Looking to permanently delete your Binance account? In this how-to guide, I will show you how to delete a Binance account permanently and remove all personal information. I will also provide information on how to temporarily disable a Binance account. This way you can always reactivate your account again in the future.

There have been some negative articles in the UK regarding banks such as Barclays and Santander banning deposits and withdrawals from Binance. This has scared a few of their customers, resulting in them wanting to completely close their accounts. It’s too early to say if this is the beginning of a trend, but regulation is coming if we like it or not and they will be coming for the biggest exchanges. So, if you´re looking to close a Binance account or just disable it, I will show you how.

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How to Delete a Binance Account?

Before closing Binance you will need to make sure all funds have been withdrawn. If you´re unsure how to withdraw from Binance, I have a full tutorial. It can be difficult to have exactly a zero balance, I believe your account should be less than or equivalent to 0.001 BTC.

To delete Binance, click the ¨Profile Icon¨ on the top navigation bar and go to ¨Security¨ and then click “Disable Account”.

Next, you should see two options ¨Disable this Account¨ and “Delete this Account”.

Click “Delete this account” and enter your email address (or phone number) then click “Confirm to Delete”.

If you followed the above guide your Binance account will be deleted.

Why Can’t I Delete my Binance Account

While creating this guide on how to delete a Binance account, I had some issues. I personally was unable to permanently delete my Binance account and was only given the option to disable my account. I´m not sure if this is down to being in the UK and it’s required to stay open for regulations. But when I contacted support via chat they advised me that the option to delete Binance was no longer available.

Why cant I delete my Binance Account

¨As per our terms and conditions we are not able to provide deletion of the account. You can disable it using the link provided below. The reason for this is for your and our safety. We had this solution in the past, but it looks like it is good for both parties to just disable the account. Once you disabled Binance, no one will be able to use your documents or email address, or phone number.¨

Close my Binance Account

I don´t know the full reasoning behind this and hopefully, it will be addressed as they are receiving some pressure from the FCA. Although I do like Binance exchange and personally use it to buy crypto, I do find this a little concerning. I believe customers do have the right to delete and remove their personal information.

1. Login to Binance Exchange

To delete a Binance account, start by going to their website. In the UK we use Binance.com and if you´re in the US you might use Binance.us.

Log in to your account and on the top navigation bar, select ¨Account¨ or the Profile Icon.

how to deactivate binance account

2. Go to Secuirty

Under the “Account” or ¨Profile Icon¨ (as per the image below), navigate down and click “Security”.

Closing my Binance Account

3. Disable Account

On the Security page, you will see a checklist to increase Binance security. Scroll to the bottom of the page to ¨Account Activity¨.

Under Account Activity, you will see “Suspicious Account Activity?”. Click the text “Disable Account

How to disable my Binance Account

4. Close Your Binance Account

You should now have two options ¨Disable this Account¨ or ¨Delete this Account¨

Please note; deleting your Binance account is permanent and irreversible, so do make sure you want to do this before going ahead.

If you´re happy to go ahead, click ¨Delete this Account¨

Now for some users the second option to ¨Delete this Account¨ won´t be available and you will only be able to ¨Disable this Account¨. Please see the screenshots above from Chat Support.

Unable to delete Binance Account

5. Delete Binance Account Application

To delete and close your Binance account you will need to fill in a ¨Delete Account Application¨ form.

You will need to provide either your ¨Email Address¨ or ¨Mobile number¨ associated with your accounts

Binance Delete Account Application

Please make sure you read the instructions on the screen before you complete your Binance account deactivation as this process is irreversible.

Once you are happy, click on “Confirm to Delete”.

Binance will then audit your request for deletion and in some cases request for you to submit further documentation.

Binance Confirmation Removal

How to Disable your Binance Account?

Instead of permanently deleting your account you can also disable your Binance account temporarily, and if you change your mind you can reactivate it after 2 hours. This could be the better option short term. If you then feel like you want to make that commitment and delete your account later you can following the steps above.

How to disable Binance Account

When disabling your Binance account you will be unable to do the following;

  • Trade within your account
  • Login – your account will be disabled
  • Use API keys – these will be deleted
  • Use any other device associated with your account – all devices will be deleted
  • Have any open orders or pending withdrawals – these will be canceled

If you change your mind and want to reactivate your account, this can be done but you will have to wait for at least two hours before you can reactivate your account.


Obviously deleting and removing your Binance account is permanent and irreversible. As mentioned above you can always disable your account instead of going through and deleting it. At the end of the day, it’s down to the individual and there are plenty of platforms looking for your business, but it’s always worth having a backup exchange.

I´m a little concerned some users are unable to delete their accounts and personal information. Hopefully, Binance will address this and provide customers with further information on why they have chosen to remove this feature.

If you do have any questions or concerns you can contact support or alternatively, you can visit their Help center for more information.

Also, if you have any questions you can put them in the comments below.

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What Happens When I Disable my Binance Account?

Once your account is disabled, you will not be unable to begin the reactivation process until at least two hours have passed. After two hours, you will be able to reactivate your account and start trading crypto again.

How do I Contact Binance Support?

There are a few ways to contact customer support and get help; via Twitter @BinanceHelpDesk, Binance Chat and you can always check out their Help Center for FAQ. Compared to some crypto platforms their response times via chat are super fast.

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How Can I Change my Mobile Number?

Changing a mobile or cellphone number on Binance is a pretty simple process, but they do hide this feature. So we have put together a simple guide on how to change your number on Binance exchange.