Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange since its launch in 2017. If you´re new to Binance you will be pleased to hear you can save 20% on trading fees when using Binance referral ID code GPZ64I32 at sign-up. If you´re new or have been trading for a while you can also save a further 25% by taking advantage of their BNB token. So in total, you could easily save a massive 45% on trading fees by using this guide.

Binance exchange has some of the lowest trading fees available, but it’s important to try and reduce your trading fees as much as possible. At even a fraction of a percentage, trading fees can really add up and with the potential growth of cryptocurrency, a small trading fee paid in 2021 could be worth 100x in 2022.

Best Binance Referral ID August 2021

Binance Referral IDGPZ64I32
Binance Sign-up Bonus OfferGet 20% Off Binance Trading Fees (Lifetime Bonus)
Referral TermsAt sign-up, use referral ID GPZ64I32 & earn a commission kickback rate of 20%
Bonus Last ValidatedSeptember 2021

How Does Binance Referral ID Code Work?

How does Binance Referral ID Work

When signing up to Binance, below your email and password sections, you will have an optional tab called ´Referral ID´. If you click our referral code this will populate automatically, however, this can also be manually input by entering ID code GPZ64I32. Once entered, you will see a grey box confirming a commission kickback rate of 20%.

You will need to enter this referral code, at the time of registration. Unfortunately, if you already have a verified trading account, this discount may not work. However, you can sometimes contact support and they might be able to add the discount code for you. This has worked for one of my subscribers, so it might be worth a go.

Please beware of platforms offering large Binance referral discounts, some of these are fake and you won’t receive any discount. Make sure you check the grey box under ¨Referral ID¨ as per the example below.

How to Apply Binance Referral ID?

When signing up to Binance exchange you will have an option to add a referral ID code. This is optional and can sometimes be missed, so make sure you don’t miss this step, as I did. To apply the code you can click here and the referral ID GPZ64I32 should automatically be populated. If not, you should see the below screenshot, simply add your email, a secure password, and then enter the referral ID GPZ64I32.

Once you have signed up and added the referral code you can earn a 20% commission kickback when trading.

How to apply Binance Referral ID Code 2021

How to Sign-up to Binance

  1. Go to
  2. Enter an email address and a strong, secure password
  3. Under “Referral ID (Optional)” enter GPZ64I32 (Commission Kickback Rate: 20%)
  4. Once you have read the terms and are happy to proceed, tick the box
  5. Click “Create Account
  6. If you forget to add the referral ID, you can contact support

How Long is the Binance Referral ID Valid?

Binance referral discount is one of the best cryptocurrency offers available, especially when you compare it to the likes of Coinbase or Kraken. Once you have signed up and use a valid referral ID, you will earn a commission kickback of 20% on every trade, for life. Another platform we also like and personally use is FTX Exchange, although their offer isn’t as good as 20%, you can still save 5% on trading fees.

FTX Referral Code 2021

How is Binance Discount Calculated?

When trading under 50 BTC (over a 30 day period) you will pay 0.10% per trade, so if you trade $1,000 you will pay $1 of trading fees. However, when you add the Every Bit Helps referral code you will save 20% as a commission kickback.

You can reduce these fees even further if you trade using their BNB token. This will then reduce the cost down by another 25%. I understand this may seem small, but these fees do really add up over time.

How much discount do I get with Binance referral Code 2021

How to use Binance Exchange

If you´re new to Binance and not sure where to start, we have created a video tutorial to get started. We explain how to sign-up, placing a market, and limit orders, and also how to withdraw from the platform. You can also check out our Binance Exchange review post here.

How to Save 45% on Binance Trading Fees?

There are two ways you can save on trading fees when using Binance exchange. The first (as I have already mentioned) is by using referral code GPZ64I32 at sign up and you will receive a 20% cashback commission on all trades. As mentioned this is only available at sign-up and unless you can find someone from support who is kind enough, you may have missed this opportunity.

However, you can still save a further 25% when you trade using the their BNB token, Now you won’t be able to trade all cryptocurrency using the BNB token, but if you can it’s worth it and save some crypto.

So, in total by combining both of these hacks you could easily save up to 45% when trading on the Binance exchange.

Binance Sign-up ID

What are the Binance Trading Fees?

Trading fees are very reasonable compared to the likes of Coinbase Pro and the Exchange. When trading below 50BTC (over a 30 day period), you will be charged 0.1% as a Maker or Taker. When trading above 50BTC these fees will come down further, as per the table below.

These fees can be reduced even further by using referral ID GPZ64I32 at sign-up, to receive a 20% discount. If you trade using their BNB token this can further reduce your fees by an additional 25%.

What are the Binance Trading Fees

Click here to find out more information on Trading Fees

BNB Token

BNB is the native token for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. It was initially created as an ERC-20 token, based on the Ethereum network. However, the BNB token was later swapped over to their own blockchain.

The BNB token is very versatile and has several use cases;

  • By using the BNB token to trade, you can reduce trading fees by 25%
  • Participate in token sales, hosted on Binance LaunchPad
  • Payment method
  • BNB powers Binance DEX (Decentralised Exchange)

You can also put your BNB tokens to work by staking, this can be done on Binance but I prefer to stake BNB using the Trust Wallet where I have received as much as 40% APY, but this rate fluctuates.

Binance Discounts

When using the BNB tokens to trade with you can achieve the following discounts;

  • 25% discount on Spot Market trading fees.
  • 5% discount on Margin Interest
  • 10% discount on BinanceFutures trading fees.
Binance Discounts


Binance was one of the first exchanges I used and is now one of my go-to exchanges (along with FTX) when buying crypto. The major reason I use the exchange is due to their low trading fees and the number of trading pairs they have. I also like their Binance Earn feature where you can earn interest on your crypto.

I wouldn´t recommend using any exchange to hold and store your crypto assets long-term. There have been some question marks lately with UK banks restricting deposits and withdrawals from Binance. However, if you’re just buying or trading crypto, their low fees and number of trading pairs should be appealing to you.


Why Join Binance Exchange?

Binance is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange with high liquidity and volumes. The number of trading pairs available is a massive selling point as well as their low trading fees. Not only can you trade crypto you can also earn interest with their Binance Earn feature.

What’s the Difference Between Referral Commission & Kickback?

The referral commission rate and the kickback rate are both a part of the referral bonus. Once the invitee makes a transaction, the inviter will receive a referral commission and the invitee will receive a kickback.

Where to Find Binance Referral ID?

Once you have signed up to Binance, you will receive your own referral ID. This can be found under the referral tab and can be then shared with friends and family.

Best Binance Referral Code 2021?

The best Binance referral discount is GPZ64I32 where the 40% commission is split between the invitee and inviter. Depending on the inviter you should receive around 20% as a kickback bonus. Please beware of inviters offering higher commissions, as the offers can be false or misleading.

What is Binance Referral Code?

Binance referral code is an ID code that new users can enter into Binance, at sign-up. Once signed up, the user will receive up to a 20% kickback bonus on trading fees.

Binance Sign-up Link: Click here
Referral Code:
Sign-up Bonus:
20% kickback bonus on trading fees

What Countries is Binance Available?

Binance referral code is available to use in over 180 countries including the UK and Canada.

How to Delete your Binance Account?

Deleting your Binance account is a pretty simple process, but they do hide this feature. So we have put together a guide on how to delete your Binance account.