Every Bit Helps has partnered with Tom Williams from The Crypto Investor YouTube channel. Tom draws upon his 10 years of experience working as a financial adviser building and managing multi-million dollar portfolios for his clients from all walks of life. He has a passion for futurology and identifying disruptive future trends.

Tom has been involved in crypto since first purchasing Bitcoin in 2013 for $800. He then HODL’d as he watched the price drop to $150 for the next 3 years before living every day of the 2017 Cambrian explosion of Alts!

When he is not watching charts and researching coins, Tom is somewhat of an explorer. He has walked to the North Pole and runs the adventure travel company Desert Island Survival. Desert Island Survival provides adventurers a break from their day-to-day lives, getting back to nature and learning survival skills whilst marooned on tropical, desert islands.

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