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19 Way to Protect your Mobile Phone from Being Hacked

If the world's richest man Jeff Bezo can be 'allegedly' hacked, how is it possible for us to protect our online identity? In this age of information, it's a struggle to deal with and keep up to date with all the emails, notifications, and alerts. Hackers are trying to...

Ledger Hack: How to Protect Against Phishing Scams

If you’re a Ledger user, you might find that you’re receiving more spam than ever. In this post, we’ll discuss the data dump of Ledger customers' personal data following the Ledger hack in July 2020. Plus how to prevent yourself from being scammed when the hackers...

YubiKey Review & Tutorial: How to Setup a YubiKey 5 NFC

If you're looking for an extra level of security for your personal accounts and data, YubiKey is a great way of securing your weak points. This small, yet powerful hardware device is like a physical key that, instead of unlocking a door, unlocks your online life. It...

Top 5 Best Free VPNs for 2020

If you're looking for a free VPN for Netflix, an Amazon Fire Stick, geo-blocking, or simply secure your internet connection, there are a whole host you can find online. I have put together my top 5 best free VPNs for 2020. However, are free VPNs safe? Are free VPNs...


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