Dharma Wallet Review & Tutorial: Pay Zero Gas Fees

Dharma Wallet Review & Tutorial: Pay Zero Gas Fees

In this review, I take you through Dharma Smart Wallet app. Dharma is an open-source and non-custodial wallet built on Compound and allows users to deposit and earn interest, trade and send funds easily. You will start to earn interest on your crypto assets, as soon as you make a deposit into your Dharma account, or if you live in a supported region (like the US) you can deposit FIAT from a debit card. Interest is withdrawable at any time with no minimum or maximum deposits, withdrawals, and no lock-ins.

Dharma is also the first mobile wallet with native support for Uniswap V2. So if you ever want to make a trade on the go, use Dharma where you can trade and seamlessly swap 2000+ DEFI assets on your mobile device. Plus one of the greatest benefits of using Dharma is that there are currently ZERO gas fees. So, instead of using a web 3 wallet such as Metamask and paying for gas twice (to interact and confirm a transaction), you won’t have to pay a thing when exchanging with UniSwap direct from within your Dharma wallet.

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Dharma Zero ETH Gas Fees

One of Dharma’s biggest selling points is the fact that they don’t charge any GAS fees. At the time of writing this, Gas fees are continually over 100 GWEI and increasing. Therefore, the advantage of not paying these GAS fees could potentially be a huge saving.

However, some may feel that one of the downfalls to the Dharma wallet is slippage. In a recent post on Twitter they address this by saying ¨If we don’t set our slippage buffer high enough, not only do our customers have an unsatisfactory experience with our product, but we also have to pay for the failed transaction.¨ Dharma has also released “Intelligent Slippage Fees”, and sees this as a major step forward in tackling the problem.

How to save on eth gas fees

Dharma vs Argent Wallet

Another wallet similar to Dharma is the Argent wallet. Argent is an Ethereum based mobile wallet where you can store, send, and save; borrow, earn interest, and invest.  With the ability to enjoy decentralized apps in just a few taps including the likes of AavePoolTogetherCompound Finance,and Uniswap.

Argent initially launched their wallet providing fee-free transactions, however, due to the increase in gas fees it no longer became feasible for them to do so. There are still a few free features available, and if you’re interested in checking out the Argent wallet check out my review here.

Argent DeFi Wallet Review
Zapper.Fi Review: DeFi Dashboard & Liquidity Investment Tool

Zapper.Fi Review: DeFi Dashboard & Liquidity Investment Tool

In this Zapper.Fi review I show you how you can track your DeFi Investments, whilst also adding liquidity with a single click. Born out of a hackathon in 2019, Zapper has grown to become a hub of activity for DeFi investors. Zapper came together when DeFi Zap and DeFi Snap merged. This meant you could zap in and out of liquidity pools and at the same time use one of the best portfolio analytics tools in the space. More recently, with further investment from the MetaCartel community, Zapper now has access to some of the most progressive minds in crypto.

Now one thing to mention is that Zapper is a DeFi product and not a protocol. This means that it cannot be decentralized, even though it’s’s completely non-custodial. The main feature of Zapper is to allow DeFi users to enter and exit liquidity pools on the likes of UniSwap, Curve Finance, and Balancer with a single click.

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Zapper.Fi Dashboard

Zapper’s dashboard tracks each address and breaks up its activity into 6 categories which are; wallet holdings, liquidity pools, deposits, yield farming, investments and debts. Assets are also split across some of the most popular DeFi platforms including Uniswap, Aave, Compound, dYdX and Synthetix.

Then there’s the breakdown of your asset allocation vs where your assets are according to the platform they’re on. This dashboard is brilliant, especially if you’re currently investing and getting involved in a lot of DeFi protocols, as it really helps you to keep a track of where your assets are.

Zapper.Fi Dashboard
Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Zapper.Fi Invest

One of the advantages of using Zapper.Fi is it’s one-click liquidity feature and this is where you can start “zapping” and find all the liquidity providing opportunities. Zapper brings all these pooling opportunities together in one place so that you can add liquidity to earn fees, incentives and voting rights. 

Therefore, saves you from both having to find all the various sites required to provide liquidity and from having to exchange your tokens to the correct ones, for that pooling opportunity. As it converts your Ethereum or ERC-20 tokens into the necessary tokens for each pool. Meaning that you no longer have to convert your holdings first, saving you money on the ever-increasing gas fees. So unless you’re already holding the required tokens to provide liquidity to a pool, Zapper is by far the best solution.

