How to change twitter handle 2020

How to Change Twitter Handle & Display Name

Written by LouiseElizabeth

8th May 2020

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If your Twitter name needs a refresh, changing your handle or username and display name is a quick and easy process.  Unlike other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter won’t ask you to confirm or verify your identity. Plus there’s no limit to how many times you can change your Twitter names.

Maybe your Twitter name no longer represents you correctly, you’ve had a name change or just fancy a new start, well below will explain the steps to making these changes.

How to Change Twitter Handle

Your handle, otherwise known as your username can easily be changed from the desktop or mobile device. This username must unique, have less than 15 characters and not contain the words “Twitter” or “Admin”.

If you’re lucky enough to have a blue tick beside your name, meaning that you’re verified you will lose your badge if you change your username. So please make sure that you contact Twitter before making these types of changes. Also, you may want to warn your followers so that they know to reply to your new username.

The method shown below is on the desktop, however the same process will apply for mobile apps too.

Step 1: Log into Twitter

Log in to Twitter on your desktop or mobile device as usual with your current username or email and password.

Step 2: Go to Account Settings

From the Home Page, click onto “More” and “Settings and Privacy“.

Then click onto “Account“.

change your twitter handle

Step 3: Change Twitter Handle

You’ll then need to click onto “Username“. Where you can then type in your new handle, it’ll also give you some suggestions underneath. If the username has been taken you’ll be notified on-screen. When you’re ready you can then go ahead and click onto “Save“. Your handle/username has now been updated!

changing your twitter username
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How to Change Twitter Display Name

Your display name can be changed from either your desktop or mobile device. Unlike handles, display names can be 50 chararcters or less and doesn’t have to be unique either. It can also contain special characters and emojis.

The method shown below is on the desktop, however the same process will apply for mobile apps too.

Step 1: Log into Twitter

Log in to your Twitter account with your current username, or email and password.

Step 2: Go to Profile

From your home screen, click onto the “Profile“. Then from the profile screen click “Edit Profile

change twitter display name

Step 3: Change Twitter Display Name

You can then type in your new display name and click onto “Save” when you’re all done.

change name on Twitter

So, as you can see its nice and easy and process when you know how!

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Written by LouiseElizabeth

Louise created the Every Bit Helps YouTube channel back in 2017, after finding the process of buying Bitcoin difficult. Therefore, in an aim to help others, she hopes that her tutorials will make the process of buying, selling and storing crypto a lot easier for newbies in the future.

After spending 20 years working in London in cyber security, she left the corporate life after having her second child in 2018. Louise now travels the world with her two small children trying to make the most out of life.

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