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Welcome to Every Bit Helps, I hope you find this Blog & YouTube channel Every Bit Helps resourceful

About Me

Hello and welcome to Every Bit Helps!


I’m Louise Elizabeth, a mother of two from the UK. With the help of this blog and my YouTube channel, I hope to provide useful tips, reviews and tutorials related to crypto, tech and online privacy/security.


I’ve worked in the IT Cyber Security industry for the same company for over 20 years. But have recently (in the last 5), fallen into property developing. This has seen me develop a number of properties over the last few years and turning these into short-term holiday rentals, also known as Airbnb. This has allowed me time to create educational content and grow my YouTube channel EveryBitHelps


We are in the fortunate position that we can do this together as a family with the income from our Airbnb business. Running our business remotely from anywhere (with a WiFi connection).


 Our goal over the last few years was to generate enough passive income and have the luxury to work remotely our young family. We love the idea of travelling without restrictions and on our terms.


We have tried keeping expenses, overheads and subscriptions to a minimum and reduce our monthly outgoings. However signing up to a 4-year car lease, was a bit of a fail!! We’ve also spent time reducing material belongings so we can move freely, easily changing direction when the opportunity arises. But this becomes increasingly difficult with 2 small children. Trying to persuade family members not to buy large toys over Christmas and birthdays. However, I believe this to be a ploy to keep us from moving away from the UK.


I really hope you find this blog and YouTube channel valuable and beneficial and welcome any suggestions for future content.


Thank you for stopping by!

Louise Elizabeth