Plus if already have current investments, these will also show on your dashboard and features the ability to withdraw, claim rewards, unstake, or add further liquidity all from right inside the platform.

Zapper.Fi Add DeFi Liquidity with One-Click

Zapper.Fi Explore

Under the Explore feature, users can view how their assets are allocated across some of the most popular DeFI applications. These include Compound, Synthetix, UniSwap, dYdX, Aave and PoolTogether.

Depending on the DApp that you select will depend on the information you are shown. For example, if you take a look at Synthentix, you will be able to view your collateral, synth debt, ratio, etc. Then you’ll have your Synths with balances and ratios. Plus all the Mintr information for staking and the estimated weekly staking rewards. And it’ll also show you corresponding information under other platforms too.

zapper.fi manage your dapps

Zapper.Fi vs Zerion

Both Zapper.Fi and Zerion are similar platforms providing a gateway or single point of entry to the most popular DeFi Platforms. Both have an easy to use interface with the aim to simply DeFi investing.

Previously, Zapper had a slight advantage by converting your tokens in one transaction when you’re adding liquidity. However, Zerion now also provides this functionality. Zerion, however, boasts having the cheapest transaction costs in the space, which includes Zapper.fi. Helping to save their users on gas fees.

Zerion Review & Tutorial
Synthentix Exchange: How to Trade Synthetic Assets

Synthentix Exchange: How to Trade Synthetic Assets

Trade synthetic assets such as Cryptocurrency, Indices, Commodities, & Forex with the Synthetix exchange. Synthetix is a platform on Ethereum for the creation of Synths, which are on-chain synthetic assets that track the value of real-world assets.  Its partially decentralized meaning there’s no KYC, plus its non-custodial, so you control the keys to your crypto assets. There are no order books involved and you dont need to worry about things like slippage or liquidity. Plus you can seamlessly exchange between a wide variety of synthetic assets. 

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

What is Synthetix?

Born as stablecoin project Havven, Synthetix rebranded and expanded its scope prior to launching on mainnet in February 2019. The Synthetix platform now supports over 30 different Synths which are tokens that provide exposure to assets such as gold, Bitcoin, U.S. Dollars, with TESLA & AAPL coming soon. This can all be done by simply depositing SNX tokens into the platform.

With Synthetix you are not trading with other people and assets are bought and sold through the minting and burning of authentic tokens, which means you don’t have to worry about liquidity. Transaction fees from trades go to holders of SNX, incentivizing Synth creation and giving value to the underlying collateral (i.e., the SNX token).

For those that mint synthetic assets, they can earn fees generated by people buying the assets on the platform.

Synthetix Network (SNX) Tokens

Synthetix has a native token called SNX. This token is nrequired to create synthentic assets called Synths. SNX holders can lock in collateral such as SNX and ETH to mint Synths, which are freely tradeable ERC20 tokens. A total of 250 million SNX tokens will be minted by 2025. At the beginning of June, the price surged from $0.79 to roughly $3.32 by the end of JUly 2020.

The SNX token is also available for trading on popular exchanges such as Binance and Kyber with Coinbase announcing their potential support too.

How to Stake SNX

Staking SNX allows anyone to earn rewards by contributing collateral to the Synthetix protocol. These rewards are generated from trading fees and inflation rewards.

There are also some risks to staking SNX. When you mint Synths, you own a part of the platform’s debt pool, the total value of all Synths. This debt can go up and down regardless of the original value of your minted Synths.

To stake your SNX, you need to visit “Mintr” used for minting and managing Synths.

Then choose “Mint” to select the type of Synth you want to mint, as well as the amount of Synths you’d like to mint.

Choose to “Mint Now” and confirm the transaction with your connected wallet.

Once completed your SNX token will automatically be staked

How to Watch British TV in Spain

How to Watch British TV in Spain

If you’re outside the UK and want to watch British TV, this simple hack will allow you to watch the likes of BBC iPlayer, ITVHub, Channel 4 & Channel 5. This is ideal if you’re a Brit living abroad or just on a 2-week holiday still wanting to get your fix of British soaps, dramas, or sports events.

