How to Claim Ampleforth FORTH Airdrop

How to Claim Ampleforth FORTH Airdrop

Ampleforth, the rebasing cryptocurrency protocol has now launched their new token FORTH. As part of this, they’re dropping their newly released token to the community. If you’ve ever had a wallet that’s “touched” AMPL, you could be one of the lucky 75,000 people set to get some free FORTH tokens as part of Ampleforth airdrop.

In this tutorial I explain how to claim Ampleforth FORTH token airdrop, as well how to earn free FORTH tokens with Coinbase Earn.

What is Ampleforth/AMPL?

Ampleforth was co-founded by entrepreneurs Evan Kuo and Brandon Iles in 2018. With the idea to provide an elastic supply stablecoin that aims to be loosely pegged to the US Dollar.

However, the twist with AMPL is that the supply changes daily. If the demand for AMPL increases, the supply of the tokens also increases to offset changes in price. So when the price is high, wallet balances increase. When price is low, wallet balances decrease.

What is Ampleforth AMPL

AMPL is non-dilutive, and supply adjustments are applied universally and proportionally across every wallet’s balance. Meaning that your percent ownership of the network remains fixed.

What Are Ampleforth FORTH tokens?

FORTH is a new governance token that completes the AMPL ecosystem, by putting control of the protocol in the hands of the community. Using the Forth token, holders will be able to vote on changes to the protocol. 

The forth token is currently trading at over $40 at the time of this post and with current highs of over $65

The ERC20 token was listed on Coinbase Pro shortly after the token’s reveal along with the likes of popular exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin and Uniswap.

Who Can Claim Ampleforth FORTH Airdrop?

Anyone who has interacted with Ample (on-chain) before the snapshot was taken on: 30th March 2021 is eligible to claim.

It’s estimated that over 75,000 people have interacted with Ample in the token’s 2 year history, with over $5B in on-chain volume exchanged across the likes of Uniswap, SushiSwap and Balancer.

who can claim Ampleforth Airdrop

Users will be eligible to collect their portion of the new FORTH tokens through the next year. With active participants in the protocol expecting to receive a higher share.

Users can claim the tokens anytime before April 16, 2022. Any unclaimed FORTH tokens will be placed in the DAO under the jurisdiction of the community.

How to Claim from the Ampleforth FORTH Airdrop

Below is a step by step guide to how you can claim your free FORTH tokens from the Ampleforth token drop. Its also worth checking and connecting up multiple wallets that you think may have also interacted to see if you are eligible for multiple airdrops.

Step 1: Open a browser, and navigate to https://www.ampleforth.org/governance/claim/

claiming the ampleforth airdrop

Step 2: Click onto “Connect Wallet” and choose your associated wallet thats held AMPL.

how to claim free FORTH Tokens

Step 3: You will then be shown the total amount of FORTH tokens that can be claimed.

how to claim from the FORTH airdrop

Step 4: You will need to confirm the transaction in your wallet and pay an associated gas fee for the transaction.

Step 5: Once the transaction is complete you’ll receive a notification on screen and the airdropped FORTH tokens will be available in your wallet.

AMPL FORTH airdrop

What can I do with my free Ampleforth FORTH Tokens?

What you do with your free FORTH tokens, is completely up to you. You can store these in an Ethereum based wallet, such as the likes of MetaMask, Ledger or the Coinbase Wallet.

Or you can trade for other tokens such as AMPL, where you can then stake them for further rewards.

Earn FORTH Token with Coinbase Earn

You can now earn free FORTH token with Coinbase Earn rewards. Coinbase Earn allows users to learn about different cryptocurrencies, while learning and completing a short quiz or task to test your knowledge to receive rewards. If you’re unsure if you’re eligible to claim Coinbase Earn rewards click here.

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Questions 1: What is Ampleforth?
Answer: Rebases

Questions 2: What is FORTH Token?
Answer: AMPL & FORTH

Questions 3: The Future of Ampleforth
Answer: DeFi Building Block

Coinbase Earn Ampleforth FORTH Token
Pangolin Review & Tutorial: How to Claim PNG Airdrop

Pangolin Review & Tutorial: How to Claim PNG Airdrop

In this Pangolin review and tutorial, we’ll take a look at the Pangolin decentralised exchange or DEX which is run on the Avalanche network. We’ll take a look at the fees, supported tokens, how to connect up a MetaMask wallet. Plus how to claim your free PNG tokens from the Pangolin airdrop.

What is the Pangolin Exchange?

