Staking Tezos with Coinbase

Staking Tezos with Coinbase

Coinbase now offers its customers an easy and secure way to earn up to 5% staking rewards with Tezos. Until recently this was only available in the US, but Coinbase has now expanded its Tezo staking service to the UK, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Coinbase will stake Tezos on behalf of their customers, depositing rewards directly into their accounts. Once the initial holding period completes, you’ll receive rewards roughly every 3 days.

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What is Staking? 

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. Essentially, it just means holding onto crypto assets and earning rewards. Similar to having pounds, euros, US dollars in a savings account and earning interest.

You can stake on your own, but you’d need to run a node on your own hardware, sync it to the blockchain, and then fund the node with enough cryptocurrency to meet minimum thresholds. Including providing a sizable deposit and bond. But with it being on Coinbase, they do all this for you. 

Tezos aren’t the only cryptocurrency getting involved with staking as you’ll also be able to stake with Ethereum 2.0 later this year. However, you’ll need to hold 32 Ethereum as a minimum, and validators must be running a validator node. They estimate that the reward will be around 4-10% 

Proof of Stake vs Proof of work

What are Tezos?

Tezos or XTZ is a blockchain network linked to a digital token, which is called a Tez or a Tezzie.

Unlike bitcoin, Tezos is not based on the mining of Tez. Instead, token holders receive a reward for taking part in the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

So Tezos holders who stake their tokens can receive additional Tezos tokens as a reward. And Coinbase stakes Tezos on your behalf and deposits the rewards directly into your accounts. 

How to Stake Tezos with Coinbase

To get started you first need to purchase Tezos, if you dont already have some to deposit. It doesn’t matter where you buy your Tezos as long as they’re then held in Coinbase. 

stake Tezos with Coinbase

How to Buy Tezos with Coinbase

To purchase Tezos with Coinbase, simply click on Trade in the top right of the Coinbase screen.

Then select “Tezos” from the Buy dropdown.

Choose you method of payment and then you can “Preview Buy“.

When you are happy you can go ahead and click onto “Buy Now“.

how to buy tezos

How to Earn Tezos with Coinbase

At this time of writing this blog, you can get $6 of free Tezos with Coinbase Earn by completing a few quizzes. To start you’ll need to be logged into your Coinbase acccount.

Then head across to Coinbase Earn and select Tezos from the list and “Get Started”.

You can then start by watching the lessons 1 through to 3, answering the questions after each. Once completed, you’ll receive the Tezo/XTC direct into your Coinbase account.

how to earn free Tezos

How to get Tezo Staking Rewards

Once you have Tezos in Coinase, your Tezos will always stay in your wallet. You just earn rewards, while keeping your crypto safely on Coinbase. You can also opt out at any time you want and move your Tezos to another wallet.

The “estimated” rewards rate for staking on Coinbase is 5.00%. However, this rate is only estimated as it will change over time based on the staking rewards distributed by the Tezos network.

You’ll see pending rewards in real-time and once an initial holding period completes, you’ll receive rewards roughly every ~3 days.

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Idiots Guide on How to Use Google Meet

Idiots Guide on How to Use Google Meet

Google has now joined the video conferencing race alongside Microsoft, Facebook, HouseParty and Zoom. Offering their premium video conferencing product for free for everyone with a Gmail account. Their product, which appears to be the evolution of both Google Hangouts and Google Chat allows you to start secure video meetings with anyone; for a virtual yoga class, weekly book club or just a happy hour with friends.

What Is Google Meet?

Google Meet is Google’s premium video conferencing software was previously named Google Hangouts Meet. Google’s video service serves around 100 million users every day including G Suite enterprise and corporate clients. Paying G Suite subscribers can host up to 250 participants per call, live stream for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain, and can record meetings on Google Drive for later broadcast.

G Suite plans include access to Google Meet and start at $6 a user per month for the Basic tier (includes G Suite apps and 30GB of cloud storage).

