Unstoppable Domains Review: Making Crypto Payments Simple

Unstoppable Domains Review: Making Crypto Payments Simple

Unstoppable Domains offer personalized blockchain payments which can act as payment gateways, as well as an uncensorable website builder and a browser supporting blockchain domain websites.

With Unstoppable Domains, users can transfer their cryptocurrencies to a domain anywhere in the world, cheaply and using readable names rather than complicated alphanumerical addresses.  The domains, which end with ‘.crypto’ or ‘.zil’, enables the domain owners to attach all of their cryptocurrency addresses from different wallets into one single domain. And users sending to the domain owner only need to know (and enter) the domain name into the address field when sending crypto. 

How to Buy a .crypto Domain

To purchase a .crypto or .zil domain users head across to UnstoppableDomains.com and simply search for the domain you want. The prices of the domains range from $20 for a .zil domain and $40 for a .crypto domain. These payments are all one-time payments and there are no renewals fees. Payments for these domains can be made via card, crypto, or the crypto.com app.

Unstoppable Domains Sign up Bonus

If the domain is available, you’ll see the price of the domain and be able to add it to your cart.

If the domain is “Taken” the domain has already been registered. You can see if the domain has cryptocurrency addresses attached, whether a website has been set up, and whether the owner is listing it for sale.

If you see “Premium” domain, these domains will be available later so it’s worth adding then to your Watchlist if you’re interested. Premium domains are more desirable and more expensive.

Then there are also “Protected” domains and again you can add these to your Watchlist as some might become available at a later date. Or you can contact the Unstoppable Domains support team stating your interest and possibly proving your entitlement, or association to that domain.

how to buy a .crypto domain

How to Claim Domains with Unstoppable Domains?

Domains are ERC721 assets on the Ethereum blockchain. They’re self custody and you store them yourself with a private key, just like you would with a cryptocurrency. You’ll need to claim your domain to push your domain onto the blockchain and once it is complete you have full custody over the domain. This process can take up to 72 hours, depending on network congestion.

Users can choose which wallet they’d like to store and manage their domain from, however, if you choose to store in a Ledger (via Metamask) please note that managing your domain will work slightly differently.

Claiming Unstoppable Domains

What Happens If I Claim Using a Ledger?

If you claim your domain via a Ledger (through Metamask), you’ll need to use the system slightly differently when managing your domain. To manage domains on a Ledger wallet users have to use the section named “Guest Manage”.

The big difference here is that unstoppable domains pay the fees for all the transactions unless a customer uses “Guest Manage”. With “Guest Manage” users need to pay the fees to manage their domain. This only applies to a Ledger and not other hardware wallets such as Trezor, as Trezor has the firmware to allow Unstoppable Domains to pay the domain owner’s gas.

how to manage domains via Ledger guest manage

How to Set Up Crypto Payments For Your Domain

To setup your domain to accept cryptocurrency payments, you’ll need to “Manage”, under “My Domain”. However, for users managing their domain via a Ledger, head across to “Guest Manage” as you’ll need to pay for your transactions fees (as per the above post). If you try to save changes within “Manage” and not “Guest Manage” your crypto addresses will not store!

Under the header “Crypto”, users can start to add their cryptocurrency addresses from any wallet they wish. Unstoppable Domains support over 50 different cryptocurrency addresses, including BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP. And users can add addresses to wherever they want to receive funds. If addresses are entered incorrectly and someone tries to send to it, the transaction will not be accepted.

If you are using a Ledger to manage your domain, enter as many addresses (at one time) as possible before saving changes, as you’ll be paying the gas fees. These fees will all depend on the gas fees at the time.

how to get paid with a crypto domain

How Do I Send Cryptocurrency to a .crypto Domain?

You can send crypto to blockchain domains from the likes of; Coinbase, Trust Wallet, MyCrypto, and Atomic. Simply enter the full domain name into the address or domain field when sending your crypto. When the domain has been entered, the wallet looks up that domain on the blockchain finds the appropriate address, and sends the crypto to the address associated with that name.