Pangolin is a community-driven cryptocurrency decentralised exchange (or DEX) supported by Ava Labs for Avalanche and Ethereum assets.

The platform uses the same automated market maker (or AMM) model as the likes of Uniswap. However, it is built on the Avalanche network. By using the Avalanche network instead of the likes of Ethereum, not only is fully compatible with Ehtereum assets and tooling but it helps to improve the user experience by being faster, with higher throughput and reducing fees.

what is pangolin

Etheruem based assets can be transferred to Avalanche via the Avalanche/Ethereum Bridge. This allows users to yield assets such as Uniswap, Aave, ChainLink and Wrapped Bitcoin across 2 blockchains.

transfer ERC20 tokens to Avalanche

What is Avalanche Network?

Avalanche enables people and enterprises around the world to build decentralised solutions at scale. Whilst Ethereum is “currently” using proof-of-work, it’s struggling to scale participation without incurring massive fees and network congestion.

However, Avalanche is the first smart contracts platform that confirms transactions in under one second. It supports the whole of the Ethereum development tool kit, and enables millions of independent validators to participate as full block producers.

Their native token Avalanche (or AVAX) is then used to secure the network through staking, to transact peer-to-peer and pay fees.

avalanche network reduce fees

Pangolin Supported Wallets

At present, you can only connect a MetaMask wallet to the Pangolin platform. However, this MetaMask account must be connected to the Avalanche Network.

How to Connect Metamask to Avalanche Network

To use the Pangolin exchange you’ll need to have a compatible wallet. One of which is Metamask, however you will need to manually connect Metamask to the Avalanche network as this does not come with Metamask.

To setup the avalanche network on your MetaMask wallet;

First, open your MetaMask account and click where it says Ethereum Mainnet”. Then choose to add a “Custom RPC”

Enter the following details:

  • Network Name: Avalanche Network
  • New RPC URL: https://api.avax.network/ext/bc/C/rpc
  • Chain ID: 0xa86a
  • Symbol: AVAX
  • Explorer: https://cchain.explorer.avax.network/

When you’re ready you can then save.

Pangolin Fees

With Pangolin, the trading fees are 0.3%. All tokens are distributed to the community and Pangolin direct trading fees (0.3%) to liquidity providers.

As there are no order books there are no deposit or withdrawal fees, but you will need to pay transaction fees for interacting with the Avalanche Network. These transaction fees are paid in AVAX but are currently low, especially compared to the likes of the gas fees on the Ethereum network.

Pangolin PNG Tokens

The Pangolin token (PNG) is capped at a supply of 538 million tokens. The first 95% of PNG are dedicated to the community treasury, where they will be used to fund liquidity mining. The remaining tokens are dedicated to the community airdrop which is valid 1 month after Pangolin’s launch.

PNG Airdrop

If you held either Uniswap (UNI) or Sushiswap (SUSHI) tokens in a wallet before December 7th 2020, you could be in for a free airdrop. During the airdrop, you’ll be able to get free PNG tokens.

To qualify you’ll need to have held UNI or SUSHI on Ethereum on December 7, 2020, and you’ll need access to that wallet. Plus you have to own one UNI or SUSHI on Avalanche with the same wallet that held the tokens. Which you can get either through the Pangolin Exchange or Bridge. 

Also the claim must also be made within one month of Pangolin’s launch. 

Pangolin AIRDROP

Pangolin PNG Airdrop Step by Step Guide

To get started, you’ll need to do is locate the wallet where you had your UNI or SUSHI stored on December 7th 2020. This wallet, will need to be connected to the Avalanche network. If you’re not too sure how to do this, please see my guide above.

Then head across to Pangolin.exchange, connect your wallet and click onto the Airdrop tab to see if you qualify for any PNG tokens as part of the airdrop.

In order to claim your PNG, you need to have one UNI or SUSHI on the Avalanche network which you may not already have.  However, unfortunately, you cant just send across 1 SUSHI or 1 UNI straight over to our address as we’re on the Avalanche network.

Free PNG token airdrop

There are a few different ways around this. One way is to transfer your tokens across is using the avalanche bridge. However this does interact with Ethereum and with the gas fee being so high, it might not make claiming this airdrop worthwhile for some people.

Alternatively, you can trade for one UNI or one SUSHI on Avalanche using the Pangolin site.  But first, you’ll need to have some tokens on the Avalanche network to trade with (and some AVAX to pay for the fees).  AVAX can be found on exchanges such as OKex, Binance or Bitfinex.

When you have your AVAX you’ll need an Avalanche Wallet to withdraw your tokens to. Which you can create over at wallet.avax.network.