However, since May 2020, with more people working from home and wanting to stay connected, Google made Meet available for free for everyone on the web with a Gmail account. And if you don’t have a Gmail account it literally just takes a few minutes to create one. This means that users can host meetings with up to 100 participants, 24 hours a day without a G Suite subscription. Plus you can screen share in various ways, share attachments and chat too.

Google Meet for Free

Google Meet App

Users can start hosting a live or prescheduled meeting via meet.google.com accessible via Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft, or Safari web browser. Plus, it’s also available via their mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Google Meet App

How to Start a Google Meet Video Meeting

You can start a new video meeting from your computer or mobile device with Google Meet. There are several ways to start a meeting, which can be done via your Gmail, Calendar or by navigating to meet.google.com.

How to Start a Meeting via Gmail

Open Gmail and in the left-hand side of the screen you can click onto “Start a Meeting”In the Meet window, choose an option to join the meeting. And click onto “Join now”.

If you are a G Suite user you can join using your phone for audio by clicking onto “Join and use a phone for audio“.

When the meeting has started you can add your attendees by sharing your meeting code and “Copy Joining Info”. Or you can choose to “Add People”, enter the name or email address and click onto “Send Invite“.

Only the host can invite someone into an active meeting.

how to create a meeting google meet

How to Schedule a Meeting via Calendar

To create a video meeting via your Google Calendar just create an event and add your guests to it. Google Meet video conferencing can be added to your meeting by clicking onto “Add Google Meet Video Conferencing“.

You can also share meeting attachments within your video meeting.

google video conferencing

Start a Video Meeting with Meet

You can start a video chat without logging into your Google Mail or Calendar, or downloading any 3rd party software, by navigating to https://meet.google.com

Click onto “Start a Meeting” or “Enter a meeting code” and “Join now“.

You’ll then be prompted to share your meeting information by “Copy Joining Info” or adding particpants by clicking ono “Add People“.

google meet login

Video Meeting Options

How to Present

You can present your entire screen, a window or a chrome tab, by clicking onto “Present Now” in the bottom right of your screen.

how to present on Gsuite

How to Change Your Google Meet View

By default Google Meet will change the layout to show the most active content and participants. However, if you are joining using a desktop you can change this if you wish to. the below;

  • Auto—Allows Meet to choose the layout for you.
  • Tiled—Shows up to 16 people when there is no presentation.
    • Move your mouse to see participant names. 
    • If someone joins after the meeting starts, their image is at the bottom of the screen. 
    • Presentations appear in a large tile, with the most active participants to the side.
  • Spotlight—The presentation, active speaker, or pinned feed fills the window. 
  • Sidebar—You see the active speaker or presentation with additional participants on the side.
free video conference 100 people

How to Mute Participants

If you are the meeting moderator you can mute other participants during a meeting. This is particularly useful if there is feedback or background noise whilst are you in and presenting.

To mute others, simply click onto the person’s image and point to the volume and choose Mute Mute

How to End a Call

Ending a call is not as simple as you may think, by clicking onto the red button at the bottom of the screen, you will leave the room, although the room does not actually finish for the participants. This is something that Google is working on but could be a potential issue. My suggestion would be to remove the participants from the meeting first before leaving the meeting, although this could. be a lengthy task if you have 100 people!

how to end a google meet

How to Remove Someone from Google Meet

In the free version of Google Meet using a personal Google account, only the host is able to remove participants from a video meeting.

In a live meeting, click onto the Back arrow and click Remove Remove 

When someone is removed, if they try to re-enter, a pop up will display where you can accept or deny their request.

Top 5 Google Meet Extensions

There’s a lot of competition for the best video conferencing spot right now and it time and time again it seems to be Google Meet vs Zoom. With Zoom taking the lead due to some extra features they have as standard. But there are now a growing list of chrome extensions that you can use to enhance your Google Meet experience. Here are my top 5;

Nod – Reactions for Google Meet

This extension allows quick emohi reactions for muted team members. Students can clap, raise their hand, or LOL during your session without interrupting the speaker.  Its particularly helpful when running larger meetings as it can be difficult to gauge real-time feedback as you’re speaking.