Unstoppable Domains Send Crypto

Unstoppable Domains Support Wallets & Applications

Unstoppable Domains supports a number of crypto wallets, such as Coinbase Wallet, Binance Trust Wallet, Atomic, and MEW. The team is working on growing the number of supported wallets and applications.

Unstoppable Domains Supported Wallets

How to Create Uncensorable Websites

With Unstoppable Domains, domain owners can build uncensorable websites. The content is stored on a decentralised storage network so that companies and governments cannot control the content that you show on your website. Because blockchain domains are stored by the owners in a wallet (like a cryptocurrency), no 3rd party can seize or move them.

There are a couple of different ways to launch a website with your domain and this will depend on your technical ability or knowledge. The first way is that you can select a template from their marketplace, and you can customise these and publish to IPFS. Or you can build a website yourself and simply attach your IPFS hash to your domain or upload to their IPFS uploader.

creating a website with unstoppable domains

How To View .crypto or .zil Addresses?

So that you can view the Unstoppable .crypto and .zil domain websites. Unstoppable Domains has their own Unstoppable Blockchain Browser or Chrome Extension. Once installed, your .crypto and .zil domains will resolve in your browser like a .com domain.

.Crypto domain websites can also be viewed in Opera for Android.

Linking Twitter with a Blockchain Domain

Unstoppable Domains and ChainLink have just launched an exciting new feature which allows users of .crypto domains to verify their address via Twitter. The feature essentially works by connecting each .crypto address from Unstoppable Domains to a public username.

The Twitter handle will show up when you type the domain into a wallet, so you can feel confident you’re about to send money to the right person. Plus, you can check the address ownership through MyEtherWallet which is the first platform that has integrated this new feature.

Link blockchain domain with twitter
Curve Finance Review & Beginners Tutorial

Curve Finance Review & Beginners Tutorial

Curve Finance (CRV) is a DEX (decentralized exchange), similar to the likes of UniSwap but for stable-coins. Because of this, the platform has very low slippage, low fees (0.04%), and little to no permanent loss for liquidity providers.

Curve.Fi uses liquidity pools to allow its users to trade stable-coins (and tokenized Bitcoin) quickly, efficiently, and with some of the best rates for stable-coins around. Curve rewards the users who provide liquidity to their pools which are generated from trading fees on the system. Plus liquidity providers can earn the platform’s utility and governance token, CRV by staking their tokens.

Curve Finance CRV Tokens

Curve Finance have their own CRV token, which is an ERC20 governance and utility coin, launched on 13th August 2020. The aim of the token was to incentivise liquidity providers, as well as getting as many users involved as possible in the governance of the protocol. The tokens can currently by earnt through a process of staking LP tokens, or claimed if users deposited prior to 13th August 2020.

They are also available for trading on popular centralised exchanges such as Kraken and Crypto.com

How to Claim CRV Tokens

For users that used the platform prior to the CRV token’s launch on the 13th August, they use Curve.fi to claim for tokens. This can be found under the DAO/Vesting section of their site; http://dao.curve.fi/minter/vesting

With your associated wallet or account connected, you will then see how many tokens that are claimable, under unvested. When you are ready to claim, simply click on the Claim button at the bottom of the page.

How to Earn CRV Tokens

To earn CRV, you need to provide liquidity and deposit into any of the Curve Finance pools. After depositing, you receive a counter party liquidity provider (LP) token. These tokens are a wrapped representation of ownership of your deposit in the pool. For example yTokens are provided for PAX, Y and BUSD pool deposits and you’ll get cTokens for depositing into the Compound pool. These LP tokens can be staked via Curve.Fi to start earning CRV tokens.

You can start staking immediately when you deposit your funds into a pool, by selecting the button “Deposit & Gauge” . Or alternatively, you can head to the the DAO/Minter section of their site https://dao.curve.fi/minter/gauges.

With your associated wallet or account connected, locate your pool where you can enter to select the amount of LP tokens you wish to stake. You can claim CRV as often as you want to. Your rewards do not expire either.

Matched Betting for Dummies 2020: Make Money, Risk-Free with Matched Betting

Matched Betting for Dummies 2020: Make Money, Risk-Free with Matched Betting

Matched betting is one of the best ways to make money risk-free online, quickly and easily. I have personally profited from matched betting and have also helped my friends and family make £500+ by taking advantage of bookmakers’ promotional free bets. Matched Betting in the UK is a legal and risk-free way to guarantee profits if you know what you are doing.

