How to Watch Onward on Disney+

How to Watch Onward on Disney+

Onward is the latest release from Disney’s Pixar and for those fortunate enough to be in the US it is now available to stream on DisneyPlus. However, if you’re from outside the US, this title may not be available in your region. So, if you’re from the likes of the UK and can’t wait to watch Pixar’s Onward, I’ll explain how you can get to watch Onward on Disney+ from anywhere.

When is Onward Coming to Disney+ UK?

If you’re one of the millions of DisneyPlus subscribers in the UK or parts of Europe, you may have noticed Pixar’s latest release Onward is currently missing from the list of available titles. Also, there is no official release date for Onward on Disney Plus either. 

However, DisneyPlus have been releasing some content in the US early due to the Coronavirus putting a stop to watching movies on the big screen. This includes Onwards which is now available for streaming.

Onward DisneyPlus Release Date

How to Watch Onward on Disney+ UK

If you can’t wait for Disney Plus to release Onward in your region, there is a DisneyPlus hack you can use to watch Pixar’s new release from anywhere!

To get access to the Disney Plus US library you will need a VPN, to make it appear like you are in the US. The VPN I personally use and recommend is ExpressVPN. Not only will you be able to unblock the library, but you’ll also be free from ISP throttling. This is where internet service providers will intentionally slow down your internet service when you’re doing things like streaming. Which you’ll be doing when watching DisneyPlus.

How to watch Movies with ExpressVPN

Firstly, make sure that you are logged out of your current DisneyPlus account (you may also need to delete your browsing history and cookies, although I personally didn’t need to).

Next, Connect your VPN client to a server in the US.

Unblock DisneyPlus US library

Once you VPN has connected, log back into DisneyPlus.

If you now search for the title “Onward” you’ll find the movie appearing in your search results, ready to watch!

watch Onward on disneyplus from anywhere

How to Watch US Disney+

How to unlock more movies & shows on DisneyPlus
How to watch British TV from overseas
How to Watch American Disney Plus

How to Watch American Disney Plus

Disney Plus was released in 2019 to rival other streaming services such as Netflix. Initially released in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. With more regions now being able to get access to Disney classics, Marvel and Star Wars movies. You may be interested to hear that not all libraries are the same and some have different content available in different regions. In this Disney+ hack, I will show you how to unlock more movies and tv shows, such as Pixar’s new 2020 release Onward.

What’s Disney Plus

Disney’s streaming service named “Disney+” is now rivalling Netflix, HBO Now and Apple’s new service Apple TV Plus. From November 12th 2019 it started streaming its films and exclusive original shows from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and its own studios, as well as a large library of classics.

Each Disney Plus account can stream up to 4 devices simultaneously and you can create 7 different profiles, meaning more personalisation for family members. You can even create your own account avatar of a Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars character from a wide range of avatars.

Disney Plus subscribers can download onto up to 10 devices. Plus, the amount of downloads is unlimited but will obviously depend on the storage available on your device.

Their original series also works slightly different from the likes of Netflix. As new episodes are released weekly, as opposed to the entire series launched at once.

Disney Plus offers a free 7 day trial

Disney Plus Price

Disney Plus provides lower pricing compared to its competitors and costs $6.99 in the US or £5.99 a month in the UK. Alternatively, users can pay yearly costs to receive a discount. This could be seen as big savings in terms of Netflix and especially compared to HBO Now subscriptions.

DisneyPlus have now also created a bundle for the US with Hulu and ESPN plus, where you will receive a $5 discount when you sign up to all 3 services making a total cost of $12.99.

Free 7 day trials are also available for those wanting to try before they buy.

DisneyPlus Price Bundle with hulu & ESPN+

Disney Plus Release Dates

Disney Plus initially launched in the US, Canada and the Netherlands on November 12th 2019. With Australia and New Zealand soon following on November 19th 2019.