The Nod extension must be installed before you will see reactions from others in the call.

Google Meet Chrome Extensions

Google Meet – Grid View

Grid view is a great extension allowing you to view all your participants or students at once. With Google Meet can change the lauout to a tiled view of up to 16 participants however if you have more than that then Grid View is for you.

Grid view can handle more than 200 participants at once, but just be aware that if you are presenting you might want to switch it off, so show a larger screen.

show more than 16 people on screen


Although this extension isnt designed specifically for Google Meet it can work pretty well alongside it. Dualless is for those who don’t have dual monitors available and comes in handy when sharing your screen, but also wanting to keep an eye on your attendees.

So you can split your screen into two windows, so that you can present and monitor your class at the same time.

You can need to organise your tabs into two windows, one that contains the websites you want to share and another that lets you view the Google Meet.

Dualless Dual Screen Extension

Meet Attendance

With Meet attendance you can collect a list of everyone in attendance of a live session. This information is then stored in a Google Sheet which is just accessible by the host. And just the host of teacher would need to have this extension installed.

One thing to mention is that in the reviews there are some negative press about this extension being a little temperamental.

record attendees or students with Attendance

Google Meet Push to Talk

This extension has been implemented to replicate a Zoom feature. So, instead of having your microphone un-muted all the time, you’ll need to enter and leave it muted and simply press the space bar when you want to say something. Then let go of the space bar and your mic is muted again. This also helps to resolve a way around the missing “mute all” button on Google Meet.

Push to Talk Feature Google Meet
How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms

Facebook has now launched their very own group video chat  “Messenger Rooms” to rival with the likes of Zoom and HouseParty.  With many people stuck indoors but wanting some face to face interaction with their friends, family or work colleagues, group video calling and conferencing services and platforms have really increased in popularity. With the likes of Zoom attracting 300 million people to their meetings. 

Facebook are the next to try and compete within this space alongside Zoom and HouseParty. “Messenger Rooms” allows Facebook members to create public or private video chatrooms which can have up to 50 people. But unlike zoom, who only give you 40 minutes on their free plan, your time is completely unlimited and free of charge too. Plus, even people without a Facebook account can join a Messenger Room just by using a link.

Facebook users can create and discover rooms from either Facebook or Messenger, with plans to also be able to create these through Instagram, Whatsapp and Portal too.

Is Facebook Messenger Rooms Safe?

If you are concerned about your privacy, one thing to be aware of is that these rooms are encrypted but are not end-to-end encrypted. Facebook has stated that they “hope” to add this in the future. But, that they will not listen in on any videos nor monitor them.

However, they will still gather data on when users open a Messenger Room. Which they’ve said would be used to improve the product and the “overall Facebook experience”.

is messenger rooms safe

So how does messenger protect your privacy? Well they state that the room links are unique and can be regenerated at any time. You can prevent unwanted participants by locking the room. Plus, you can also block anyone in a room on Facebook and Messenger.

Create Messenger Rooms On Your Desktop Using Facebook

There are several ways to create your “Messenger Rooms”, the first method is on the desktop using Facebook.

Step 1: Create Your Room

From the Newsfeed, click to “Create your room”. You’ll then be prompted to select a room activity, where you can select from the likes of “Hanging In”, “Coffee Chat” and a whole range of other activities.

Create Messenger Room

Step 2: Invite Your Friends

Next, you need to decide who can join the room, and you can select all your “Friends“. So like HouseParty, Messenger Rooms will let people drop in and out of group video chats while the “room” is open. And there will be publicly discoverable rooms too which will be listed at the top of the Facebook news feed.

Or if you want something more private, you can “Invite specific friends” where you can select from a list. If you turn on link sharing, anyone with the link will be able to join as well.