To help take advantage of this online money-making hack I recommend using Profit Accumulator. Profit Accumulator provides members with tools, and support to help maximize profits and potentially generate a second income from home.

If you´re looking to make some quick cash online during COVID, matched betting could be a great opportunity. Due to the tight restrictions sport was heavily affected, costing bookmakers millions that they will want to try and recoup. Therefore, it’s likely they will be looking to tempt new and returning customers with some generous sign-up offers over the coming months. So, why not take advantage of these generous sign-up offers and bonuses and make some money in the process. Follow this guide and I will show you how.

Is Matched Betting Worth It?

With so many bookmakers online and on the high street, all competing for your business, bookmakers are always running promotions trying to attract new customers and re-engage with existing customers. Which are normally in the form of bonuses and free bets.

The bookmaker’s aim is for you sign-up to their website and place your initial bet and they will then offer you a free bet, as a sign-up bonus.  Now, the majority of customers will place this bet again and lose. So, customers will have either lost their initial bet AND their free bet, or they may have been lucky and won both!

MSA Matched Betting Guide

Some customers will now be sensible and stop there, but others will chase their losses trying to break even.  Either way, the bookmaker has now won… you may have won or lost your bet, but the bookmaker now has your email address and phone number, so you can now be hit with marketing in the future.

However, with the match betting technique, you can take advantage of these types of promotions and make guaranteed profits. Or you can even stop there and never place a single bet again and run off with your profits.  But, if you wanted to continue match betting you can now take further advantage of these marketing emails and text messages.

Profit Accumulator free trial

How Much Profit Can I Make?

This all depends on how much time you´re willing to put in. At the start, when you initially sign-up, you will have plenty of free bets and offers and can make a few hundred pounds quickly. You won’t make 100% profit from your free bets, that’s because exchanges will often charge around 5% commission for winnings when you are laying bets. This is how betting exchanges make their money, unfortunately. There may also be a difference in odds on each website, so you can lose a little there too. However, you can make around 95% of the free bet (tax-free) which is pretty good!

How much can i make matched betting

Gubbed! Matched Betting Gubbing Explained

Matched Betting gubbing is inevitable and it’s all part of the game and you should think of it as a badge of honor. You´re actually beating the bookmaker and they don`t like it.

Its the bookmakers job for you to lose and for them to make money. Over time bookmakers algorithms will notice your betting patterns and realise your not a profitable customer and they will stop providing you will promotions and offers, or even worse… close your account. One way I personally got around this was by signing my nan up and started the whole process again.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

Matched betting is not illegal. In fact, it’s even been featured in the likes of the Guardian, Telegraph, and Money Saving Expert as a way to make money. And the money that you make is also tax-free. Now you may find that you are “gubbed” or removed from any special promotions or offers from a specific bookmaker, but there are plenty of other offers to take advantage of.

Is matched betting legal

Matched Betting Step by Step Guide

The first thing you’ll need to do is have an understanding of betting terminology. So, if you don’t know already know the difference between a bookmaker and an exchange, a back or a lay bet then read on.

What is a Back Bet?

Backing a bet is placed at a Bookmakers like Coral, Paddy Power, Labrokes, etc and is when you are betting for a certain outcome to come true. An example of this would be if you bet Man United will win a match. If it comes true, you win the bet and the winnings. But then if Man United lose or draw, you lose.

Matched Betting Step by step Guide: what is back bet?

What is a Lay Bet?

Laying a bet is placed at a betting exchange like Betfair and is when you are betting against a certain outcome to come true. In this example, you’d be betting that Man United will not win. So, that if they lose or draw, you win the bet.

Matched Betting Step by step Guide: what is Lay bet?

How to Start Matched Betting

Lay and Back bets are used to cancel out the risk. So that you place a Back bet at the online bookies and then a lay bet on a betting exchange. Betting against yourself at the same odds. So basically in this way you are “matching your bet”. By betting on both outcomes you won’t win, but you won’t lose either and therefore can’t lose any money.

