launched SuperCharger on their exchange in September 2020. The first project to launch on Supercharger was the UniSwap UNI token with a $500,000 USD allocation and they have since launched events for Polkadot (DOT) tokens and most recently Bitcoin (BTC).

Supercharger is a simple, flexible and secure liquidity mining platform for the most popular cryptocurrrency projects.

In these projects, exchange and app users receive tokens (as rewards) for depositing CRO tokens into the Supercharger pool. Any verified Exchange user is eligible to participate as long as you have some CRO to deposit! Referral Code

How does Supercharger Work?

When a Supercharger event is in the “Charging Period”, users can deposit and withdraw tokens from the liquidity pool as often as they wish with no gas fees. A charging period is for 30 days and there’s a minimum deposit of 100 CRO which users can deposit from their Exchange spot wallet

Then the Reward or Distribution Period is for the next 30 days and starts after the Charging Period.  And Users’ rewards are based on the liquidity score they accumulated during the Charging Period. Rewards are distributed evenly on a daily basis during the Reward Period and are prorated based on a user’s share of the total liquidity pool. These tokens are sent back to your exchange spot wallet.

How does Supercharger work

How to Receive Your Supercharger Reward Tokens

Immediately after the charging period ends, your liquidity score and rewards are determined. Once this is confirmed, you have the option to accept it anytime before the “Acceptance and Reward Period” ends.

To ensure that you receive the full reward amount allocated to you, it is important that you log in to the exchange and accept your allocation before the reward distribution begins. If you don’t you will lose a portion of the reward scheduled to be distributed. 

If this does happen, you are still entitled to the remaining portion of your reward allocation, just as long as you log in the exchange and accept your reward allocation.

The below tutorial walks you through the steps to accept your rewards. Exchange

Supercharger is just one of the many features that Exchange has to offer. If you want to find out more information on the likes of Markets, The Syndicate, or the Trading Arena, you can click here to read more and watch my video tutorial. Exchange Review