have now also created a bundle for the US with Hulu and ESPN plus, where you will receive a $5 discount when you sign up to all 3 services making a total cost of $12.99.

Free 7 day trials are also available for those wanting to try before they buy.

DisneyPlus Price Bundle with hulu & ESPN+

Disney Plus Release Dates

Disney Plus initially launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on November 12th 2019. With Australia and New Zealand soon following on November 19th 2019.

Western Europe was then next to get a taste of DisneyPlus as they rolled out subscriptions over the course of 6 months between October 2019 and March 2020.

Unfortunately, those in Eastern Europe and Latin America will have to wait a little longer where they plan to roll out Disney Plus from October 2020. And Asia Pacific will be rolling out over 2 years from October 2019.

The reason for some of these delayed rollouts is due to Disney’s contractual licensing with the likes of Sky, in the UK.

How to watch Disney Plus on up to 10 devices

Disney Plus VPN

To unlock the latest movies and TV Shows from your Disney+ subscription you will need a VPN. The VPN I personally use and recommend is ExpressVPN. Not only will you be able to unblock the DisneyPlus US library, but you’ll also be free from ISP throttling. This is where internet service providers will intentionally slow down your internet service when you’re doing things like streaming. Which you’ll be doing when watching DisneyPlus.

How to watch Movies with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a paid service, but you do get what you pay for. Plus they provide a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning that if you didn’t want to continue with ExpressVPN after 30 days you can get your money back. Or alternatively, you could just sign up with another account!

ExpressVPN best VPN for streaming Disney+

How to Get More Disney Plus Content

To unblock DisneyPlus libraries and get access to more content and more recent movie titles, you need to appear like you are in the country you are trying to unblock.

In this example, I am in the UK and trying to access the DisneyPlus US library;

Firstly, make sure that you are logged out of your current DisneyPlus account (you may also need to delete your browsing history and cookies, although I personally didn’t need to).

Next, Connect your VPN client to a server in the US.

Unblock DisneyPlus US library

Once you VPN has connected, log back into DisneyPlus.

Although the interface will look exactly the same, you’ll find that you now have access to even more content including American shows and the latest movies releases.

How to Watch DisneyPlus American Library

Free VPN with Disney+

I don’t personally recommend using a free VPN, because the problem is, nothing is ever truly “free”. But, if you would prefer to try a free VPN, to access DisneyPlus then check out my Top 5 Best Free VPNs. However, do expect limitations and annoying adverts with these free VPNs.

Top 5 Best Free VPNs for 2020

How to Watch Pixar’s Onward on Disney+

Disney and Pixar’s latest cinema release Onward, is now available on Disney Plus in the US. However, if you are from outside of the US this title may not yet be available from your region. So, if you’re in the likes of the UK and cant wait to watch Pixar’s Onward, you just need to connect your VPN to a server in the US, to get access. To find out more, check out my blog on how to watch Onward on Disney+.

How to watch Onward on Disney+
How to watch Movies with ExpressVPN

Top 5 Best Free VPNs for 2020

Top 5 Best Free VPNs for 2020

If you’re looking for a free VPN for Netflix, an Amazon Fire Stick, geo-blocking, or simply secure your internet connection, there are a whole host you can find online. I have put together my top 5 best free VPNs for 2020. However, are free VPNs safe? Are free VPNs truly free? And which free VPN is the best?

Free VPNs vs Paid

You can get some really good free VPNs but even the best of these will not be able to compete with their paid competitors. The free versions are usually less secure, limit your data, bandwidth, speed, or locations, etc.

I don’t personally use a free VPN, I use a paid version. And most paid versions will provide free trials and money-back guarantees.

Online security with VPN

Are the Best Free VPNs really Free?

This will depend on your definition of “Free”. For a company to set up and run a VPN service, it not only costs a lot of money but it uses up a lot of resources too. So, do companies do this out of the kindness of their heart? I think you can answer this question. The simple answer is no. Although you’re not paying for the VPN service it’s highly likely that the company will regain their expense elsewhere. Which could include sharing your data with advertisers, annoying targeted ads. This won’t be the case with all “free” VPNs, but certainly some.