Your first/qualifying bet is what earns you the free bet. Then, once you’ve received your free bet from the bookmaker, you can get profits using the same back and lay method. And now, you are betting with someone else’s money for the half of the bets, but you get to keep the winnings.

Make Money fast Profit Accumulator

You don’t have to know anything about sport to get started with match betting, as essentially who wins doesn’t even matter. But you will need to be over 18, a UK resident, have a bank account with a debit card, proof of address, ID and maybe around £200 for liabilities.

It may take you some time to get your head around it the first time, especially whilst you are getting used to the tools, systems and methodology but with the help of the profit accumulator tools, you will start to speed through these.

Matched Betting Calculator

The matched betting calculator is an important part of the process, no need for complicated excel spreadsheets. Profit Accumulator provides you with an easy to use Matched Betting calculator, to calculate your qualifying or a free bet. It will tell you exactly how much you need to stake, liability, and your guaranteed profit. Do take your time inputting the information into the calculator, inputting the correct information will ensure you make a risk-free guarantee profit regardless of the outcome.

matched betting calculator

Step 1: Join a Matched Betting Site (such as Profit Accumulator)

A matched betting service, such as Profit Accumulator will post bookmaker offers online every single day. All these offers are then collated into one place so that you can view them all across all the different bookmakers.

They’ll also provide step by step guides to help you place your qualifying and free bets, as well as provide specific sports events to bet, and a calculator so that you can place both your back and lay bets on the different platforms.

matched betting tools

Step 2: Make a Qualifying Bet

The first type of bet you’ll need to place is a first or qualifying bet and this is what earns you the free bet and you’ll need to sign up for accounts with both exchanges and the bookmakers.

For example, Coral might have an offer that says if you sign up and place a £5 bet, you’ll get a £20 in free bets. And with matched betting you won’t want to lose any money so you will place both a back and a lay bet for £5. And you’ll need to have accounts and funds deposited in your accounts.

If you use a match betting site, like ProfitAccumulator, you’ll be able to use the OddsMatching tool to help you to select which sports events to bet on, based on your offer.

how to place a Qualifying bets

Once you’ve selected your bookmaker and exchange, and you have funds deposited you can place your bets. Just make sure you closely follow the step by step guides and terms and conditions of the offers, as this is where you can often make mistakes.

First, you’ll want to place the back bet with the bookmaker and then place your lay bet with your exchange. And ensure that when you reach both sites that you check the back and the lay odds before you place the bets. Just in case there’s been any movement or they’re inaccurate.

You may find that you have lost a minimal amount for this bet, but please remember we do not plan to make a profit during this bet, as this will come with our free bet.

matched betting liabilities

Step 3: Make a Free Bet

Once you have received your free bet from the bookies, you can go ahead and bet again using the same back and lay methods. However, this time you are not betting with your own money.

Using the Oddsmatching tool again, you can find the best-matched events for your bookmaker’s offer. Any events with higher odds, will come with higher liabilities (i.e. the amount that you will need to deposit into your exchange, on top of your stake). So it may be advisable to select odds closer to the minimum available for your offer.

how to profit with matched bet

Then place your bets. First over with the bookmakers and then over on the exchange. Closely checking the odds again to ensure they have not moved.

Some free bet offers will come in the form of 2 x £10 bets. If this is the case, you can place the same bet twice.

And this time you’ll find that you are now in profit!

Step 4: Repeat the Process

That´s all there is to it, you’ve used the matched betting technique, you can now rinse and repeat this process across all the different bookmaker sign-up offers.

At first, it may seem complicated, but you will become faster at placing your bets. Just take your time at the beginning and make sure you´re entering the correct data in the calculator and it’s that simple to make money.

Matched Betting Blog

Another way to keep track of the best ongoing bookmaker offers, is to follow matched betting blogs and on twitter. Profit Accumulator does have its own forum, where you can discuss strategies. Also, beware of online personalities on twitter offering betting tips, this is a quick way to lose all those risk-free matched betting profits.

