Ledger Live Manager Review: Beginners Guide

For those of you that use the likes of a Ledger Nano S, X, or Blue along with their Live Manager, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ledger has now released version 2.0 of Live Manager. The app has not seen any upgrades since its launch that went live in July 2018. In this Ledger Live Manager review, I will explain to you the new features available in Ledger Manager and how to update it to to the most recent version.

What is Ledger Live Manager?

Ledger Live is an all-in-one application that lets you set up and manage your Ledger device. It supports the Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S, and Ledger Blue via USB. Available for desktop on Linux, Windows, and Mac they also have a mobile app available from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Ledger Live Manager Download

How to Download Ledger Live Manager

To download Ledger Live Manager navigate to; https://www.ledger.com/ledger-live

Click onto “Download”

Select the version you would like to install/update and let the file download.

Ledger Install Live Manager

Once downloaded, double click onto the file and follow the steps (these will vary depending on your operating system).

You will then be prompted to replace your current version if you have Live Manager already installed.

Launch the application and enter your credentials.

Version 2.0 will then be installed on your machine. To start using Live Manager you will need to connect and allow your Ledger Hardware device.

how to connect ledger to live manager

Ledger Live Manager Features

In March 2020 Ledger released its Ledger Live Manager 2.0 update. This latest update includes improvements to the most important tools that can help and simplify Ledger Live.

Connect Ledger Manager Live to Ledger Nano

App Management

In terms of the new app management features, this is pretty much a completely new addition. In the past, users who had Ledger device users and used Live Manager couldn’t view the apps they held on the hardware device, via the Manager.  This was a real pain, as with some devices you can have as many as 100 different apps. However, now with the latest version, you no longer have to repeatedly scroll through your device to see what apps you do (or don’t have) on your device. 

Ledger Apps for Ledger X Nano Blue

You will also be prompted if your apps are out of date. This means you’ll be safe in the knowledge you’re running the latest versions so that your apps include the latest bug fixes and security features.

Ledger Live Manager 2.0 even has an auto-update feature. So you can simply update all apps with a single click of a button.

how to update your Ledger AppsApps

With Ledger, you’ll find that many applications are dependent on either the Bitcoin or Ethereum application. Previously, to update one Bitcoin-dependent app, you’d have to uninstall, then reinstall the Bitcoin app, along with all of its dependent applications.  Thankfully, this is no longer an issue and you no longer have to go through the painful process of having to do this manually app by app. As the auto-update feature will now do all the hard work for you!

Storage Visibility

Now that the applications are easier to manage and update you might start downloading more of these apps and make the most out of your device.  Fortunately, with the new update, you can now also have more insight into how much free space you have left on your ledger hardware device. 

As well as this, on the new Live Manager 2.0, you can also see how much space each app is using. This will really help in managing your storage better and help you to prioritize to meet your needs so that you can remove any unwanted content.

Nano S Nano X and Nano Blue Storage

Adding Crypto Accounts

Another new feature, not previously available is that you can now add a crypto asset account directly in Ledger Live. And there is a new filter and tab that tells you whether you can manage a crypto asset in Ledger Live or not. It will even give you links that indicate how non-compatible crypto-assets can be managed.  

How to add accounts to Ledger wallet

Ledger Live Manager 2.0 Review

The Ledger team has certainly listened to the pain points of their users and made managing your Ledger products a more simplified experience. With the Ledger Live Manager, 2.0 Update comes with some handy new features, making managing your apps and device easier to do.

Ledger Swap

Released in version 2.1.4, Ledger Swap allows users to easily swap from one crypto asset to another directly through Ledger Live. Meaning you no longer have to leave the safety of your wallet and head over to an exchange to try out new tokens. With Ledger Swap, you can remain in complete control of your crypto, while making your exchanges. There are 50 different crypto assets available to swap including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and they’ve made this all possible as a result of their partnership with Changelly.

Crypto exchanges can be a prime target for hackers with so many assets stored. Plus when you use an exchange, they own the key to the addresses they give you. Meaning you don’t really own the assets, and the exchange can limit what you can do with your crypto. However, with Ledger, access to your cryptocurrencies is completely offline and out of reach for hackers. Not only is the solution secure, but so is their Swap feature, with no swap taking place without your manual consent. Any assets that you swap, are immediately in your own possession and completely in your control since you own your Private Keys.

Now one thing to note here is that this feature, (powered by Changelly) is not available in all countries, for example for those from the United States or Japan

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  3. hi do i need to install changelly to Use sawp on my nano s i Swapped xrp for usdt and now I want to swap Them back to XRP but I get a message saying THE ETH BALANCE IN THE PARENT ACCOUNT IS INSUFFICIENT FOR NETWORK FEES There is over 4000 usdt In my accounts I don’t Get it Can you help Please thanks

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