Western Europe was then next to get a taste of DisneyPlus as they rolled out subscriptions over the course of 6 months between October 2019 and March 2020.

Unfortunately, those in Eastern Europe and Latin America will have to wait a little longer where they plan to roll out Disney Plus from October 2020. And Asia Pacific will be rolling out over 2 years from October 2019.

The reason for some of these delayed rollouts is due to Disney’s contractual licensing with the likes of Sky, in the UK.

How to watch Disney Plus on up to 10 devices

Disney Plus VPN

To unlock the latest movies and TV Shows from your Disney+ subscription you will need a VPN. The VPN I personally use and recommend is ExpressVPN. Not only will you be able to unblock the DisneyPlus US library, but you’ll also be free from ISP throttling. This is where internet service providers will intentionally slow down your internet service when you’re doing things like streaming. Which you’ll be doing when watching DisneyPlus.

How to watch Movies with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a paid service, but you do get what you pay for. Plus they provide a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning that if you didn’t want to continue with ExpressVPN after 30 days you can get your money back. Or alternatively, you could just sign up with another account!

ExpressVPN best VPN for streaming Disney+

How to Get More Disney Plus Content

To unblock DisneyPlus libraries and get access to more content and more recent movie titles, you need to appear like you are in the country you are trying to unblock.

In this example, I am in the UK and trying to access the DisneyPlus US library;

Firstly, make sure that you are logged out of your current DisneyPlus account (you may also need to delete your browsing history and cookies, although I personally didn’t need to).

Next, Connect your VPN client to a server in the US.

Unblock DisneyPlus US library

Once you VPN has connected, log back into DisneyPlus.

Although the interface will look exactly the same, you’ll find that you now have access to even more content including American shows and the latest movies releases.

How to Watch DisneyPlus American Library

Free VPN with Disney+

I don’t personally recommend using a free VPN, because the problem is, nothing is ever truly “free”. But, if you would prefer to try a free VPN, to access DisneyPlus then check out my Top 5 Best Free VPNs. However, do expect limitations and annoying adverts with these free VPNs.

Top 5 Best Free VPNs for 2020

How to Watch Pixar’s Onward on Disney+

Disney and Pixar’s latest cinema release Onward, is now available on Disney Plus in the US. However, if you are from outside of the US this title may not yet be available from your region. So, if you’re in the likes of the UK and cant wait to watch Pixar’s Onward, you just need to connect your VPN to a server in the US, to get access. To find out more, check out my blog on how to watch Onward on Disney+.

How to watch Onward on Disney+
How to watch Movies with ExpressVPN

Beginners Guide to VPN: What is a VPN & Why you need one

Beginners Guide to VPN: What is a VPN & Why you need one

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a privacy and security tool that creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. A VPN takes your internet connection and helps you stay anonymous whilst making your internet more secure and protecting your online traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship.

VPNs come in the form of downloadable software and is usually subscription-based pricing. In the past, I have personally used ExpressVPN and NordVPN, which are two of the biggest and well-trusted VPN suppliers. But what else can you do with a VPN and why should you use one?

Use a VPN to Browse Anonymously

You can use a VPN to browse anonymously, disguising your whereabouts by connecting to a server in countries all around the world so your IP address and locations are hidden. Your IP address shows a lot about your location and your identity, therefore hiding this information is imperative when taking control of your online experience and puts you back in control of revealing your identity when you want to.

Your Internet traffic is also encrypted within your VPN tunnel, therefore, no one can see it but you and the people you are sending your data to, not even your internet service provider. With VPNs, there is always an element of logging despite what they say, but some will log more than others.

For example, with express VPN they state that they don’t log your activity or connections or anything that could be used to identify you. However, they will log version of your apps, dates of connection, server location and total amount of data transferred per day. None of which enables ExpressVPN or anyone else to match an individual to specific network activity or behaviour.

