How to Add DApp Browser to Trust Wallet for Apple iOS

In a recent Trust Wallet tutorial, we mentioned the DApp (Decentralized Application) browser feature was no longer available for Apple iOS users. This change only impacted those on iOS that installed the update after June 22nd, 2020, and Android users were unaffected. Trust Wallet stated that they removed this DApp feature to comply with the new App Store Guidelines.

Fortunately, there is a way to bypass the Trust Wallet DApp browser on iOS devices so you again connect to your favourite DApps. By following these steps you will be able to start using DApps from within your Trust Wallet again.

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What is the Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet was founded in 2017 by Viktor Radchenko and later acquired by Binance in their first public acquisition in July 2018. Trust is a decentralized secure crypto mobile wallet for both iOS and Android. Allowing users to buy and store crypto/NFTs, as well as connecting to supported DApps.

What is the Trust Wallet DApp Browser?

The Trust Wallet browser is a fully functional Web3 browser that can be used to interact with any DApp. Plus it provides a simple and secure connection between you and any Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum based DApps. Including the likes of PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, and UniSwap.

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Trust Wallet Discover Feature

Due to Trust Wallets dispute with Apple and not allowing iOS users, use the DApp browser, Trust released “Discover“. Trust wallet state the Discover feature should make navigating the world of crypto easier and help users to stay on top of the crypto markets.

In our video tutorial below, we show you how to access the Discover tab, plus how to easily view staking options within Trust wallet, view lending/borrowing and tokens. Then show you how to connect to DeFi Dapps such as SushiSwap & UniSwap from within the wallet.

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How to Add DApp Browser to Trust Wallet Apple iOS?

**Update July 2021: Apple has recently stopped this workaround from working. Please see our updated article: “How to connect PancakeSwap using Trust Wallet **

To get started you’ll first need to have the Trust Wallet installed. If you’re not familiar with the Trust Wallet you can check out our review here. This guide only applies to iOS users, as Android users should already have the DApp browser available.

  • Step 1: Open your Safari browser on your iOS device & type in the URL: trust://browser_enable, then select “Go”.
  • Step 2: When prompted to “Open this page in “Trust”?” Choose “Open“.
  • Step 3: Trust Wallet App will launch & the DApp browser will now be enabled.
  • Step 4: Go to the bottom of the App & you will now see the “Browser” feature available from the menu.
Trust Wallet DApp Browser Apple iOS
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How to Connect PancakeSwap to Trust Wallet?

In June 2021 Trust Wallet completely removed their DApp browser from Apple iOS devices. This was removed to comply with the new Apple app store guidelines. To connect Trust Wallet to the likes of PancakeSwap and other DApps check out our tutorial and guide here.

Connect Trust wallet to PancakeSwap with Wallet Connect

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the tutorial on adding the browser to TrustWallet for iOS users. I was successfully able to complete the steps you outlined and have the browser in the app. However, there are no DApp items listed in the browser. It’s literally blank. I don’t see what was displayed on the mobile in your demo video. What can I do to correct this? Is there a setting in TrustWallet that I need to correct or perhaps another step I need to take?


    • As of July 7th, this work around no longer works. After it says open this page in “trust” I just get a browser removal notification saying the in-app browser was removed.

    • Thats great you were able to add the DApp browser to Trust wallet, but im not sure why its blank. Is your Trust wallet up to date? Are you able to search the likes of PancakeSwap

  2. So I tried this and I found the same link and advice elsewhere… but this is no longer working. After you hit open it opens the trust wallet and it says basically it will no longer allow DApp blah blah: so ifs there a new cheat to get around this? Thank you!

  3. This no longer works. It has been COMPLETELY removed and cannot be enabled.

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