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FTX Exchange Review 2021: Features, Fees & Support

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Celsius Promo Code December 2021: Earn a $50 BTC Bonus

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How to Download Coinbase Transaction History

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How to Add DApp Browser to Trust Wallet for Apple iOS

In a recent Trust Wallet tutorial, we mentioned the DApp (Decentralized Application) browser feature was no longer available for Apple iOS users. This change ...

7 Best Exchanges to Buy Crypto & Bitcoin in the Philippines (2021)

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Weekly Crypto News & Market Analysis August 2021

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How to Fix Internal JSON-RPC Error on MetaMask & Ledger

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6 Exchanges to Buy Crypto & Bitcoin in Ireland (2021)

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How to Buy Dogecoin (DOGE) in the UK 2021

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How to Connect Trust Wallet to DApps & PancakSwap

In a recent Trust Wallet tutorial, we explained how to add the DApp Browser to the Trust Wallet, which had been previously removed to comply with the new ...

How to Change your Phone Number on Binance

Online security is very important, especially if you´re buying and holding cryptocurrency. One way to secure your accounts is using your phone number as ...

How to Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to a Wallet or Exchange

Want to withdraw Bitcoin from In this beginners guide I explain how to withdraw your digital assets like Bitcoin or Ethereum from Coinbase to ...

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  1. 4.5

  2. Hi Sam, thank you for pointing this out and sorry for the late reply. It looks like something had changed. I have now updated the Polygon config details, but you can also check with the Polygon Developers site to be 100%.

  3. Sorry to hear this, do you send them from Binance? If so, have you contacted support?

  4. Yes, it can be an issue getting FIAT from crypto exchanges. To be honest, we don’t sell our crypto, so it’s not something we track. Have you looked at the likes of Coinbase or Gemini or even Binance?

  5. Only you can make that choice. It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to time the market. So just take profit when yoO´re happy and don’t be too greedy.

  6. If the platform you’re connecting to is decentralized you don’t need KYC. The issue will be getting Fiat on and off the Ledger or an exchange

  7. Have you tried to contact Binance support?

  8. Have to tried to contact Binance support. When I contacted Binance chat, they responded very quickly

  9. Yes, we have an Yield App update coming very soon

  10. I’ve created an updated post on how to connect to DApps using WalletConnect

  11. Thats great you were able to add the DApp browser to Trust wallet, but im not sure why its blank. Is your Trust wallet up to date? Are you able to search the likes of PancakeSwap

  12. If you use Blockfolio referral code 9202836 it says you should get a free coin, once you trade $10. I hope that helps. Good Luck

  13. If you use Blockfolio referral code 9202836 it says you should get a free coin, once you trade $10. I hope that helps. Good Luck

  14. I believe this Binance referral code works in regions outside of the UK & EU. However, it might not work on Binance.US

  15. I just had a quick look and the current Celsius Network interest rates for Bitcoin is 3.51%, you can earn 4.40% if you agree to be paid out in their CEL Token.

    I believe BlockFi is offering a better Bitcoin rate ATM

  16. Hi Parsa,

    Firstly, thank you for using our Binance referral and supporting Every Bit Helps, its much appreciated. In total we have 3 Binance referral codes out there. The newest Binance sign-up code and the one that will give you the biggest discount is GPZ64I32 and the only one available in this post. This should give you 20% off trading fees and the % should have been highlighted at the time of signup.

    I think its worth messaging Binance and explain you used this code and you’re not getting the discount. Im sure they will resolve this issue for you.

    Thanks again and good luck trading

  17. Yes, I would avoid Compound Finance ATM if you have small amounts of crypto. You pay GAS fees in and out, so it’s likely to eat into your profit. Maybe look at the likes of Celsius Network or BlockFi, if you´re interested in some returns.

  18. Hopefully this issue is now resolved. However, you can contact PancakeSwap via Twitter or Telegram, but not too sure how long it takes to get responses.

  19. Hopefully this has now been resolved? Have you tracked the transaction on Etherscan?

  20. Cryptocurrency exchanges, are notoriously bad in terms of customer support especially during peak periods. I also have experienced issues with many of these exchanges and have had delays at about a week with (last year). Although, to be honest I continue to use and have never experienced any major issues.

  21. Hopefully, this has now been resolved. Have you tracked the transaction on Etherscan?

  22. Send via the Binance exchange, unless you are in the US and then i think you may need to use a bridge.

  23. I’ve recently covered this in a tutorial which gives all the information that you’ll need. I send my 1inch tokens over to Binance, and sent the 1inch tokens via the Binance Smartchain, so hopefully this will help.

  24. I personally use Revolut into the likes of Coinbase, although this did get blocked by Kraken exchange just this week. I also think that Nationwide and Santander are both crypto friendly UK banks! I hope this helps!

  25. Hi, I dont know too much about Theta, but I have recently created a tutorial about Cardano and the best places to store and stake them. Hopefully this will help to answer your questions!

  26. Yes unfortunately, ETH gas fees are very high at the moment. Hopefully they will find a solution to this soon.

  27. Yes reported that they were temporarily suspending GBP bank transfers and stated they would reinstate this in March 2021, but this seems to be delayed.

  28. With the Coinbase wallet you can convert from one cryptocurrency to another. However, you will need to use the exchange to purchase and sell your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to FIAT currencies and withdraw to your bank.

  29. When you deposit CRO on Supercharger, you earn the rewards and you also get your CRO back that you staked when you withdraw.

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