Click onto “Save” once you have made your selection.

invite your friends with messenger rooms

Step 3: Set Your Start Date and Time

You can also schedule times for your meeting to start from here and you can select the date and time, and unlike Zoom these are not time-limited. Once selected you can “Save“, and “Create Room“.

schedule messenger rooms

Step 4: Join the Room

Once your room is active, you can “Invite“, “Share“, “Edit“, “End Room” or “Join

Join a FB Messenger Room

How to Join Messenger Rooms From a Mobile

When you have been invited to join a messenger room you can join the room from your desktop or mobile device.

Step 1: Click the Link

Facebook Messenger chat rooms can be accessed via a link sent in Messenger, or simply via a link copied and sent across to you. Click the link to join the meeting.

Join messenger chats

Step 2: Join the Meeting

You can join using your Facebook account or you’ll be taken to a guest login page where you can enter in your name and join as a guest.

Step 3: Select Your Effects

When you join on mobile device, you will be able to create virtual backgrounds by pressing onto your image, you can use effects and change the lighting to brighten a room. You can also standard call options like reversing and stopping the camera. Plus you can take a photo of the call and share the link with others.

Messenger Rooms Filters

Messenger Rooms

How to Remove Someone from Messenger Rooms

If you want to remove someone from your room, click onto the 3 dots beside the attendee name and select “Remove“.

how to remove someone on Messenger Rooms

How to Share Your Screen

At the bottom of the screen, you can “Share your Screen” where you can choose from “Your Entire Screen”, a certain “Application Window” or a specific “Chrome Tab”. To share your screen just highlight the screen and click onto “Share”. It will the request permission to share your screen. 

how to share your screen in facebook rooms

How to Lock a Messenger Room

To lock a room and prevent anyone else from joining it, click onto “See Call Participants” and select “Lock Room”. You’ll then be prompted to confirm that you wish to lock the room.

Lock a Room in Facebook group chat

How to End a Messenger Room

It can be a little confusing that ending a room is not simply done by clicking onto the red button at the bottom. This simply means that you have left the room, but the room is still active.

When you are ready for the meeting to end, you will need to click onto “See Call Participants”, then select “Settings”. The finally “End Room” which will remove all members and disable the link.

Ending rooms in facebook messenger

How to Change Twitter Handle & Display Name

How to Change Twitter Handle & Display Name

If your Twitter name needs a refresh, changing your handle or username and display name is a quick and easy process.  Unlike other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter won’t ask you to confirm or verify your identity. Plus there’s no limit to how many times you can change your Twitter names.

Maybe your Twitter name no longer represents you correctly, you’ve had a name change or just fancy a new start, well below will explain the steps to making these changes.

How to Change Twitter Handle

Your handle, otherwise known as your username can easily be changed from the desktop or mobile device. This username must unique, have less than 15 characters and not contain the words “Twitter” or “Admin”.

If you’re lucky enough to have a blue tick beside your name, meaning that you’re verified you will lose your badge if you change your username. So please make sure that you contact Twitter before making these types of changes. Also, you may want to warn your followers so that they know to reply to your new username.

The method shown below is on the desktop, however the same process will apply for mobile apps too.

Step 1: Log into Twitter

Log in to Twitter on your desktop or mobile device as usual with your current username or email and password.

Step 2: Go to Account Settings

From the Home Page, click onto “More” and “Settings and Privacy“.

Then click onto “Account“.

change your twitter handle

Step 3: Change Twitter Handle

You’ll then need to click onto “Username“. Where you can then type in your new handle, it’ll also give you some suggestions underneath. If the username has been taken you’ll be notified on-screen. When you’re ready you can then go ahead and click onto “Save“. Your handle/username has now been updated!

changing your twitter username
Online security with VPN

How to Change Twitter Display Name

Your display name can be changed from either your desktop or mobile device. Unlike handles, display names can be 50 chararcters or less and doesn’t have to be unique either. It can also contain special characters and emojis.

The method shown below is on the desktop, however the same process will apply for mobile apps too.

Step 1: Log into Twitter

Log in to your Twitter account with your current username, or email and password.

Step 2: Go to Profile

From your home screen, click onto the “Profile“. Then from the profile screen click “Edit Profile

change twitter display name

Step 3: Change Twitter Display Name

You can then type in your new display name and click onto “Save” when you’re all done.

change name on Twitter

So, as you can see its nice and easy and process when you know how!

