What is Optimism? & How To Connect Optimism to MetaMask

In this beginners guide to Optimism, we will explain what is Optimism? and how to connect the Optimism network to MetaMask. Plus I show you how to bridge Ethereum across to Optimistic network.

What is Optimism?

Optimism similar to Arbitrum & Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that supports Ethereum’s Dapps. The Optimistic Ethereum network lets you send transactions, similar to Ethereum, but with two main advantages which are fast transaction speeds and lower transaction fees.

It does this by running all transaction data on-chain and running computation off-chain which then increases Ethereum’s transactions per second and decreases the fees. 

What is Optimism?

How to Use Optimism & Connect to MetaMask

How to Connect Optimism Network to MetaMask?

To connect Optimism to MetaMask, you’ll first need to have a wallet that supports and connects to Optimistic Ethereum. If you are using Metamask and it’s not yet available from your list of networks, follow the below steps to add Optimistic Ethereum to your Metamask account.

  1. Open your MetaMask web extension
  2. Click onto the dropdown “Ethereum Mainnet” at the top of the wallet
  3. If Optimism is not appearing in your list, choose “Add Network
  4. Add the following details;
    • Network Name: Optimistic Ethereum
    • New RPC URL: https://mainnet.optimism.io
    • Chain ID: 10
    • Symbol: ETH
    • Block Explorer URL: https://optimistic.ethereum.io
  5. Click “Save” and you’ll be automatically connected to the Optimistic Ethereum network.

Alternatively, to integrate Optimistic Ethereum automatically, head across to Chainlink’s page for Optimistic Ethereum using the link https://chainid.link/?network=optimism, then simply choose to “Connect“, and then approve the changes in MetaMask.

To start storing Optimistic Ethereum tokens in your wallet, you’ll first need to bridge your Ethereum, ERC20 tokens to Optimistic Ethereum.

add optimistic ethereum network to metamask
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How to Bridge Ethereum to Optimism?

To get started using Optimism, you’ll need to deposit your Ethereum based tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet across to Optimistic Ethereum, using a bridge. Also known as the Optimistic Ethereum Gateway which you can find on Optimism.io (under Tools).

Before using the gateway, please be aware that Optimism Etheruem is still a very new protocol and to use at your own risk. Also, any withdrawals from Optimistic Ethereum to standard Ethereum Mainnet will require a wait time of a week.

  1. Connect your web3 wallet (which will need to be connected to the Ethereum mainnet)
  2. Ensure you are on the “Deposit” tab and ‘From‘ is showing “MAINNET
  3. Select the token that you are bridging from
  4. Enter the amount, you want to bridge.
  5. Ensure that ‘To‘ is showing “OPTIMISTIC ETHEREUM
  6. Choose “Deposit
  7. Approve the transaction
  8. Choose ” Deposit” and “Confirm” the transaction in your wallet.
How to bridging Ethereum to Optimism

Please be aware that deposits can take up to 20 minutes before they’re considered final on Optimistic Ethereum. Once your tokens have finalised bridging on Optimistic Ethereum, they should then be appearing in our connected wallet, under “Optimistic Ethereum“.

If you don’t already have any Etheruem to get started with, you can purchase some on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, FTX or Huobi with either cryptocurrency or FIAT.

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Optimism Supported DApps

Optimism can support any Etherem DApp. Some of the most popular platforms on Optimistic Ethereum (at the time of writing this Optimism review) are UniSwap, Synthetix and 1inch.

When creating our Optimism tutorial, I used an example of trading 0.5ETH for USDT on the Uniswap platform using both the Ethereum Mainnet and Optimism. Using the Ethereum Mainnet the transaction cost was $73.00. However, when making the same swap on Optimism the fee was just $4.71.

Optimism Support DApp

Alternative Blockchains & Ethereum Layer 2

  • How to connect and interact with DApps on Arbitrum you will need to connect Arbitrum to MetaMask.
  • How to connect and interact with DApps on Avalanche you will need to connect Avalanche to MetaMask.
  • How to connect and interact with DApps on BSC you will need to connect Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask.
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