Due to international broadcasting rights issues, many TV broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky use something called geo-blocking. Simply this means you can’t watch their content unless you’re based in the UK with a UK IP address. Luckily, there is a way around this and you can trick these channels/online streaming services by following these quick steps.

** Current VPN Offer: 15 Months for the price of 12 all with a 30-day money back guarantee **

Watch UK TV from Spain 2020

Why Would You Want to Watch British TV?

The UK has created some of your favourite TV shows and soaps over the years (okay, maybe not soaps). The original (and best) The Office with Ricky Gervais was first shown on the BBC, as well as Sherlock, Doctor Who, Luther and Golden Globe winner of Best TV Series Fleabag. One of my personal favourites Black Mirror started out on Channel 4 before being purchased by Netflix.

If you’re not familiar with British TV shows I would personally recommend recent popular show such as Line of Duty, Peaky Blinders and Killing Eve. Let us know your favourite must-watch Best of British shows in the comments below!

How to watch British TV from overseas

What is Geo-Blocking?

If you’ve tried to watch Eastenders or Corrie from another country previously you may be used to the dreaded message that the programme is not supported in this country or region. This is geo-blocking, and is the system used to limit your access to the internet, based on your geographic location. 

Best VPN for geoblocking

How Does a Geo-Blocking VPN work?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network tunnels your internet traffic through an intermediary server located in a country that you choose. It can also hide your IP address and replaces it with one from the country you have chosen, making it look like your in that country. A VPN also encrypts all your traffic so that it is hidden, even from your internet service provider.

How Does a Geo-Blocking VPN work?

Why Do They Do This?

TV Broadcasters don’t have the international rights to show their shows abroad. This isn’t limited to British broadcasters either, the same goes for Canada, America, Australia etc.

Beginners Guide to VPN

Want to learn more about VPNs? Check out my Beginners Guide to VPNs

How to Watch British TV in Spain 2020

To get access to British iPlayers and unblock the likes of BBC iPlayer, you will first need to have an account. This is very simple to do, however, you may be asked for a Postcode (also known as a Zip Code). Then connect to a fast, reliable geo-blocking VPN server in the UK. When you log into your iplayer, your location will appear like you are in the UK. Therefore you will have access to all the shows you want.

There are a whole host of VPNs you can use for unblocking UK TV. ExpressVPN is my top pick and you’ll find further information about ExpressVPN below. Beware broadcasters do blacklist IP Addresses, so choose a VPN provider with a wide range of servers/locations to choose from.

Connect to a fast VPN to watch UK TV

Unblock UK TV Quick Guide

  • Open your VPN client and connect to a server in the UK.
Best VPN for watching British TV
  • Navigate to the iPlayer of your choice (BBC iPlayer, My5, All4 etc)
  • Start watching your favourite UK shows from abroad for free!

Please Note: You may be required to log back into your account, delete your history or cookies from your browser if you are re-attempting to access after a failed attempt.

Best VPN for Watching TV Abroad

The VPN provider that I would personally recommend for watching UK TV abroad, is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN lets you watch your favourite shows securely anywhere. Even on public Wi-Fi, and without content-based throttling by your internet service provider or network administrator.

using a VPN with BBC iplayer

It’s nice and easy to use. You can pay for your subscription with the likes of Bitcoin to keep you anonymous. Plus, they have a pretty good 30-day money-back guarantee. Particularly handy if you’re going away on holiday, then for whatever reason decide you don’t want to use it again. 

ExpressVPN can unblock; Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ITVHub, BBC iPlayer, All 4 and many more!

What Devices Can I Watch My UK iPlayers On?

There are so many media devices to watch UK tv abroad on. And different VPN providers will be able to support only some of these. However, I personally use ExpressVPN where you have the option to watch your shows using the following ways;

  • On your Laptop with the likes of a Mac, Windows or Linux operating system.
  • On your mobile device with apps for iOS or Android.
  • With streaming media consoles like Apple TV or a Fire TV Stick.
Watch UK movies from abroad

What UK Channels Can I Watch From Spain?

The UK has some great free or paid streaming and on-demand services available for those of you in good old blighty. But what about when you’re outside the UK? Well, this VPN hack will also work on all of the below services too.

BBC (BBC iPlayer)

Watch live BBC TV channels, including the likes of BBC One, Two, Three or download some CBeebies shows for the kids to enjoy on the go. Available for TV license holders in the UK, you can stream entire series or catch up with sports or radio shows.