Some of the blogs worth following are MSE matched betting forum, also check out Matched Betting Guy, and follow his journey. Since starting matched betting he has made a profit of nearly 200k since 2015.

Matched Betting Blog
Yearn Finance Review: Maximising your Yield Farming Returns

Yearn Finance Review: Maximising your Yield Farming Returns

Yearn Finance is DeFi yield aggregator that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It acts as a portal or gateway to various DeFi products with the aim to create an intelligent and easy to use interface. Yearn Finance users can earn interest and maximize their returns on their cryptocurrency while also saving money on transaction fees and time spent researching.

The platform is made up of several different products; Vaults, Earn, Zap, Cover, and the Dashboard. Although they have these different products the idea is all the same. Yearn will take the tokens that are provided to it and allocate them to the most profitable lending providers and liquidity pools. 

What Are YFI Tokens?

The Yield Finance (YFI) coin has gone up 50 times since hitting the market. By owning YFI gives you a say in future governance and functions as a cryptocurrency.  The interesting thing about the token is that they released the entire supply of just 30,000 and, the founder Andre Cronje chose not to keep any for himself or the team. So to get YFI now, users can only buy it.

What Are Yearn Finance Vaults?

Vaults are where you can deposit your assets and automatically use advanced strategies for higher risk and return. Using strategies to automate the best yield farming opportunities available and minimise risk. These vaults were designed so that the community could work together to build new strategies to find the best yield.

what are yearn finance vaults

Vault strategies are generally more active than lending out your assets in the standard Yearn protocol. Vault strategies can do many different things to maximise the returns. These can include supplying collateral and borrowing other assets (such as stable coins), providing liquidity, and collecting trading fees or farming other tokens, and selling them for profit. And strategies are created by the controller who manages the vault, with new strategies being voted on by the community through governance proposals.

By connecting up your Ethereum or web3 wallet you can choose from the likes of depositing curve.fi LP tokens,  ETH, Dai and Yearn Finance (if you’re lucky enough to have the tokens). With some huge earning potentials.

However, at present, Yearn Finance users are unable to deposit ETH/WETH and Yearn Finance’s official Twitter account announced that the team has paused the vault deposits.

What is Yearn Finance Earn?

Earn performs profit switching for lending providers moving your funds between different lending platforms. So you can deposit stablecoins such as Dai, USDC, Tether, Susd and they do have wrapped Bitcoin too. Once deposited Earn will get you the highest yield for your coins at all times by shifting your tokens between Aave, dYdX, and Compound.

what is yearn finance earn?

Obviously you could deposit directly into these platforms but Earn differs from providing liquidity direct, is that Yearn will automatically move your assets to the protocol with the best returns. In turn, this should save you money in fees as opposed to if you were manually moving the funds around yourself.

Similar to any lending protocol, once you’ve deposited you’ll receive tokens back that represent your share of the liquidity pool which are wrapped and returned back to you. With Yearn, that’s “Y Tokens” similar to “A Tokens” with Aave, etc. Which you can then Claim from the site. 

What is Yearn Finance Zap?

Zap is an access point for Zapper.fi, allowing users to swap various assets into pooled interest-bearing tokens. Zaps were originally made by DefiZap which is now Zapper.fi as an all in one DeFi routing service. You can zap into Curve.fi pools with DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD and BUSD. Then zap out of curve.finance tokens to receive stable coins in return.

what is Yearn finance Zap?
Zapper Fi Review

What is Yearn Finance Cover?

yInsure, which is also known as Cover, provides insurance against smart contract risk and is underwritten by Nexus Mutual. The great thing about this insurance is that there’s no KYC required.

And it’s  is a pooled coverage system providing pooled insurance coverage.

Protect against Smart Contract Failures

yInsure, it’s made of 3 components. “Insurer Vaults”, which hold the assets that are used to insure claimaints, then there’s “Insured Vaults” which hold the assets claimants desire to be insured and finally “Claim Governance” which represents the insurance arbitration process.

There are several contracts available to insure, and users simply state a term (above 30 days) that they’d like cover for, and enter in the amount that they’d like covered and the quote details including cost will then display.