Once that’s created, you have 3 address (X,P and C). You’ll need to using the X chain address to receive your funds which is where you’ll send your funds to.

Avalanche wallet address

When the transfer to your Avalanche wallet is complete, head to “Cross Chain” on the left. From here we are going to be transferring our tokens between Exchange and C which is contracts. 

The source chain will remain the same (as X chain) as that’s where our tokens are, but the destination will need to be changed to C chain contract. Then send across you tokens, which will export from the X chain and imported onto the C chain.

import assets X to C chain

Once complete, choose “Send” on the left and from the source chain you click from “X” to “C”. Copy your address (that’s on the Avalanche Network) from within MetaMask. And send your tokens across.

Please note that when sending on the Avalanche network the gas price MUST remain at 470 otherwise this transaction won’t process. 

send funds from Avalanche wallet

Next you need 1 UNI or 1 SUSHI on the Avalanche network, which you can swap using your AVAX tokens. Just make sure you have enough to account for slippage and to pay for the fees.

how to swap pangolin

Then finally, head across to the Airdrop tab and claim your free PNG tokens!

claim PNG from Airdrop

Pangolin Support

If you have a support query, they have a detailed FAQ section with tutorials and step by step guides for you to follow. You can also contact Pangolin via their social media channels, such as Telegram, Discord, Github or Twitter.

Coinbase Earn: How to Earn Free Crypto While Learning

Coinbase Earn: How to Earn Free Crypto While Learning

If you’re already signed up to Coinbase Exchange, you may be interested to hear you can also earn free crypto with their Coinbase Earn feature. Coinbase Earn provides its users with an incentive to earn free crypto while learning about crypto, in a simple and engaging way.

In the past, you could have earned up to $50 of Stellar XLM tokens, but unfortunately this offer is no longer available. However as the list of tokens available on Coinbase continues to grow, so does the number of tokens available on Coinbase Earn.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of users that are able to earn free crypto and sometimes you may have to join a waiting list. So, make sure you’re sign-up to Coinbase and watch out for their email notifications on new cryptos available on Coinbase Earn.

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Coinbase Earn

Coinbase’s main aim is to make blockchain technology more accessible, both in the sense of making cryptocurrencies easier to obtain and easier to understand. To make this possible they have created Coinbase Earn.

This is another great opportunity for those that are looking to diversify their crypto portfolio, get a better understanding of cryptocurrencies or looking to get into alt-coins without spending any money.

How do I Start Earning Free Crypto?

Coinbase has created educational videos to teach you about different cryptocurrencies. After watching each video you’ll receive a simple quiz testing what you’ve learnt. You’ll then receive crypto in your Coinbase wallet for every quiz you complete.

Earn Crypto while Learning about Crypto

For example, with Stellar Lumens, you can earn up to $10 of XLM by watching 2-minute beginner videos about Stellar and completing the quizzes.

And by sharing a unique referral link, you can earn an additional $40 of XLM (this has now finished). Simply by inviting four friends to complete the lessons too!

This is only available for a few limited amounts of cryptocurrencies at the moment which goes quickly. However, over time they plan to add more educational content, as well as the ability to earn other cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Free XLM Earned

What can I do with my Free Crypto?

What you do with your free crypto is completely up to you. Whether it be exchanged on the likes of Binance, sold for fiat or HODL. Either way it’s a great way to diversify your portfolio or for newbies to get into alt-coins or crypto.

Sign-up to Binance exchange Bitcoin

How does Coinbase Earn Work?

To start earning your free crypto, you need to Log-In or Sign up for Coinbase.

If you are new to Coinbase, you can use this link to earn $10 of Bitcoin when you deposit $100.

How Does Coinbase Earn work?

How to Earn $50 Free XLM with Coinbase Earn

Once you are signed in, simply choose the crypto that you’d like to learn and earn! If you want, you can watch the instruction videos, however, I have saved you some time and provided the answers below. Once you have answered the question, click Next and (if you’ve got the answer correct) you’ve earned your first FREE $2.00 of XLM! This can be done a total of 5 times and by completing the series of videos, you can earn a total of $10.00 FREE XLM.

Coinbase Free XLM Confirmation

TIP: If you want to get through the videos quickly you can speed up the videos up to 2x speed.

Coinbase Referral

Coinbase Earn will also provide a referral link that will earn you $10 and can be shared 4 times. Earning you a total of $40 of free XLM. This link can be shared with friends, family, or followers. Once they complete 1 video, you will receive your free crypto!

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