Are Free VPNs Safe? Can I Choose Any Free VPN Download?

Although the free VPNs mentioned are safe to download and use, please be wary of choosing any free VPN download. Some can contain malware or viruses, bad encryption, or endanger your privacy by logging your data to sell it onto 3rd party companies.

Best Free VPNs for Netflix iPhone, Windows, Mac 2020


Windscribe is a great free VPN that you can use for all your devices including your computer, browser, phone, and even your TV. Although your data is limited your time is not and you can use it as long as you like. You’ll also get access to 10 servers in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, and Switzerland.

With a confirmed email address, you can get access to 10GB per month of data. However, if you want to be more anonymous you go ahead without an email address but you will be restricted to 2GB per month.

Windscribe free VPN

Windscribe do state they have a no-logs policy too so that your privacy is protected.  Plus, you also get access to their ad and tracker blocker even in the free version with the use of their chrome extension.

Can you unblock Netflix? Unfortunately, although you can open the US library from the UK it detects that you are using an unblocker/proxy and Windscribe have also confirmed that the free version of Windscribe does not unblock Netflix.

unblock netflix with a free vpn


Proton’s Free VPN plan provides you with unlimited data and access to servers in 3 locations; Japan, Netherlands and the US. It is also ad-free, but unlike some free VPNs, it is only available for 1 device connection. They also state that you’ll only have access to medium speed with their free service (which is definitely true). To download this free VPN you’ll need to set up an account, but no payment details are required.

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, outside the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance. Meaning its great for privacy. ProtonVPN also state that they also do not log user activity or share data with 3rd parties. 

Can you unblock Netflix? Unfortunately, unless you are using a paid “Plus” or “Visionary” plan you will be unable to unblock the Netflix global libraries.

Proton VPN Free High-speed Swiss VPN


Hide.me offer free plans with no requirement for payment details upfront, giving you 2GB of data every month. You will have access to 5 of their servers, on 1 device at a time, plus you have access to their support team 24×7 too. The downside of the free plan is the fact that you will only get access to a slow connection. You can download free versions of their desktop app for Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows. They also have extensions for chrome and firefox to work in conjunction with their VPN.

With Hide.me, they are very clear that they do not store logs of your online activity and there are no annoying ads either. Hide.me also provide a free proxy download, allowing users to unblock any blocked website. It was a little unclear whether Hide.Me was able to unblock Netflix, however after testing this with their free VPN, I can confirm that I was able to connect. Although with 2GB of data, you may not get to watch much!

Can you unblock Netflix? Unfortunately, you are unable to access Netflix libraries with Hide.me.

help.me free vpn with zero logs


Speedify’s who are based in the US offer a free or starter plan, giving you 10GB of data usage every month. With Speedify you’ll have access to servers worldwide with more than 1,000 servers in 28 countries which you can select yourself or allow Speedify to select this for you. It’s available for operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux. WIth their starter or limited plan you’ll have access to their channel bonding service plus their streaming and redundant mode.

To get started with Speedify you just need to download their free VPN and don’t need to set up an account. Finding this option is a little tricky as you have to click through a few screens to find the option of the limited version.

Can you unblock Netflix? Although I was able to connect to Netflix US, I was unable to stream any shows as it had detected an unblocker/proxy.

Speedify VPN No Account Needed


ExpressVPN in its nature is a paid VPN, however, they have a really good money-back guarantee which means you can use their premium service completely unlimited for 30 days. In fact, its one of the reason’s I originally chose ExpressVPN as my VPN provider and it also unblocks streaming sites, such as Netflix US

Then if you want to use it for longer than 30 days, you could always sign up with another email account, just make sure you set a reminder to cancel the subscription!

So with ExpressVPN, you’ll get a fast, reliable service with 160 locations across 94 countries and unlimited speeds too.

Can you unblock Netflix – Yes you can!!

ExpressVPN Best paid VPN for Netflix

Other Noteable Free VPNs

I looked into Hotspot Shield’s free VPN, however, it did not quite make the list. The reason for this is that there was only 1 server able in the US, and it appeared that it was only free for 7 days.

I also liked the look of TunnelBear, which was recently purchased by McAfee.