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In this review 2021, we provide an overview of the popular one-stop-shop crypto platform. offers almost every product possible within the cryptocurrency space including (but not limited to) their wallet, exchange, Visa card, NFT´s DeFi and staking products. Plus they even have their own (CRO) utility token which underpins the ecosystem. With so many products available it can be a little daunting, so we decided to provide a high-level overview of each product available. Review 2021

Who are was founded in Switzerland in 2016 and have their headquarters situated in Hong Kong. They were previously known as Monaco, before being rebranded to in July 2018, paying between $5 million to $10 million for the domain. Since they launched in 2016 they have become one of the fastest-growing companies in the crypto space and have over 10 million users worldwide.

They continue to innovate and add more features to their platforms, such as their popular Visa debit card and more recently NFTs. Making it a one-stop shop for crypto enthusiasts. Review 2021 Referral Code 2021 offers some generous signup offers for new users, one for their App and another for their Exchange. The referral code is valid globally including the US, UK and Australia.

How to Sign-up to App & Get a $25 Bonus

  1. Firstly sign-up using this referral link or use bonus code xw37vqrgu6
  2. Enter your personal details and agree to their T&Cs then download the App for Android or iOS
  3. Confirm the confirmation email within 72 hours to activate the referral bonus
  4. Complete KYC, you will need to submit your phone number and identifcation
  5. Buy & stake at least 2,500 CRO & reserve the metal CRO Crypto Visa Card

If you didn’t enter a referral code during sign-up, this can be added up to 5 days after the confirmation email. Simply go to the App Settings > Referral Code and enter code xw37vqrgu6

How to Sign-up to Exchange & Get a $50 bonus

When you sign-up to Exchange with a valid referral link or ID (xw37vqrgu6) you will be eligible for a bonus of up to $50. To be eligible for the $50 sign-up bonus, you will need to have completed the following;

  • Verifiy your profile to advanced level
  • Stake at least 5,000+ CRO to receive a $50 bonus or 1,000+ for a $10 bonus

Please Note: Only your First CRO Stake amount will be used to calculate your CRO sign-up bonus. Sign up free $50 CRO Token

The token (CRO) is the native token of the chain, which powers the whole ecosystem. Some of the use cases and benefits that users will receive when using the CRO token are as per the below;

  • App – when staking CRO, users will recieve higher staking rewards and token rewards for selected token listings.
  • Exchange – users receive discounted trading fees when staking & paying with CRO on the exchange.
  • Visa Card – users can receive up to 8% cashback on card transactions and receive additional rewards and benefits.
  • Earn – users will get the best interest rates and and can earn an additional 2% p.a. on fixed term deposits.
  • Credit – Get lower annual interest rate (APR) at 8%
  • Pay & Chain – If you stake CRO as a validator you can earn fees on the network, you can use CRO to pay for fees on the network and earn up to 20% cashback by paying merchants online and offline.

The CRO token can be purchased on and also other popular centralised and decentralised exchanges such as 1inch, Bittrex, Huobi and Uniswap. App app is available to download from GooglePlay and the Apple Appstore. The beginner-friendly App allows users to buy the likes of Bitcoin and 100+ cryptocurrencies with a credit/debit card or bank transfer. Supporting over 20 FIAT currencies including GBP, Euros and AUD, they also allow USDC bank deposits, where you can transfer USD and instantly get USDC.

There are 0% fees for deposits, you can swap cryptocurrency, or sell it for a FIAT currency. Plus you can also track tokens and set up price alerts, as well as apply for and manage your Visa Card.

The App integrates with their Exchange and DeFi wallet too so that you can easily transfer your crypto within the ecosystem. App Visa Card

One of the most popular features is their Visa Debit Card, formerly known as the MCO card. Allowing users to deposit multiple FIAT currencies, with zero charges and annual fees. Depending on the card you choose you will receive cashback on purchases between 1% and 8%, plus free Spotify, Prime and Netflix subscriptions.

There are 5 cards to choose from with the Obsidian being the top tier and the entry-level is midnight blue. To receive a better cashback rate and benefits such as free Netflix you will need to stake their CRO tokens. I personally have their Ruby Steel card which gets me 2% cashback in CRO on any purchases, I also receive Spotify for free worth $12.99 per month. To get your own Ruby Steel card you will need to stake $400 worth of CRO and sign-up to

There are better cashback rates with additional benefits, however, you will need to stake more CRO tokens. To compare their Visa card options click here. card Exchange

The Exchange was launched in 2019 and enables users to trade crypto to crypto, with low fees and deep liquidity. Supporting 100+ major cryptocurrencies including the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and stablecoins such as USDT and USDC.

The exchange is powered by CRO, meaning that holders of the CRO token can get trading discounts. Fees are generally low compared to popular exchanges such as Coinbase, with trading fees ranging from 0.4% to 0.036%.

They also have an additional range of products within the exchange, including The Syndicate, Supercharger and Lending. The Syndicate is a fundraising platform, enabling CRO holders to purchase tokens at discounted rates. Lending allows users to get instant loans backed by their crypto, and Supercharger is a popular liquidity mining platform.