Nexus Mutual Review & Tutorial
Crypto.com Review & Tutorial: All-in-One Crypto App

Crypto.com Review & Tutorial: All-in-One Crypto App

Crypto.com offers almost every product possible within the cryptocurrency space including an exchange, app, cards, earn, credit, invest, pay, buy NFTs, a separate wallet as well as new DeFi features for adding liquidity, swapping, and staking. Plus they even have their own crypto.com (CRO) tokens too. With a lot of products under its wing, this Crypto.com review includes information on each service.

Crypto.com Sign up free $50

Who are Crypto.com?

Crypto.com, with headquarters in Hong Kong were previously known as Monaco. The platform was launched in June 2016 and renamed to crypto.com in July 2018. The company now has 3 million users worldwide. With users being able to trade on their Exchange, earn interest on crypto deposits, use their reward-driven Visa cards and even have access to DeFi features.

Crypto.com Tutorial

Crypto.com CRO Tokens

The Crypto.com native utility token (CRO) is an Ethereum based ERC20 token, now available on 22 exchanges worldwide. CRO provides their users with discounted fees, higher earnings, priority token allocations and more on the Crypto.com Exchange and App Payment. Holders of the coin can gain access to exclusive benefits of the MCO Visa Card and mobile crypto payment and participate in the Crypto.com Chain network to receive rewards.

Crypto.com App

The Crypto.com app allows you to buy with 7 FIAT currencies by bank transfer and debit or credit card and 53 cryptocurrencies. there’s 0% fees for deposits, crypto to crypto exchanges and transfers to their own wallet. The App is an all in one custodial wallet, investment, and that encompasses a range of products that promote the adoption of digital coins on a wide scale. You can apply for the MCO Visa Card in a matter of minutes from right within the app too.

crypto.com app - buy, sell exchange crypto

Crypto.com Wallet

The crypto.com wallet allows users to securely send and track their crypto. It supports and allows you to manage your BTC, ETH, CRO, MCO, LTC, XRP, XLM and other erc20 tokens in the wallet too. With full control over your crypto, your private keys are encrypted locally on your device. And you can easily import your existing wallet with a 12/18 or 34-word recovery phrase to the crypto.com wallet.

Crypto.com Sign up free $50

Crypto.com DeFi Swap

Defi Swap is a new DeFi protocol by Crypto.com, allowing users to swap and farm DeFi coins at the best available rates whilst offering an attractive incentive program for CRO token holders. Crypto.com who are famous for their one-stop-shop crypto app is the next crypto company to release a DeFi service for their users.

Launched on the Ethereum main net, the service allows users to swap and farm DeFi tokens as well as provide liquidity and earn “Triple Yield.” Which includes Swap Fee Sharing, CRO Defi Yield, and a Bonus Yield which is coming soon.

How does DeFi Swap work

Also at the time of this writing, Crypto.com are guaranteeing a minimum reward pool of 14,000,000 CRO for the first 14 days (1,000,000 CRO per day).

You’ll find the interface is very similar to UniSwap and this is because Defi Swap is a fork of UniSwap V2. However, where Defi Swap differentiates itself is where users can stake CRO and get great rewards.

Crypto.com Supercharger

Crypto.com´s Supercharger is a simple, flexible and secure liquidity mining platform for the most popular cryptocurrency projects. Crypto.com Exchange and App users can deposit CRO and earn rewards in return. Their first project was with Uniswap UNI with a 500,000 USD allocation and they have since launched Polkadot (DOT) and Bitcoin (BTC) events. To find out more about Supercharger and to get started farming coins, check out my blog.

Crypto.com Supercharger Review

Crypto.com & PayID

Crypto.com has now integrated PayID, meaning that their users can now send and receive crypto across any network using PayID which currently connects 120Million consumers worldwide. PayID is a payment identifier protocol developed by Ripple and provides a single ID for anyone needing to send or receive money.

So instead of entering complicated alphanumerical wallets addresses and accounts, you can now enter a simple ID that’s personal and related to you and this can certainly help with preventing any errors when sending funds.

When you register for a unique Pay ID with Crypto.com you get an exclusive Crypto.com branded username, so you’ll just have just a single ID for sending and receiving crypto payments.

crypto.com and payID