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Idiots Guide to Tor Browser: How to Use Tor & Download

Tor Browser (short for "The Onion Router") is free and open-source software that protects your data by wrapping it in multiple layers of encryption, like an onion. By encrypting your data, it protects your privacy and identity on the internet allowing you to...

How to Protect your Phone from Being Hacked

When even the world's richest man can be 'allegedly' hacked, learning how to protect your smart phone from being hacked is essential to protecting your data. It’s recently been rumored that the Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos has had his phone hacked after opening a WhatsApp...

Brave Browser Review 2020: How To Use & Download

If you're someone who takes their privacy seriously, check out this Brave Browser Review and you'll see why its time ditch Chrome and download Brave Browser. As internet users, we are constantly being tracked around the internet and advertised to. With Brave, not only...

How to Remove Malware, Viruses & Adware from your Mac

If you're Mac has started to slow down and your worried you might have something lurked on your machine, you can remove malware, viruses and adware from your Mac for free. Following these steps should help to protect and repair your Macbook, increase speed and...


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