How to Buy Alchemist (MIST) Tokens

How to Buy Alchemist (MIST) Tokens

If the returns from Bitcoin and Ethereum aren´t good enough and you want to find one of those hidden gems for your next 100x return. You may have come across Alchemist and its MIST token and heard of its huge potential and the next big thing in DeFi and NFTs. It’s still very early days for Alchemist, it’s not yet available on the likes of Binance exchange or even CoinMarketCap yet.

So, if you´ve done your research and looking to jump on the bandwagon but don´t know where to start. I have put together a quick guide on how to buy Alchemist MIST tokens.

How to Buy Alchemist Coin (MIST)

If you want to buy Alchemist MIST token you will need to use the likes of UniSwap, SushiSwap, or 0x. To find the best price you can use an aggregator such as 1Inch DEX. The biggest issue buying MIST on these Ethereum based exchanges is ETH GAS fees and this is likely to price out smaller investors. Unfortunately, with MIST not being available on exchanges such as Binance exchange, there isn’t any other option ATM.

How to Buy AlchemistCoin UniSwap

Step 1: You will need some Ethereum or ER2O tokens in your chosen web3 wallet (i.e Metamask or WalletConnect). These tokens can be purchased on the likes of Coinbase or Binance exchange.

How to setup & use Metamask tutorial

Step 2: Go to 1inch aggregator and search for Alchemist Tokens. 1inch will search all available DEX’s for the best available price to swap your tokens. If this is too complicated, you can just go directly to UniSwap. Alchemist contract can be found here or over on CoinGeko.

Please make sure you´re exchanging for the correct token, as there are lots of scam tokens out there.

Step 3: Connect your Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask or WalletConnect to the DEX (UniSwap or 1inch)

Step 4: Swap your tokens for MIST and pay your GAS fees. It’s still very early for Alchemist coin, so it’s likely to be very volatile, it may be worth increasing the slippage tolerance and pay a higher GAS fee to make sure the transaction goes through the first time.

ETH Gas Fees MetaMask

Step 5: If you can´t find the Alchemist tokens you have just purchased, you can add them to your wallet by following the steps below. Another way is to search your Ethereum address on EtherScan and go to the drop-down box under ´Tokens´.

Add Alchemsit to MetaMask

Once you have purchased your Alchemist tokens, you may notice they aren´t showing up in your MetaMask wallet. One way to add MIST tokens to your wallet, is by going to CoinGekco and searching for the token. Once you have found the correct token, you can click the MetaMask Fox icon.

Add Alchemist Token to your Wallet

You will then receive a notification from MetaMask to add MIST token to your wallet.

Add a token to MetaMask wallet

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