ExpressVPN Logging

Use a VPN on a Public/Free WIFI Hotspot

You should also use a VPN when Connecting to an open/public WiFi hotspot which are areas where you get free WiFi. Data on public networks are not encrypted between your computer and the hotspot. So it’s open for anyone to access your private information such. Open or public WiFi can also be a worry when you’re on your phone or mobile device.

Most VPNs have apps that you can download onto your phone and you can usually run the software on several simultaneous connections or devices which you could even share with a family member or partner.

Please be aware though that you can still be tracked on a mobile phone by your tracking your location and by your mobile carrier. 

If you’re concerned about your anonymity it’s also worth purchasing your VPN subscription with the likes of Bitcoin, so that the VPN company does not hold any of your personal details, other than an email address.

Private Connection Free WIFI

Use a VPN with Location-Based Media

VPNs can also be used to unblock the likes of Netflix. This means that if you’re in the UK and fancy watching a show only available in the US you can do so by using a VPN server from the US or vice versa.

Watch US Netflix from UK

if you’re from the UK and you want to watch your favourite soaps whilst your travelling abroad or backpacking you can also access the likes of BBC iPlayer and ITV.

using a VPN with BBC iplayer
Watch Netflix from anywhere

Use a VPN to Unblock Websites

You can use VPNs to Unblock websites at work, school or to defeat censorships in countries like in China. Some governments monitor internet traffic to limit access to certain websites. However, a VPN acts like a website unblocker by routing your traffic through an encrypted tunnel so it’s can’t be inspected manipulated or censored. So if you’re in a part of the world where Facebook, Twitter or Skype are blocked you can easily unblock them with a VPN.

To access these sites, all you need to do is connect to your VPN, choose the country you need to be in to access the content you want to see.

How to Unblock Censored websites with VPN
Browser online securely with Express VPN

Use a VPN to Get Cheaper Deals

You may also find that when your shopping online you will get better prices from looking like your connected in another country. You may not be aware but some websites will charge more depending on your country, city, post or zip code or even if you’re using a Mac rather than a PC. By masking your true location you may find cheaper deals are available.

Earn Free BAT while browsing brave

Use a VPN with a Tor Browser

Using Tor over VPN increases your privacy. By connecting to a VPN and then connecting to Tor which is also known as “Tor or Onion over VPN” you get the privacy and protection of the Tor Network. At the same time, you are protected from any Tor node from seeing your IP address. By connecting in this way your Internet Service Provider will not be able to identify you as a Tor user, as all the network can see is encrypted traffic to your VPN server.

With Tor over VPN, you can also get access to the Tor network where it is blocked for example in work, school or in censored countries.

How to use Tor Browser over VPN
How to use Tor Web Browser

VPNs for Backpackers & Travellers

If you’re someone who travels a lot or is backpacking a VPN should really be part of your packing checklist. Backpackers are frequently connecting to public WIFI hotspots to find their next hostel or accommodation spot without knowing who is around them or who is accessing their data. Then, when they arrive at their destination, they may want to access media from their home country. They could also be travelling to censored countries such as China and no longer be able to access some of the sites that they need to contact family or friends back home.

VPNs are perfect for resolving these issues. You can connect and secure your connection with an encrypted tunnel in public places, unblock Netflix or the likes of BBC iPlayer or HBO and even unblock social media sites from government censored countries.

Use VPN to watch movies online


ExpressVPN is the provider that I currently use as my VPN. It’s nice and simple to use and doesn’t keep logs that can be used to identify you. Plus you can pay using Bitcoin, keeping your details hidden and allowing you to be anonymous.

They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no fine print to catch you out. So you can use the service in full for 30 days (ideal if you’re going on holiday). Then if you’re not happy, or unlikely to use the service again, you can simply let ExpressVPN know and get your money back. I’d personally recommend getting the 12-month service, for the reduced monthly pricing and if you’re not happy within the 30 day period you can always get your money back anyway!

ExpressVPN Payment Plans, ExpressVPN offers 100% money back guarantee
Online security with VPN
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