The exchange also seamlessly integrates with the App. Making it easy to send crypto and USDT between the two applications. Exchange Review Supercharger

Another way to earn rewards with is via their popular Supercharger events, which are available from within the Exchange. Supercharger is a simple, flexible and secure liquidity mining platform for the most popular cryptocurrency projects. Users can simply deposit CRO during a set charging period and then accept to earn daily rewards. 

Their first event was Uniswap where they allocated 500,000 USD worth of UNI tokens. They have also run events with Polkadot (DOT) and Bitcoin (BTC), however, some of the allocations have been smaller. To find out more about Supercharger and to get started farming coins, check out my Supercharger Review. Supercharger Explained Earn Earn users can earn up to 14% per annum on their stablecoins such as USDC/USDT and up to 8.5% on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Simply deposit your crypto, choose your term from either Flexible, 1 Month or 3 Months. Again similar to the Visa Card, you will need to stake their CRO tokens, to get the best rates of up to 14.5% you will need to stake 40,000 CRO. With CRO currently at 16 cents (at the time of writing this review), means you will need to stake over $6,000 and choose a 3-month term to get the best rates available. Earn: Earn Passive Income on your Crypto DeFi have also introduced DeFi products as part of their wide range of features, these include the DeFi Wallet, a DeFi Swap and Earn. Wallet

The Wallet is a non-custodial wallet and shouldn´t be confused with their App. Unlike the App the user will have full control over their wallet, meaning they will have access to their private keys. Plus you don’t need to apply or provide KYC to create a wallet or to store, send and receive your crypto.

If users have an existing wallet on another application like Ledger or Metamask they can also easily import it by entering in the 12,18 or 24-word recovery phrase. The wallet supports over 100 coins, and users can send transactions at their own speed and fees. Sign up free $50

DeFi Earn

Also as part of their DeFi range, they have DeFi Earn which is also integrated into the wallet. With Earn, you earn interest with the likes of Yearn, Compound and Aave with zero lockups.

DeFi Swap

DeFi Swap, is a decentralised protocol by, allowing users to swap and farm DeFi coins at the best available rates, whilst offering an attractive incentive program for CRO token holders.

Launched on the Ethereum mainnet, the service allows users to swap and farm DeFi tokens as well as provide liquidity and earn “Triple Yield.” The interface is very similar to UniSwap and this is because Defi Swap is a fork of UniSwap V2. However, where Defi Swap differentiates itself is where users can stake CRO and get great rewards. NFTs

One of latest features is its NFTs. launched its NFT platform in March 2021, which included unique content to collect and trade from popular artists, musicians, and sports. Such as the likes of Aston Martin, BossLogic, Boy George, Snoop Dogg, and Lionel Richie.

In the NFT marketplace, users can browse through all the available NFTs and then either make an offer at auction or buy the NFT instantly. There are also ways to view editions, see where sellers are accepting offers, and find all the available prices. NFTs


Louise created the Every Bit Helps YouTube channel back in 2017, after finding the process of buying Bitcoin difficult. Therefore, in an aim to help others, she hopes that her tutorials will make the process of buying, selling and storing crypto a lot easier for newbies in the future. After spending 20 years working in London in cyber security, she left the corporate life after having her second child in 2018. Louise now travels the world with her two small children trying to make the most out of life.

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  1. I have the app (exchange) Set up a week ago & bought some coins. I was not at this stage aware of 2FA. I am quite new to this. I then down loaded the wallet and set up the 2FA. All looked good. Now I have tried to transfer funds out to the wallet. It has not worked at the last stage of requiring the 2FA. I see in (exch)app that 2FA is active. I did not set this up. Is it the same 2FA as I set up in the wallet. ?? They are connected. I have tried a number of times. Can you help.?

  2. Have recently applied for this product but am extremely wary. Customer service seems to be non existent! When emailing it transfers you over to chat on website which hasn’t been read since I applied over a week ago.
    I understand if the company is busy but what happens if their service is like this during a fraud enquiry? Trust pilot reviews are either awful or the good ones seems to be duplicate referral codes which is fishy.
    I’d like to hear your take on this?
    Kind regards

    • Cryptocurrency exchanges, are notoriously bad in terms of customer support especially during peak periods. I also have experienced issues with many of these exchanges and have had delays at about a week with (last year). Although, to be honest I continue to use and have never experienced any major issues.

  3. I don’t suppose you have found a way to get GBP out of app with less spread. I generally trade with USDC on the exchange but as there is no TGBP pair on the exchange yet. I have to use the app to go back to GBP but the spread is massive even on stablecoins. 4-5% I’ve found. Any idea away around this.
    Would sending them over to another platform help?

    • Yes, it can be an issue getting FIAT from crypto exchanges. To be honest, we don’t sell our crypto, so it’s not something we track. Have you looked at the likes of Coinbase or Gemini or even Binance?

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