How to watch BBC from Abroad

Quick Guide: How to Connect to BBC iPlayer from Spain

  1. Connect to a VPN with GEO Blocking
  2. Connect to a UK server (choose server with the best quality)
  3. Go to BBC iPlayer (make sure you have cleared your cookies)
  4. Start watching BBC Channels (BBC1, BBC TWO, BBC THREE, CBBC, CBeebies)


ITVHub has a wide range of quality TV for the whole family. With free content from some award-winning programmes including dramas, entertainment, documentaries, news and live TV. You can also upgrade to ad-free viewing and downloadable content with their paid ITVHub+ subscription service.

How to watch ITV from Abroad

Quick Guide: How to Connect to ITV (ITVHub) from Spain

  1. Connect to a VPN with GEO Blocking
  2. Connect to a UK server (choose server with the best quality)
  3. Go to ITV Hub (make sure you have cleared your cookies)
  4. Start watching ITV Channels (ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe & CITV)

Channel 4 (All 4)

All 4 is the on-demand service from Channel 4, where you can watch your favourite shows from Channel 4, E4, All 4 and Walter Presents. This online service allows you to catch-up on programmes, stream live channels and even get into the archives to watch older shows, such as Father Ted and Shameless.

How to watch Channel 4 (4OD) from Abroad

Quick Guide: How to Connect to Channel 4 (All 4) from Spain

  1. Connect to a VPN with GEO Blocking
  2. Connect to a UK server (choose server with the best quality)
  3. Go to Channel 4 (All 4) (make sure you have cleared your cookies)
  4. Start watching ITV Channels (Channel 4, E4, All 4 & Walter Presents)

Channel 5 (My5)

The My5 service, previously known as Demand 5, allows you to catch up on your favourite shows. From Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA and 5Spike, as well as watch some exclusive content.

How to watch Channel 5 (My5) from Abroad

Quick Guide: How to Connect to Channel 5 (My5) from Spain

  1. Connect to a VPN with GEO Blocking
  2. Connect to a UK server (choose server with the best quality)
  3. Go to Channel 5 (My5) (make sure you have cleared your cookies)
  4. Start watching Channel 5 programmes (Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA & 5Spike)

Sky (Sky Go)

Watch Sky online with their streaming service, Sky Go. Watch Live Sports and News or catch up with movies, shows and entertainment on demand. Available for Sky customers only, mirroring your Sky TV experience anywhere you go!

How to watch SKY GO from Abroad

UK Netflix

The Netflix streaming service allows paid members to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and original Netflix content on thousands of internet-connected devices including smart TVs, games consoles, media sticks, laptops, and mobile devices.

How to watch UK Netflix from abroad with a VPN

How to Watch American Netflix from Anywhere

If you’re a Netflix subscriber and fancy checking out some additional content from the US (or anywhere around the world), you’ll be pleased to hear that American Netflix also uses the same process. The only difference is, you’ll need to connect to a server based in the USA instead of the UK.

how to Watch american Netflix with a vpn

dYdX Exchange Tutorial

dYdX Exchange Tutorial

dYdx is a decentralized exchange for margin trading where users can trade, borrow, and lend any supported asset. With dYdX, you remain in full control of your funds at all times. There are no central intermediaries that hold your private keys and your funds are secured by smart contracts at all times.

The company was formed in 2017 by Antonio Juliano (an ex Coinbase and Uber software engineer) and first launched the platform in 2019. Their unique blend of DEX, lending, and derivatives has built a strong foundation that has led dYdX to be one of the most popular decentralized margin trading platforms, with its first peak of over 150,000 ETH (worth over $30 million at the time) locked up in its smart contracts in November 2019 and now steadily reaching close to $40 million. 

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

dYdX users can trade between ETH, DAI, and USDC plus bitcoin trading is now live with up to 10x leverage with perpetual contracts. ETH and DAI to USDC are coming soon but unfortunately, this is not available in the US. The platform’s features are basic trading between 3 simple assets (being ETH, DAI, and USDC), lending assets to collect interest, and two types of margin trading: isolated margin trading and cross margin trading. Though these are simple tools for the veteran trader, they are a huge leap forward for DeFi . They also have plans to expand beyond the three basic crypto assets that are currently available on the platform

How to use Metamask tutorial