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How to Speed Up Amazon Fire TV Stick

How to Speed Up Amazon Fire TV Stick

Try these top 5 tips for your Amazon Fire TV stick to Improve performance, speed up your firestick and stop buffering. If your Amazon Fire TV stick has started to slow down recently or is just not running as it should, here are some quick and easy ways to get it back up to speed and running like new.

Top 5 Ways to Speed Up an Amazon Fire TV Stick

These top 5 tips and tricks should help to speed up your Amazon Fire TV stick and help to improve its performance.

Update Amazon Fire TV Stick Software

The first thing we’ll check is that your running the latest software version and to do that.

We need to go over to the settings on your Fire TV stick, which you reach by scrolling across the top and choosing “Settings”.

Then go across to “My Fire TV”, “About” and down to “Check for Updates”.

You can then check your version on the right hand side and it’ll say when it was last checked and if it needs an update. It’s definitely worth running the latest versions especially if your stick is a year or so old and you’ve not known you’ve needed to update it before.

You can also set up automatic updates for your apps so that they’re always running the latest release, under “Applications” and then down to the “AppStore“.  And there we have “Automatic Updates” which you can switch to on (if it’s not already) so save you remembering to do this in the future.

And updates is the first way to help speed up your amazon fire stick.

Increase Storage on your Amazon Fire Stick

Next you’ll want to check your available storage on your device.

So on the settings menu if you head over to “My Fire TV” and “About” then “Storage” you’ll see the internal storage available on the right of your screen.

If you’ve been installing a lot of apps, you may find that your storage is nearly at capacity. So it’s worth checking in here and if its anything close to under 1 GB remaining you’ll probably find that your device is slowing down. 

So you can increase your storage. Or alternatively, if you go back into your “Settings” and over to “Applications”.

You’ll find “Manage Installed Applications”  

Then you can go through all your apps to see how much space is being taken up and you can also uninstall and remove any that you’re not currently using. 

And this should clear up up some space for you.

Quit Fire Stick Background Apps

Now similar to a computer or your iPhone (for example) you’ll also have apps running in the background which could be slowing you up. 

And these can be found and shut down using an app which you can find under the search, using the magnifying glass. And search for “Background App and Process List” 

Select that the app and then click onto it and “Download and Install“. And “Open”

This will basically identify all the apps that are still running in the background so you can go ahead, click onto these and ”Force Stop”. Don’t worry, this won’t delete or uninstall them from your device it’ll simply just shut them down.

Or alternatively, you can choose to “Close All Apps” on the top left-hand side of the screen if you’re not currently using any of them.

Virus Check Your Amazon TV Stick

You maybe also interested to hear that you can virus check your tv stick too for the likes of viruses, malware and trojans or anything thats harmful from your device.

The virus scanner I use is a 3rd Party App, so you’ll need to open “Downloader“.

And enter the address www.everybithelps.co.uk/downloads and select “Go“.

The app to download is called “Virus Total“, if you click onto that and scroll down the app with start downloading automatically.

Click onto “Install” and “Install” again and once its complete you can click onto “Done” or “Open“.

Then you can go ahead to “Scan” .

And you may find that it comes up with a warning about Google Play services are needed but you can ignore that, as it’ll work fine. So just click “Ok”.

You can then view your report and if there is anything here with a red x you’ll obviously need to remove it and it’ll then remove anything that’s harmful from your device.

Amazon Fire Stick Privacy & Settings

Then finally theres a few extra settings that you can check. So if you go across to “Settings

Under “Preferences”, “Privacy Settings”.

Turn “Off” ‘Device Usage Data’ as this is Amazon using your personal data.

And there’s also “Collect App Usage Data” which you may also want to turn “Off”.

There’s also interest based ads in here in case you want that off or on and that’s down to personal preference.

Then under “Preferences” again, under “Data monitoring” you might also want this switched “Off” so that your data consumption isn’t being monitored either.